Wide Open Bluegrass Art Market - Call for Artists

Wide Open Bluegrass Art Market – Call for Artists

The Wide Open Bluegrass Art Market is an intimate showcase, designed to recognize North Carolina’s talented and enthusiastic art community and feature unique artisans from across the United States.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 22 Jul 2015

Local artists and craftsmen, and those who sell works that will appeal to a music-loving audience are encouraged. The World of Bluegrass event will attract over 6,000 national and international traditional music performers, presenters, and fans. Last year, approximately 160,000 people attended the two-day festival.

Artsplosure is Raleigh’s nonprofit art and cultural events production studio. We are curators, collaborators and risk-takers dedicated to fulfilling our mission of bringing rich cultural experiences to the community we serve. With each of our events, we hope to inspire and entertain, inform and celebrate, create and share.

For more information, contact sarah@artsplosure.org.

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