Circumstantial Assembly / CFEVA at Moore

Posted by DoN Brewer on February 18, 2012
Jedediah Morfit, CFEVA, The Galleries at Moore
Jedediah Morfit, Toil, 2012, urethane plastic, paint, nails and wood
Jill Marleah Bell, CFEVA at The Galleries at Moore
Jill Marleah Bell, So You Won’t Feel Alone, ceramic and wool, 2012
Daniel Kornrumph, CFEVA at The Galleries at Moore
Daniel Kornrumph, Line of Sight, 2012, embroidery on linen
Ana B. Hernandez, CFEVA at The Galleries at Moore
Ana B. Hernandez, Dancer 2, Dancer 3, Dancer 6, 2005, fabric and wire
Mark Khaisman, CFEVA at The Galleries at Moore
Mark Khaisman, Repetition, 2011, packaging tape on plexiglass and steel light box

Circumstantial Assembly, A Fiber Philadelphia 2012 Exhibition of CFEVA Career Development Program Fellows and Alumni: Mark Khaisman, Jill Bell, Susan Benarcik, Jed Morfit, Ana B. Hernandez, Daniel Kornrumpf, and Binod Shrestha

Moore College of Art & Design, Levy Gallery, 20th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
Amie Potsic, Director of Career Development at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists explained to Side Arts at the V.I.P. artist reception on February 1st, 2012, “In the Levy Gallery is a show of CFEVA career development alumni, so all of the artists, except for one, who’s a current fellow are in the gallery for a Fiber Philadelphia 2012 show.  Basically what happened, after years of having our Introduction show in here, the gallery director, Lori Mertes said, ‘These shows are amazing, they’re really wonderful, really strong artists, I think we should talk about doing an exhibition in the main galleries with some of the alumni?’  So, that’s what graduated to the show, we did it concurrently so both shows were on at the same time.  So, that’s exciting.”


Circumstantial Assembly  is an exciting group of contemporary Philadelphia  artists who have participated in the career development program at CFEVA.  Becoming a CFEVA fellow introduces emerging artists to the business side of art and how to present themselves professionally.  The art installation in The Galleries at Moore collects together truly eclectic art styles and extraordinary materials creating a delightful experience for me because I’ve watched many of these artists career’s blossom.  I wrote about Jedediah Morfit‘s Introduction talk on DoNArTNeWs way back in 2008, I met Ana Hernandez in her studio at 915 Spring Garden Art building during a Philadelphia Open Studio Tour visit in October 2008, an early Mark Khaisman tape drawing is featured in a May 2008 blog post, Susan Benarcik is in a 2010 story and Daniel Kornrumph is featured in an art blog post in 2011.  The CFEVA Introduction 2011 exhibition was covered by Side Arts Philadelphia art blog last year, too.  The art installation spanning the career development of the CFEVA fellows demonstrates the efficacy of the program and the lasting impression their work has on the Philadelphia art scene.   Amie Potsic is a wonderful mentor and connector for the CFEVA artists and she makes things happen like seeing Ana Hernandez’s dancing swirls of crimson red levitating in a beautiful contemporary art gallery; it’s a far cry from the art lofts up on Spring Garden Street to a fine art  gallery on the Parkway and poignantly transcendental.


The Introduction 2012 show running concurrently in the Galleries at Moore are artists selected for CFEVA’s two-year Career Development Fellowship by their renowned Board of Artistic Advisers.  While active in the program, the artists have opportunities to experience a full exhibition schedule, receive career counseling and mentorship, earn money from the sale of their work, teach in the community and participate in numerous professional development opportunities.  Introduction 2012: Featuring work by CFEVA‘s New Career Development Program Fellows: Leslie Friedman, Daniel Gerwin, Rebecca Gilbert, Kay Healy and Johanna Inman – interviews are now on DoNArTNeWs.  I’m looking forward to artists’ statements by the new 2012 fellows at the CFEVA gallery on Rittenhouse Square.  As Amie Potsic said to me at the Introduction 2012 reception, “The artist’s talks make artists more approachable since viewers have questions to ask.”


DoN Brewer, Contributing Writer, Side Arts Philadelphia Art Blog
Photographs by DoN Brewer

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