The best way to frame your listing's call to action

The best way to frame your listing’s call to action

Each SideArts listing is most effective when it includes a single call to action.  A call to action is what you want an artist to do. It can include clicking a link, opening a document, looking at a picture, leaving a comment, and so on.

Our testing has proved that consistent wording and format of listings encourages qualified artists to apply more frequently. The best format is a description of value and a single link to an application which is hosted on the client’s website or an application service provider.

This has proven to be the clearest format and most effective for attracting qualified applicants.  Digital application links are preferred over email addresses because they streamline the process for the applicant and client.

There are many good reasons for doing so:

  • A consistent format allows artists to become more comfortable using SideArts which increases application rates of qualified artists.
  • Click-through rates can be tracked by both the client and SideArts, proving effectiveness.
  • Unique content creation optimizes Google ranking and SEO, adding to a listing’s visibility.

We want to ensure your listing is a success by using these proven strategies.

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