2017 FAAM Support Program Residencies - Call For Artists

2017 FAAM Support Program – Call For Artists

2017 FAAM Support Program – Call For Artists

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (FAAM) is now accepting applications from Asian artists and researchers/curators of Asian art. The 2017 FAAM Support Program is a non-funded residency program. It provides working space and professional support for art-making and research in Fukuoka.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 15 Apr 2017

Residency Period and Duration

  • June to July 2017 (30-60 days)
  • September to November 2017 (30-90 days)
  • Mid-January to March 2018 (30-70 days)

One or two artists and/or researchers/curators per available 2017 FAAM Support Program residency slot.

  • Artist must be based in and holds a nationality of designated Asian countries or regions.
  • Researcher / curator must research modern and contemporary Asian art. Open to all nationalities.
  • Applicant must have sufficient proficiency in Japanese or English to communicate with the people and to carry out their proposed project.
  • Applicant must be in good health and should not require any special medical attention.

*FAAM does not cover any expenses for the residency in Fukuoka (e.g. travel, accommodation, food, or art/research materials)

Chosen 2017 FAAM Support Program artists and researchers/curators will be benefit by receiving the following:

  • Studio/research space: Open studio (223 sq.) and research office (33 sq.)
  • Guidance on art-making and research activities
  • Referral to a collaborator, assistant, interpreter, and attendant
  • Access to the FAAM collection, related materials, and publications
  • Guidance on research trip
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Guidance on living in Fukuoka
  • Support for presenting the result of the residency
  • Display of the artworks created during the residency
  • Presentation of research results

About Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

Due to its geographical and historical characteristics, Fukuoka City has served as a gateway to continental Asian culture since ancient times. Today it has assumed a new role, that of a key interactive city for Asia. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum opened in 1999 as a part of the city’s progressive strategy for interaction with different Asian cultures.

The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum is the only museum in the world that systematically collects and exhibits Asian modern and contemporary art. The works in the collection of the museum are not imitation of Western art or repetitions of traditional works. Instead, they seek to overcome the existing framework of art, being made by artists living in contemporary Asia. These artists attempt to acutely express their message in and about this changing world of Asia. FAAM’s exhibitions of Asian modern and contemporary art are rich in depth and quality and wide in scope. They present the originality and charm of Asian art in a way that cannot be experienced in any other museum in the world.

The museum has also been functioning as a place for people to become familiar with Asian arts and culture through the artistic creations and researches of the invitees of the Residence Program. It is an interactive museum – the place of meeting, understanding each other, and creating together.

For more information, contact faam_e@faam.ajibi.jp.

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