The Barnes collection is moving, but you can take a virtual tour that highlights 4 rooms in the original Marion, PA building

Posted by Lauren Rinaldi on July 18, 2011

The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation, an extraordinary collection of art amassed by Albert C. Barnes, has been one of America’s strangest art museums from the day its doors opened in 1925. Barnes’s unique juxtapositions of paintings and objects were intended to help the viewer learn to look closely at art. The original building, in Merion, Pa., closed at the end of June — the collection will be relocated to a new one in Philadelphia next year — but The NY Times has created an interactive tour of some of the old museum’s highlights.

Take the tour here:

The Wall Street Journal also recently published an article about how to transport priceless art. The Barnes Collection is valued at $25 Billion including 181 paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 69 by Paul Cézanne, 59 of Henri Matisse as well as the work of many more. So how do you move many billions of dollars in art through Philadelphia? “Very carefully,” says Barnes spokesman Andrew Stewart.

Read how here:

Philly Side Arts member, Lauren Rinaldi, showing work through September 4th

Posted by Lauren Rinaldi on July 15, 2011

Three of Lauren’s paintings have been accepted into the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center. They will be on display through July 31st.

An Awards Ceremony will be held at Sunday July 31, 3-5pm. Awards presented at 4:30pm. Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm

For more information on the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center visit:

Her painting “With Child” will also be on display to the public at the The Berks Art Alliance 34th Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition at the Reading Public Museum. The exhibition is Berks County’s largest juried art exhibition, showcasing most media including watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel paintings as well as photography, sculpture, fiber art and more will run through Sunday September 4th and can be viewed during regular museum hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 11-5 and Sundays 12-5

For more information visit the Reading Public Museum’s web site

View a Photo Gallery of the show at Lauren’s Facebook page here:

Artist Uprising

Posted by on July 15, 2011

Side Arts is inviting contemporary artists to connect with our community. Our proposal to the selected artists: Tell us about an early experience showing or selling your artwork and what you learned from it. Artists are asked for submissions as well as images of their artwork.

From here, there, and everywhere; another mix of artists for the Artist Uprising:

Jacqui Oakley
Sam Gibbons
Graham Caldwell
Stuart Whitton
Michael Schultheis
Ilana Manolson
Patrick Bremer
Kate MccGwire
Kelsey Brookes
Andrew Salgado

Phillustration 2011, Fourth Annual Exhibition of Illustration @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Posted by DoN Brewer on July 13, 2011
David Schleinkofer Phillustration 2011 @ Philadelphia Sketch Club

David Schleinkofer, The Discovery @ Phillustration 2011 @ Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Fourth Annual Exhibition of Illustration, Phillustration 2011 at The Philadelphia Sketch Club, represents some of the best illustrators in the Philadelphia region with a fascinating exhibition of 106 artworks.  Exhibition  co-chair Rich Harrington, himself an accomplished illustrator and Professor at Moore College of Art and Design, has gleaned some of the choicest examples of illustration art for books, advertising, editorial and self promotion from established professional artists to wildly talented newcomers.  David Schleinkofer‘s painting is dense with significations of retro-futurism, 20th Century dreams for the future and thrilling forward-looking adventure like soaking in an entire Heinlein novel in one look.   The room is filled with fantastic visions of the future, fantasy and science fiction, steam-punk and Public Service Announcements, it makes me wonder why NASA wasn’t more tuned into the beauty and richness of classical space opera.  There are actual Boris Vellejo paintings in the show, frankly I was star stuck seeing his work in real life after growing up with sci-fi magazines and books with his lusty, muscular illustrations.  A Tony Auth pen and watercolor on paper of a secluded island with a “Stay Out!” sign is funny and snarky as it shoulders it’s neighbors away with the power of simple descriptive line, the piece is even off to the side by itself near the coffee.  Rich Harringtons, Art of the Flower, is a hippy-dippy take on the classic Norman Rockwell self portrait but in this case the art professor in the perpetual sweater vest sees himself with flowered long hair and tie dyed clothes surrounded by his pop icons like Hendrix and Warhol.

