All Women - Call For Artists From Contemporary Art Gallery Online

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All Women – Call For Artists

All Women – Call For Artists

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces their 4th Annual International 2018 All Women online art competition. To be held from January 29th, 2018 to February 25th, 2018. Contemporary Art Gallery Online encourages entries from all women 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field.

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Deadline: 26 Feb 2018

All work must belong to the person submitting the application. The art or a print of the original and must be available for sale. The artist must be at least 18 years old.

This competition will be judged on painting/drawing, photography/digital art, and mixed media/3D art. Awards will be given for the top five to eight works selected, (this will depend on the number of submissions in each category). In addition to the winning images, Honorable Recognition awards will be presented. Winners will be announced on March 13th, 2018. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online at Contemporary Art Gallery Online from February 26th, 2018 to March 26th, 2018. Prizes include memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online and marketing.

About Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is a collector’s number one source for all original contemporary art. CAGOnline is proud to showcase tomorrow’s art giants today. CAGOnline has created CAGO Media which has two purposes. First is to share art business ideas, and second to introduce artists to the buying public. CAGO Media accomplishes both of these initiatives by programming radio and TV shows.

The Business of Art Show airs bi-monthly, 15 to 20 minute episodes. Hosted by Sharon Belle Hawkshawe, each episode discusses everything pertaining to the Business of Art. The What is Art Show is a monthly 30 minute episode with hosts Michael Harris (art collector) and Sharon Hawkshawe (acclaimed artist), who discuss current art movements and art shows. The hosts are occasionally joined by museum curators, gallery owners, art critics, and art insiders. The third show is An Artist Speaks. These lively 30 minute episodes are in-depth interviews with artists discussing their art process, philosophy, and a candid look at their work. Every month, a video is produced showcasing the monthly art participants. Other videos highlight gallery artist and art styles.

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