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A Creative Way To Reconnect To Your Job

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70% of the US population feel disengaged at work or they hate their jobs…

If you’re part of this 70%, try this exercise to re-commit to connecting to why you started working where you work in the first place. This exercise will completely change the way you view your job and the career path that you’re on. Give it a go!

Write a letter to your employer telling them why you love them and why you’re grateful for having them in your life. This exercise might sound like a combination of cringe-worthy craziness, but it is highly effective in reminding you why you took the job in the first place. You don’t have to give the letter to your employer, unless you want to. Ultimately this exercise is for you! Here’s a suggestion on how to start your letter:

‘Dear [insert organization], I am so so grateful that day in and day out you pay for my bills…

At the end of the day this job, that you might currently loathe, is part of your journey. By writing this letter you are partaking in a gesture of acknowledging this part of your journey in a different way other than complaining about how much you hate your job.

When you first start a job, you may feel a sense of excitement, like you’re falling in love. It’s easy to see why you’re destined for this job in the bigger scheme of things. It might be a stepping stone for you to save more money to go back to school. It might be an entry level position for you to work your way up the ladder. Yet, as time goes by it’s easy to see less and less of the bigger picture that you had envisioned for yourself.

What this exercise does is shift your perspective of where you’re at right now in your job. It can be written as a farewell letter. It can be written as a way to renew your commitment with your employer and/or the company you work for. It’s an effective way to gain resilience and get perspective on what your next move is.

If you try this exercise and you’re still feeling stuck with your career, grab a COMPLIMENTARY SESSION with me to see how I can guide you in connecting with and fulfilling your purpose.

Carlee Myers HeadshotCarlee is an expert at helping people use art and creativity in order to find their passion again. As a firm believer in creativity, Carlee helps people find their purpose in life. She uses a combination of coaching, creative expression and experiential activities.

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