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What to include in a call for artist listing

The following are fields included for a listing’s publication and explanations for each. All are text based.

1. Listing title

This is the name of your listing. Try to keep it under five words.

2. Business or organization name

Primary entity responsible for managing the opportunity.

3. Category that best describes the opportunity:

  • Call for artists (general)
  • Competition
  • Grant or fellowship
  • Prize or award
  • Request for proposal
  • Vendor event

The category should accurately reflect the opportunity.

4. Location:

  • International
  • National
  • Regional
  • Local
  • Online only
  • Print only
  • Other (specify)

From what location, relative to where the opportunity is based, may artists apply?

5. Call for artists description

General overview of the opportunity. This should include all specifics regarding who should apply, what kind of artwork is acceptable, how to apply, when to apply, and where the opportunity is located. Keep this under 500 words. Facts only.

6. Deadline (If ongoing, select one year from today’s date)

Latest time for which an artist may apply to the opportunity.

7. Link to application

If a form must be printed or completed online, link to it here.

8. Why is your business or organization interesting?

Tell the applicant what is interesting about your business or organization. Whom is your primary audience, what is the scale and scope of your business, where is your location, how is your business sustainable, and why is this opportunity relevant to your business? Keep it under 200 words.

9. Include up to five keyword tags.

What words, other then what are in the title would an applicant use to search for this opportunity online?

10. If the opportunity is unpaid, how will the artist be compensated?

If there is no cash compensation for this opportunity (prize, award, grant, and so on), then how else will the artist be compensated and what are the benefits if accepted? Consider consulting services, use of name and artwork in advertising, average sales per vender, circulation rates, average unique page views per month and anything else that relates directly to sales. Avoid anything vague, variable, or unspecific such as visibility, foot traffic, or visitors. Keep in under 200 words.

11. Listing contact email.

Provide a direct institutional email address (i.e. john@artforyou.com) for applicant’s questions. Avoid personal email addresses (i.e. john@aol.com).

The following questions are for internal use only:

12. Contact name

13. Contact email

14. Contact phone number

15. Select the listing start date (Listings run for one month from the start date.)

16. Approximately how many applications do you expect to receive in total for this opportunity?

17. Approximately how many visual artists will be accepted to this opportunity?

General rules:

  • Do not use all-caps.
  • Test all links in advance.
  • Send a thank you note and confirmation or receipt to each applicant.
  • Do not include legal info. Send it to the applicant after they have applied as part of confirmation of receipt. Alternately, it may be included as part of an online form.


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