Virginia Lake Park - Call for Artists

Virginia Lake Park – Call for Artists

The City of Reno Public Art announces a call for artists for a public art project which creates new artwork for Virginia Lake Park. 

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 Jun 2016

The project is open to artists in the regional area encompassing Nevada and Northern California with experience in public art projects.

An abundance of public art opportunities are available for the artist’s consideration. There are:

  • 33 light poles around the lake,
  • 5 planted areas between the walking path and the street that provide good visibility for artwork,
  • the pathway itself or the path route that could be enhanced through sculpture and artwork,
  • bench locations around the lake and in the south garden area provide open viewing areas, as well as
  • the connected dog park.

The purpose of the project is to increase public awareness of art, broaden viewer’s perspective of public spaces within the city, and foster a sense of place in city parks.  The artist(s) selected should have demonstrated experience working in public locations subject to vandalism.  Artwork will be selected based on the quality of design and lack of routine maintenance. Proposals should consider aesthetically pleasing use of color and form as well as relate well to the surrounding environments in which they will be placed.  Artists are expected to provide manufacturer’s specifications on chosen materials with proposal. Materials, colors used, and design will be at the approval of the City of Reno.

Selected artist(s) will design and execute one or more artworks for Virginia Lake Park which may or may not be themed based on the history of the park and the location in which is resides.  The artist will need to consider whether engineering is required for the submitted artwork and add those costs into their budget.

Projected budget is $50,000 for the entire project.

Reno’s Virginia Lake Park is like an oasis in the middle of the city. Surrounded by the growing urban Reno environment that through the years developed around it, Virginia Lake and its park provide a calm and quiet escape for one’s day.  When it was originally built, Virginia Lake Park was actually south of Reno. The park has not moved since then, as the city proceeded to grow around it. Though originally designed for swimming, Virginia Lake is now only for viewing or fishing from an east shore dock. Ducks, geese, and gulls, many of which have become permanent residents, are now the only ones in the water. Strolling has been enhanced with recent paving and upgrades to the landscaping and walking paths.

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