Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project - Call For Artists

Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project – Call For Artists

Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project – Call For Artists

The City of Shoreline seeks an artist or artist-team to design, fabricate, and install a dynamic, site-specific artwork for the Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project. The primary goal is to serve as a landmark for the center of a young and growing city directly to the north of Seattle.

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2018

Placement will occur on an approximately 1-acre triangular-shaped project area located along the city’s main arterial, Aurora Avenue (aka SR 99), between North 175th Street and North 178th Street, and Aurora Ave North and Midvale Ave North. Currently, the site is flat, with a few small trees and a preserved section of historic brick road, a relic of the Interurban trolley line (1902 – 1940). The site is frequently used by trail riders, dog-walkers, families, and numerous others, with many thousands driving by in cars at maximum speeds of 40 mph. As a work of public art located along a transportation corridor, it should not create a distraction for drivers.

Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project artwork that includes solar panels, sound, kinetic, or interactive elements, projections, water features, time-based components, landscaping / earthworks, or light elements are especially welcome as a reflection of the city’s environmental ethic. Shoreline is culturally diverse. The City values working with artists of color who can incorporate the community’s cultural and ethnic identities into public art. Applicants should provide evidence of broadly similar projects. Evidence should reflect an ability to work on a tight schedule and within budget.

Shoreline Town Center Public Art Project Artist Benefits

Commission budget is $140,000 (all inclusive). Finalists paid $1,500 plus airfare to make formal proposal. The awarding of this commission will contribute to public art portfolios of artists that have similar project experience ($100,000). The project location is directly adjacent to Seattle. It is in the core Puget Sound metro area, with about one million residents. Exposure will be national. Following successful completion of this project, artists will be eligible for similar public art commissions nationwide. Benefit can be derived from the interdisciplinary work during the project with civic engineers, city planners, and public art curators. Artists will be eligible to have the work for this project submitted to a national database of public art projects.

About The City of Shoreline

Incorporated in 1995 and nine miles north of downtown Seattle, Shoreline remains a young city. It has three decades of unprecedented growth and change. As the City’s Vision 2029 statement recognized in 2009, “people are first drawn here by the city’s…trees [and the] value placed on arts, culture, and history.” The Public Art Program supports the Shoreline City Council’s 2016 – 2018 goal of strengthening the City’s economic base by creating exciting cultural programs that draw people from the surrounding region and contributing to place making and community engagement, especially through programs and initiatives at the neighborhood level.

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