Who to include as your listing's point of contact

Who to include as your listing’s point of contact

Side Arts listings require information in order to process your listing. Each answer is important in terms of making sure you get the most out of your listing.

Transparency is important to our artist members. They trust that we hold our clients accountable for their listings. Providing the most relevant information proves that the client is not just a faceless organization or phishing exercise and, in turn, increases response rates.

Each listing requires

  • Public point-of-contact email
  • Email for administrative use
  • Name for administrative use

Public point-of-contact

Email for administrative use

  • Where SideArts staff can contact the listings administrator for questions or concerns about the listing.
  • May be general (art@yourbusiness.com) or specific (jdoe@yourbusiness.com), but preferably specific.
  • The person that manages this email address is often both the person that posts and markets the listing, although in the case of some larger organizations, there may be two individuals that divide these responsibilities.
  • SideArts will send this email address information about their account, listing updates, and information on best practices for marketing the listing.

Name for administrative use

  • This is the person that is most responsible for posting listings and managing the client’s SideArts account.
  • A full name (first and last) is required for account set up and maintenance.
  • Although not shown to our artist members, providing a contact name proves transparency and helps to address quickly any account issues.
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