Laura Krasnow

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nature, conceptual, science

For me, defining a sense of place is the allure of the photographic image. The instant, when time and place seem to merge to catch a moment. But it is the imperceptible connections I seek to define...when something catches your peripheral vision, but is gone when you turn for a longer glimpse. My photographs aim to force the viewer to look beyond the be present and aware of the physical and spiritual light within the reveal the essence beyond the normal visual spectrum.

09/2013 - Art/Science Invitational Exhibition - The Episcopal Academy - Newtown Square, PA

08/2013 - Member Group Exhibition - Philadelphia Photo Arts Center - Philadelphia, PA

04/2013 - Ninth Anniversary Exhibit - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - Los Angeles, CA

02/2013 - February Electron Salon - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - Los Angeles, CA