Phillustration 2011 @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Phillustration 2011 @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

The Philadelphia Sketch Club is America’s oldest artist club, the walls are pocked with the scars of hundreds of art shows but the light in the room is fantastic, the huge windows and sky-light combined with a variety of lighting is an intimate, historic space right in the heart of the city creating the perfect environment to view the art.  Even the show’s catalog with a cover design by Christine Hess with illustration by Hal Taylor is outstanding, a souvenir to save with lovely illustrations in glossy ink on fine stock, the Philadelphia Sketch Club always tries to make each event special with grand award ceremonies, lectures and dinners in the Rathskeller.

Phillustration 2011 @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Phillustration 2011 @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club


The variety of styles represented in the show is encyclopedic, Phillustration shows under the direction of Rich Harrington are an invaluable resource for Philadelphia artists to view professional level master works up close.  The opportunity to see a collection representing the regions best illustrators is rare, the show ends 7/16.

Jen Lightfoot Phillustration 2011 @ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Jen Lightfoot, Tara, graphite & ink on paper, Phillustration 2011, Philadelphia Sketch Club


Jen Lightfoot’s drawing, Tara, is a tour de force in story-telling with a mangle of memes massaged into the paper’s surface with simple charcoal.  Emotional desperation emanating like a golden glow as strangling hair morphs to tangling roots, stifling the scream in the Earth Mother’s eyes – the large drawing is really impressive in person.  Tapping into emotional triggers is the ammunition illustrators use to fire off neural connections and pathways we didn’t know were there, Lightfoot delves deep into the heart of darkness to bring forth a call for action on behalf of women, the Earth, humanity, it’s pretty scary.

Matt Stewart, Neurock Commando @ Phillustration 2011

Matt Stewart, Neurock Commando @ Phillustration 2011, Philadelphia Sketch Club

Matt Stewart ‘s paintings are amazing, his mastery of sci-fi imagery is wonderfully other-worldly, with narratives strong and true and a technical virtuosity that is enviable.  I took a lot of pictures of the show and Matt Stewart‘s work unconsciously rose to the top for me, as I prepared this blog post for Philly.SideArts I realized I had all 3 on his entries as favorites.  So, I contacted Matt to ask a few questions about his involvement in the Phillustration 2011 Exhibition:

I was interested to know how you got involved in the Phillustration 2011 show and your thoughts on exhibiting at The Philadelphia Sketch Club.

I would go to drawing sessions at the Sketch Club and the Plastic Club a few doors down.  I saw a flyer for the Phillustration show there and I heard that Mark Tocchet from the University of the Arts was in the show.  That’s when I wanted to get involved.  As an Illustrator, my work is made for reproduction.  I’m a painter, though, so I take advantage of any chance I get to show the original paintings.  And I don’t have a lot of time to create pieces for the other shows.  I’m busy with my illustration work.  This is why the Phillustration 2011 show is great for me.

I’m sure people will want to know how long it takes for you to complete a painting.

My paintings take anywhere from a week to two months, though most of that time is brainstorming for ideas, sketching, gathering references.  Most of my work is in the fantasy genre, painting things that don’t exist, so I have to make them up, and that requires a lot of creative uses of reference.

Where does your inspiration comes from?

I’ve always been a big fan of fantasy since reading The Hobbit in the 8th grade.  But a lot of what makes me want to paint something in a fantasy setting comes from looking at things in the real world – a cool looking tree, looking at armor at the Philadelphia Museum of art, things like that.

And what are your thoughts about the Space Shuttle Missions ending?

I hope it’s making way for something better, like going to Mars.  The money spent on NASA is some of the best money the government can spend.  The wealth of technical knowledge that comes from missions and the potential for advancement for civilization that comes from the space program is immeasurable.  I think cutting that money is the definition is being penny wise and pound foolish.

