Rachel Rotenberg

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abstract, freestanding and wall hanging

My sculptures describe a range of relationships.
The motivating factors emerge from the ordinary experiences of daily life. The juxtaposition of shapes, materials and paint create the flow and tension in the sculpture. I work the materials until I have a seamless melding of the formal with the emotional.

Each sculpture begins as a drawing. Using 4” x 4” cedar lumber I begin construction. I often incorporate sections of thick climbing vines. Their expressive quality and the strength of their lines compliment the fabricated shapes. Manipulating their surfaces, I weave, glue, clamp and imbed them into the cedar. I work the surface with a variety of grinding and sanding tools. Finally, washes of oil paint are applied to accentuate the dialogue between the forms.

This is art with deep lungs and a handsomely articulated body. ...A subtle, trembling surface treatment has resulted from a touch radiant with seasoned grace and warmth. Her explicit/implicit concepts are often layered in metaphors of interior and exterior shapes, bodies or containers, whorls of energy flowing in and out of masses, organs, seed pods and all manner of organic form, from micro to macro. The language is universal, evoking a nuanced spiritual generosity that is lyrical, large and peacefully certain of its integrity. Graceful layers of color modestly drape each form. Hers is an inspired vision that unfolds slowly, never revealing the whole narrative, even as it offers core mysteries. Al Zaruba 2011

03/2012 - New Work - Hillyer Arts Center - Washington, DC

10/2011 - Transformation - Montpelier Arts Center - Laurel, MD

07/2011 - Sondheim exhibit - Baltimore Museum of Art - Baltimore, MD

03/2011 - Sculpture - DePlains Visual Arts Gallery - Fredrick, MD