International Video Art Exhibition – Call For Artists

Posted by on January 08, 2017

Transitional States announces a call for artists for the international video art exhibition, Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Mar 2017

Hormones play an immense role in every single human being’s life. Even before we are born, hormones are at work. They affect us in our mother’s womb and, as we get older, regulate our moods, sleeping patterns, and growth. Once we hit puberty we are practically at the mercy of our hormones. They dictate our sexual development and impact our emotional and, in many ways, psychological development. As we grow older, they affect our fertility, especially for women. Yet for playing such a critical role throughout our lives, few people stop to consider the importance of hormones.

With the introduction of artificial hormones in the 1930s, medical scientists sought to identify and employ hormones in new ways. Since then, hormone treatments have affected the lives of millions of people. They are used in a variety of ways throughout contemporary society: contraceptive pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy; transgender people use hormones to express themselves more freely; thyroid disorders are now treatable; and, controversially, athletes are increasingly using hormones to enhance their performance.

About the international video art exhibition

Working with a range of stakeholders, Transitional States is developing an international video art exhibition entitled ‘Transitional States: Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science.’  The public engagement programme aims to raise awareness of the central role hormones play in our lives and how medical research has employed them in contradictory ways.

Transitional States is inviting artists to submit existing work or to create new videos or performances for video that explore hormones, medical technologies, sexuality, and gender and body modifications. They are particularly interested in the relations and interactions between hormones and transsexuality, non-binary genders, intersexuality, physical alterations, birth control, fertility, menopause, sexology, and performance enhancement to boost both athletic and sexual performances.

Jury members for this international video art exhibition, Lois Keidan, Laura Leuzzi, Carlos Motta. and Issey Osman, will select up to ten works for the exhibition which will be curated by the arts organisation, Arts Feminism Queer.

International video art exhibition artist benefits

Each artist will receive a fee of £100 for screening their work and will be invited to take part in the launch of the video installation in London. Where possible, we will contribute to travel costs and cover accommodation expenses for video authors.

Artists will gain international exposure by having the chance to see their work exhibited in several countries. The exhibition travels from Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln in February 2018 (UK) to Peltz Gallery at Birkbeck University, London in May 2018 (UK). Then, it travels to Bologna (IT) and Barcelona (ESP) at the end of 2018. The exhibition will remain 15-35 days in each city, in which three public debates will supplement the exhibition. Furthermore, the artists’ work will be published in a full colour catalogue, which will include the topics discussed in the programmes.

Transitional States’ focus is on exploring the crossovers between art and science. They explore current issues at the forefront of different fields of research.

For more information, contact

International Video Art Exhibition - Call For Artists

ASCUS Atopic Art Micro-Residency – Call For Artists

Posted by on November 09, 2016

ASCUS Art & Science announces a call for artists for the Atopic Art Micro-Residency, a unique opportunity for eczema based art-science micro-residency and commission with Prof. Sara Brown, at the School of Medicine, University of Dundee.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 2 Dec 2016

In May 2015, Sara became the first UK dermatologist to be awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science. In partnership with Sara, we are now pleased to announce our new micro-residency opportunity for two artists to spend time exploring creative and collaborative practice within the context of current eczema research. We are offering two artists the opportunity for an eczema based art-science residency and commission between Jan – Apr 2017. We actively encourage a collaborative, discursive, and open approach not only with the researchers but also with each other. Participating artists are being asked to produce new work at the end of the residency which responds to this specific working context.

Disciplines accepted include multimedia, crafts, dance, design, film/TV, visual arts, digital, sound/music, performance, and storytelling.

Dates of Atopic Art Micro-Residency: Jan – Apr 2017 (part-time)


  • Brown Lab (skin genetic research laboratory, University of Dundee)
  • Eczema Clinics (within Ninewells Hospital, Dundee)
  • Eczema Outreach Scotland members events (Scotland wide)

Benefits include:

  • One place for an emerging/early career artist (1-5 yrs experience)
  • One place for an established artist (5 yrs + experience)
  • Emerging artist: £2,614 (1-2 days per week over 3 months)
  • Established artist: £3,844 (1-2 days per week over 3 months)
  • Materials budget: Up to £1,000 per artist
  • Travel: Travel budget available (this will be worked out based on individual circumstances)

Twenty days of this contracted time will be allocated to the selected artist to be resident at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School where the artists will have their own desk space for the duration of the residency. An additional ten days are for production time and time to resolve the final work in preparation for the first exhibition from the residency at LifeSpace, Dundee. These can be spent either on or off site depending on the artists practice and work space required.

ASCUS Art & Science is a non-profit organisation committed to bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. We work with researchers, artists, partners, and practitioners to create innovative trans-disciplinary projects to engage new and wider audiences and facilitate innovative public engagement with both fields. Based in Summerhall, we run events and workshops, curate exhibitions, commission work, runs artist residencies, and much more.

For more information, contact

ASCUS Atopic Art Micro-Residency

The Consilience of Art and Science – Call for Artists

Posted by on November 04, 2015

The Pence Gallery is a nonprofit that organizes a biannual exhibit, The Consilience of Art and Science, in conjunction with UC Davis Art/Science Fusion program.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 13 Dec 2015

Does your art feature significant intersections with scientific ideas, theories, or fields?  Open to all artists, regardless of residence, in all media.

Over $600 in cash awards and an opportunity for sales. Being part of the Consilience exhibit is a great opportunity to be seen by prominent art collectors, artists, and the public.

We are an independent, community based art gallery that offers artists opportunities for connecting w/the public in interesting and innovative ways.