Matt Stewart, Phrexian Myr Token, Phillustration 2011

Matt Stewart, Phrexian Myr Token, Phillustration 2011@ The Philadelphia Sketch Club

Michelle Perez, Tuturu, oil, Phillustration 2011

Michelle Perez, Tuturu, oil, Phillustration 2011, Philadelphia Sketch Club













The Philadelphia Sketch Club is located on the Avenue of the Artists, 235 South Camac Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. offers online and in-person one-on-one consulting services to visual and craft artists and art businesses.  Read all about it here.

Written and Photographed by DoN Brewer, Contributing Writer, Philadelphia Art Blog

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29 Ways To Stay Creative

Posted by Lauren Rinaldi on July 12, 2011

Original Drawings Now Online

Posted by Sean Martorana on July 12, 2011

Sean Martorana has just released what is left from his social media experiment “What’s Your Favorite Animal?”. These are animal studies that were suggested by a bunch of people on Facebook after asking the simple question “What’s Your Favorite Animal?”. All of them were drawn on 27″ x 34″ flip chart paper using a large Pilot Super Color Marker. What is left of the original drawings are now available online at Sean’s STUDiO_STORE.
Twitter: @seanmartorana

Free Consulting at UArts

Posted by on July 09, 2011

The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy offers free office hours to the community. By appointment only, discuss your plans, strategy, and tactics for your creative start-up or established organization with local professionals.

Legal, Marketing, and Social Media office hours are currently available. See links below to schedule your appointment.

Office Hours Schedule:

1st Mondays 6-8pm: Legal – Frank Taney
1st Wednesdays 6-8pm: Business Strategy and Product Development – Richard Genzer (Starting this Fall)
2nd Mondays 6-8pm: Accounting – Jerry Kellner (Starting this Fall)
2nd Wednesdays 3-5pm: Business Strategy – Garrett Melby
3rd Mondays 6-8pm: Social Media – Todd Hestand
3rd Wednesdays 6-8pm: Marketing – Aaron McLean

By appointment only.
Room 900, Terra Hall
211 S Broad St
University of the Arts
Free to the UArts community, alumni, and the general public.


Accounting: Led by Jerry Kellner, a registered CPA in PA and NY, President of Kellner & Associates, P.C., and Kellner Capital Management, Inc. Kellner handles all forms of issues related to accounting – taxes, financial planning, business structures and business accounting, both for profit and non-profit. (Starting this Fall.)

Business Strategy: Led by Garrett Melby, Co-founder and CEO of Good Company Ventures. Previously a Vice President with Safeguard Scientifics and an emerging market finance attorney with Skadden Arps. Advises on matters related to business planning and capital funding. Schedule at

Business Strategy and Product Development: Led by Richard Genzer, 10+ years as sole proprietor of a management consultancy specializing in strategic planning, new product development, technology, web / ecommerce, outsourcing and fund raising / due diligence. Prior to consulting, Richard held senior level positions (CTO, EVP, VP) in 4 startups (3 successful) spanning 15 years. (Starting this Fall.)

Legal: Led by Frank Taney, Shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC. Advises on legal matters related to commercial litigation, information technology (IT), intellectual property, antitrust and construction as well as dispute avoidance and business counseling. Schedule at

Marketing: Led by Aaron McLean, Creative Director & Executive VP of Eight Eleven Inc. ( Advises on matters related to B2B and consumer marketing, branding, web, digital media and public relations. Schedule at

Social Media: Led by Todd Hestand, Marketing and Program Coordinator for the Corzo Center and Founder of Side Arts ( Previously a market strategy consultant and market research development director. Advises on matters related marketing and communication via social media with an emphasis on consumer-directed products and services. Schedule at

Artist Uprising

Posted by on July 08, 2011

Side Arts is inviting contemporary artists to connect with our community. Our proposal to the selected artists: Tell us about an early experience showing or selling your artwork and what you learned from it. Artists are asked for submissions as well as images of their artwork.

