Traveling Pop Up Gallery

Traveling Pop Up Gallery

Bianca Lauren Galleries Traveling Pop Up Gallery

<<<<< We’re looking for artists to show + sell their work >>>>>

BLG is an untraditional, unique gallery concept– rather than having 1 location, we TRAVEL to 6 cities throughout the country (Santa Fe, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Brooklyn & Los Angeles). For one night we promote and sell artwork from U.S. and international artists.

What kind of art are we looking for? UNDERGROUND ART– You don’t have to have gallery experience to show with us. All you need is artwork that is fresh, new and dynamic of today. Even better, we accept ALL mediums + ALL themes!

Also, did I mention that every exhibit per location is complimented with a dinner+wine+music party with 1500+ people? That equals not only a great time, but an audience for YOUR artwork of 1500+ people, guaranteed.. every time. No gallery can guarantee that.

We’re popping up in the six largest art based cities nation wide… are you in for the ride?

Submit 1-3 works of art ┇$25

Click here to apply.

Deadline: Ongoing.

For more information, contact

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