Secrets to Extending Your Listing Reach

Secrets to extending your listing reach

Here are a few ideas that can help recruit more artists and extend your call for artists listing’s reach:

  1. Post your listing at least one month ahead of the deadline. This ensures that it has time enough to be indexed by Google and will be included in our monthly direct email to all artist members.
  2. Once your listing is active, share the SideArts listing URL with your social media channels. Showing that your listing is posted on other locations will add to its credibility.
  3. Like and share our Facebook post for your listing. We will send an email when it is posted. One single share will generally increase your Facebook post’s reach by 400%. Don’t worry if you don’t engage with the post when it is at the top of the queue, just so long as you like and share.
  4. Make sure your listing has between 250-500 words in your description. 250 words is optimal for good readership and SEO rankings.
  5. Present a clear value statement for your audience. Provide a quantitative description of the benefits for your opportunity. How much does an average artist sell? If not cash, how will the artist be compensated? (Remember that exposure and promotion are inherent.) How many people will be attending? What are your qualifications and how are you best suited to promote the artists.

Following the above suggestions, our highest performing listing to date had the following stats on a single Facebook post: 4,222 impressions, 211 click-throughs, and 25 shares!

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