From here, there, and everywhere; another mix of artists for the Artist Uprising:

Angela Arendt
Paulo Arraiano
Erik Olson
Yuta Onoda
Sachin Teng
Cesar Santander
Matt Lyon
Sebastien Feraut
Dushan Milic

Brooke Hine – Studio Visit @ 915 Spring Garden Studios, Philadelphia

Posted by DoN Brewer on July 07, 2011
Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine‘s studio at 915 Spring Garden Studios is a mess, 7 years of animistic ceramic sculpture parts piled high in corners, alien skeletons hanging from the ceiling, shiny blobs of ceramics with fluttering cat whiskers cling precariously to a shelf, wiggly tentacles are poking through the wall, plates & bowls are stacked everywhere like a Mad Hatter Tea Party and a trove of ceramic jewelry hangs haphazardly from the lip of a mug spilling onto a custom plate.  Signs of creativity are everywhere, there seems to be a million things going, the nature of her medium is to be continually working on new work because of the hurry up and wait process, but Brooke knows exactly what she’s doing.  Her bangs are cut too short but she’s fit & tan from playing Ultimate Frisbee, the recent alumni of the Center for Emerging Visual Arts Fellowship program is narrowing her art production focus incorporating a bit of her unique surrealism into objects for everyday life.  She still is pursuing gallery shows, site specific installations of her iconic ceramics and curating for galleries but she really likes seeing her work used in a more functional way, spotting a necklace on a lady on the street or selling one of a kind plates to someone who will look at them every day makes her feel good.

Jewelry is a new direction for her, the amulets look like they’re from part of a larger sculpture, you would expect them to be fragile but they become very durable after firing.  The natural shapes and neutral tones are simple yet sophisticated like her sculptures, strange and compelling textures and silhouettes.  Using image transfer decals, Brooke is re-purposing large plates and bowls she acquired from the old Philadelphia Hotel with her signature fluid designs.  Hines says the designing of decals in Illustrator and having them produced for transfer to ceramics is addictive, allowing her to micro mass produce utilitarian objects infused with her amorphous design sensibility.  She’s setting up an eCommerce page on her web-site, forgoing the popular on-line arts sites in favor of her own digital store front.  Once again this Fall her studio will be part of the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (915 is not usually open to the public) offering a chance to see her workspace and art showcase.  Brooke exhibited work at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts as part of the Summer Solstice promotional event for POST and is an outspoken proponent for the value of the grass roots arts event.  She finds the resources, exposure and promotion POST & CFEVA offers to be invaluable.  915 Spring Garden Art Studios was an early precursor to the now city-wide open studio art event and the five levels of studios are enough to keep you occupied for hours without leaving the building.  Hine’s is thinking of selling off pieces of one of her larger sculptures like the one that was installed at Urban Outfitters headquarters at the Navy Yard, each element is a sculpture in it’s own right anyway so why not let people have part if not the whole.  Maybe by October Brooke HIne’s studio will be ready for crowds with room to move around, but for now the space is hoarded with ideas.

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Art Studios

Brooke Hine @ 915 Spring Garden Art Studios














DoN Brewer, SideArts Contributing Writer

Photos by DoN Brewer



Great American painter Cy Twombly passed away yesterday. In his honor, the PMA is highlighting his works in “Fifty Days at Iliam”

Posted by Lauren Rinaldi on July 06, 2011

PMA's Cy Twombly room

PMA's Cy Twombly room

It is a rare type of work for a twentieth century artist – a painting that illustrates a narrative. Long inspired by classical antiquity, Twombly here pays homage to perhaps the definitive narrative of Western literature: Homer’s Iliad, the tragic story of the final fifty days of the Trojan War, probably written before 700 B.C. If you have not seen this monumental ten part painting, I highly recommend checking out galleries 184/185 at the museum – first floor Modern Art section. Reproductions of his work do not do it justice but being in the gallery surrounded by those enormous white paintings is truly an experience.