The Proof Is In

The Proof Is In

We surveyed over 1000 basic, premium, and non-member artists. The results will surprise you!

On average, Side Arts Premium members earn 20% more art income annually by using the Premium search and save features, proving that Side Arts pays for itself and then some.

Our unique, advanced search and alert features stands out when compared to Basic members who earn just 3% more art income annually searching Side Arts manually.

The breakdown of the percent of art income earned is as follows:

  • Exhibitions – 71%
  • Vendor events – 11%
  • Requests for proposals – 9%
  • Competitions – 6%
  • Grants and fellowships – 3%

Members say they are more than likely to recommend Side Arts to a friend.

Artists responded that the most important factors of calls for artists are ranked in the following order:

  1. Earn more art income
  2. Trusting the opportunity
  3. Saving time while searching

Artists say:

  • “No other service has this unique level of search and save features. I find exactly what I need.”
  • “Excellent! Can’t get enough.”
  • “Great service, promises exactly as delivered.”
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