Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. Social Art Award - Call For Artists

Social Art Award – Call For Artists

Social Art Award – Call For Artists

The Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. announces the first Social Art Award. Artists and cultural actors are invited to apply with their work to the field of social art.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Mar 2017

Social art is any artistic expression that aims at creating social impact and change. Artists are visionaries, utopists, and agents for change with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences. The goal of the Social Art Award is to invigorate the rise of social art.

Equal participation from artists and cultural actors from all over the world is promoted. There is a reduced registration fee possible to make this open call globally accessible and inclusive. Reduced fees are eligible for applicants under 25 years of age. Citizens of eligible countries (please check list of UN) participate free of charge.

Social Art Award artist benefits

The winner receives 1.000 EUR in prize money. The three selected winners for the exhibition present their artwork in Berlin, Germany in August/ September 2017. The 10+2 shortlisted artists will receive a professional feedback by the jury. Fifty artists will be published in the official award book. They will receive additional exposure through PR, social media, and honorary mention.  All applicants of the award will receive two printed copies plus the digital version of the award book.

About the Institute for Art and Innovation e.V.

The Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization based in Berlin, Germany. It is a multidisciplinary institute that explores and promotes art and innovation as a means to foster social impact and change. The institute established the Social Art Award. The award aims at strengthening the recognition of social artists and the value of their work. Hence, it cherishes the importance of social art for society. The accompanying book supports the spread of social art, the artists, and their work. The institute undertakes research, training, production, and exchange.

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