Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all visual artists by offering services that help artists take control of their creative practices. The world’s best artists and crafters choose Side Arts to find income and exhibition opportunities and promote their artwork commission-free. Unlike our competitors, we focus on best-in-class, rich, trusted content rather than quantity of content.


Artists say:

  • “I highly recommend sidearts.com for all artists.” – Mario Brondo
  • “Thank you for the service you provide creatives!” – Karen Isailovic
  • “Any artists looking for a chance to break through, check out Side Arts!” Off the Hook Arts

Trusted Call for Artist Listings

New York to London, L.A., Alberta, Berlin, Rome, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and beyond, attract artists and crafters in your area and worldwide.

Clients give SideArts a 9/10 star rating for attracting qualified artists successfully.

Side Arts call for artists listing service delivers trusted exhibitions, vendor events, competitions, requests for proposals, residencies, and grants to artists and crafters. Businesses, non-profits, galleries, local governments, and promoters use Side Arts to find qualified artists and crafters.

About listings:

  • Professional copywriting review of each listing ensuring best results.
  • Promoted on SideArts, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • New listings emailed to artist members.
  • Active until deadline or, if ongoing, until one year from the publish date.
  • Long-term marketing and SEO benefits.

We ensure that your listing not only meets our rigorous standards but, most importantly, the standards of the creative arts and digital marketing industries. We promise to never sacrifice quality at the cost of speed or price. Our goal is to deliver the most qualified traffic of any listing service by providing clients the highest quality content management and promotion.

Clients say:

  • “Submissions came in citing Side Arts as where they found it. The stats are nice to have as well.” – Thought Collection Publishing
  • “Great site for finding artists. I was able to find artists interested in our residency program for NYC and Romania.” – Dacia Gallery
  • “SideArts helped us reach a wider audience.” – Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association
  • “Nice job providing us with the reach we were looking for and after having our event yesterday, we were happy with the turnout of artists.  Side Arts delivered what was promised, from registration to completion things went great.” – Art-A-Fair (Laguna Beach, CA)
  • “Ease to operate, friendly staff, and efficient reach. It’s a great service with minimal work required by the client.” – Rockdale City Council (New South Wales, Australia)
  • “Great service, easy to use submission and site, very thorough in the service they provide. Great presentation, love the site, especially the included measurable statistics at the completion of the call – this helps us to better quantify and understand our expense.” – View (Old Forge, NY)


Direct all inquiries to mail@sidearts.com.

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