For more information, contact

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Artists in Residence at University College Dublin

Posted by on November 01, 2015

The UCD College of Science, in partnership with Parity Studios, is very pleased to announce the call for artists in residence for 2016.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 29 Nov 2015

A one year residency is offered to professional artists. This includes studio space at UCD Parity Studios, a fee of euro 5,000.00 and access to all of the lectures, research seminars and other resources of the University. Please note that residency does not include accommodation. The artist will have the opportunity to engage with staff in the College towards the creation of work related to the multifaceted scientific issues and challenges in contemporary society.

We offer:

  • Studio space with 24 hour access.
  • Access to UCD library.
  • An opportunity for mutual exchange with scientists and other researchers at UCD.
  • Opportunity to participate in the UCD Art In Science programme of talks, exhibitions, and performances.
  • Additional funding of up to euro 1,000 may be applied for, towards public dissemination/exhibition of residency related work.

UCD Parity Studios is a dynamic practice based programme that brings artists and academics, researchers and students, together in collaborative work. Through our Artist In Residence Programme and elective modules including Tunnelling Art and Science, we explore new ways to excite, inspire, and communicate across the traditional boundaries of our disciplines and beyond.

For more information, contact

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Call for Art-Science Residency

Posted by on December 28, 2014

We invite international artists and researchers to submit proposals for a stay at ResidenceSEA. The studio is suitable for 1 or a small group. Artists/researchers can stay up to 4 weeks.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: Ongoing.

We focus on art, science and technology, multimedia art, installation art, video art, sound art, and performance art.

Application guidelines:

  • A representative portfolio of work produced in the past five years.
  • Curriculum vitae with full names, references and website, addresses, and contact numbers.
  • A brief letter of motivation, not more than one A4 page long, outlining reasons for wishing to join the program.
  • Recent portrait photograph.
  • Details of sources of funding.
  • Preferred period of residency (date and year).

ResidenceSEA – Sensing your Environment through Art – is offering a new Artist-in-Residence program (AIR), which supports the creation and presentation of critical dialogues between art and science and the heritage of contemporary art in Heraklion, the capital of Crete. This program brings artists and researchers from all over the world to Heraklion, to dive into a creative and collaborative process with the environment and the community. In this unique location, they have a platform to meet and learn, exchange ideas and work together.

For more information, contact

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Visual Art Call For Thought Notebook Journal – Cycles

Posted by on November 24, 2014

Thought Collection Publishing – Artists, be challenged and consider submitting your Cycles themed visual art for our next literary and visual art journal issue. Think deeper about your work and provide a thematic connection with your submission.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: 1 Mar 2015.

The space and time continuum that we live in produces many instances of cycles. Our breathing continues on in a cyclical nature, as does many processes in science, and society. These rhythmic events are observed all around us, some unconsciously and others controlled.

We are open to various sizes of visual art. Along with you submission, please provide some thoughts on how your piece connects with the theme. See our guidelines page for additional details. Share your work with the world! Our publication is read by an international audience.

Every contributor accepted for the issue will receive a $30 CanvasPop gift card and a digital contributors copy of the issue. See Thought Notebook for information about our current issue – The Nature Of Occurrences.

This journal is a part of our Human Thought Project, allowing us to delve into the minds of humanity and learn more about who we are by documenting into the notebook, thoughts and expressions on particular subjects.

For more information, contact

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Posted by on August 13, 2014

Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) – INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL! for “SCIENCE INSPIRES ART: The BRAIN,” the 16th international art-sci juried exhibition organized by Art & Science Collaborations, to be held at the New York Hall of Science from October 11, 2014 – March 29, 2015.

Click here to apply.

This year’s distinguished Co-Jurors are: Anjan Chatterjee, a neuroscientist and author of the book The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art, and Stephen Nowlin, artist & Director of the Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Full details and submissions online.

Deadline: 8/24/2014.

We nurture the intersections of art and science.

For more information, contact

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Call For Artists in NYC

Posted by on August 13, 2014

SciArt Center – Un-Natural Nature will begin as a virtual exhibition on A new page on the website will be created, and will feature:

  • 1-5 images of each artist’s work
  • 1 paragraph artist statement
  • Link to Resume/CV
  • Links to social media pages and websites
  • A feature article written by curator Danielle Kalamaras will be published in the October issue of SciArt in America. Artists will also be featured in articles published on the SciArt in America blog.

The exhibition will become a gallery exhibition or pop-up show in the near future.

Click here to apply.

Email entry form and JPeg images to . Visit and for details

About the theme: Nature today is a push and pull between preservation and expansion. As urban sprawl continues to domineer, the organic world is transitioning from a natural occurrence to a corralled phenomenon. The man-made world reorients our perception and nature is becoming less organic, and more mediated. As nature gives way to the man-made jungle, how does this affect our reflection of the Sublime? Un-Natural Nature will explore the ever-changing landscapes of a 21st century world.

Deadline: 9/5/2014.

At SciArt Center, we think artists and scientists seek answers to the same fundamental questions: who are we, why are we here, and where are we going? Both art and science build models of human experience in order to extend the boundaries of human capacity. Despite this common ground, artists and scientists are too often separate in their endeavors. We provide support and promote cross-disciplinary approaches and interactions.

SciArt Center offers a variety of online resources for our members and also hosts an assortment of programming. Through science-themed exhibits, film screenings, workshops, speaker series, and our bimonthly magazine SciArt in America, we aim to stimulate and cultivate the growth of partnerships between the arts and sciences in the real world too, hosting pop-up exhibits and various events spanning Manhattan and Brooklyn.

For more information, contact

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