City Hall Public Art Project - Call For Artists (Manhattan Beach, CA)

City Hall Public Art Project – Call For Artists

City Hall Public Art Project – Call For Artists

The City of Manhattan Beach announces a call for artists for the City Hall Public Art Project. The site is located in the City Hall Lobby area. There is a grand stair case that runs between the upper and lower floors. Submissions that address the whole space, including both upper and lower floors, furniture, and fixtures are encouraged.

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Deadline: 13 Feb 2019

The City of Manhattan Beach is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a public art sculpture. Approximately 3.8 million tourists arrive in Manhattan Beach every year.

The budget for the City Hall Public Art Project is not to exceed $250,000.00. This amount includes all costs related to the artist’s design and project management fees; all subcontracted and consultant costs including engineers, electricians, materials, fabricators, studio, and overhead costs; fabrication, transportation, delivery, storage, and installation of all art components; general and automobile liability, professional liability insurance, and automotive insurance as required; and all other costs associated with the art project including a minimum budget contingency of 15%. Please note that the budget includes all costs required for all permits and licenses.

The City Hall Public Art Project RFQ is open to professional artists residing in the United States who meet the minimum eligibility qualifications indicated below:

  • Successful completion of at least 2 (two) permanent art installation or design projects valued over $150,000.00, preferably those that are similar in scope and nature to this project. Prior work could include architecture, landscape, or urban design projects if public art was an integral component.
  • Experience in working cooperatively with multiple professionals including City staff, regulatory agencies, community members, and design professionals such as engineers, landscape architects, and architects.
  • Aesthetic excellence in the design and execution of completed projects.
  • Ability to install or oversee the installation of the commissioned work.

About the City of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach has been featured in many Hollywood films and series including 1408, 2012, Against All Odds, CSI Miami, Jerry Maguire, Weeds, Veronica Mars, Tequila Sunrise, Point Break, and Starsky and Hutch. Manhattan Beach has 2.1 miles of beach. At the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard is a 928 foot long pier where fishing is permitted from all year long. One of the largest flocks of wild parrots in the United States lives in the South Bay, and you can hear their loud squawks all over town.

Manhattan Beach’s schools were ranked #1 by Forbes in 2014, and it has a more educated population than any other suburb in Los Angeles. Manhattan Beach is located on Santa Monica Bay’s southern end. The International Surf Festival and the Manhattan Beach Open Volleyball Tournament is held every August in Manhattan Beach. Because of its beauty Manhattan Beach has been given the nickname ‘Pearl of the South Bay’. Manhattan Beach has the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium where visitors can see a variety of sea life species. The members of the band The Beach Boys surfed at Manhattan Beach growing up, as they were from Hawthorne, an adjacent city.

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