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Welcome To #ArtsTechPhilly

#ArtsTech was founded four years ago in New York City and is expanding into Philadelphia (the third city to launch an #ArtsTech chapter)!

Our first meet-up will be held July 21st in Center City. Check http://www.meetup.com/artstechPhilly/ for updates on our first event!

A notepad will be on hand for everyone to fill out what topics they would like to see discussed in upcoming panel discussions.

We are excited for you to join us in building #ArtsTechPhilly.  Together we will help bring a voice to Philadelphia’s amazing creative economy.

ABOUT #ARTSTECH : #ArtsTech is a platform where technology, art, and innovation creatives meet to discuss, learn about breakthroughs, and host keynote presentations from both local and national creative thought-leaders.

#ArtsTech is held in several formats ranging from traditional industry panels to demos by group members. We will also feature thought-leaders working on innovative projects in the Philadelphia community and worldwide.  All events are live-streamed.

As a platform to promote forward thinking ideas, #ArtsTechPhilly needs your voice! If you have a friend who you think would be interested in the convergence of arts and technology, have them sign up on http://meetup.com/artsTechPhilly to stay updated of upcoming events. Let us know if you are interested in speaking or presenting by posting to the #ArtsTechPhilly message board on the meetup page.

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