2019 Visual Art Open Prize - Call For Artists (Chester, UK)

2019 Visual Art Open Prize – Call For Artists

2019 Visual Art Open Prize – Call For Artists

Black Mango announces a call for artists for the 2019 Visual Art Open Prize. The aim is to give artists the ultimate platform to develop their passion and career in the arts sector.

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Deadline: 28 Feb 2019

Cost – £15.00 per submission. £10.00 for entrants under 24 years old.

There are six categories: painting / mixed media / printmaking, illustration / drawing, sculpture, photography, digital, and young artist (under 24).

The overall winner of the 2019 Visual Art Open Prize will be awarded a cash prize of £1,000.00 to support the production of new works, commercial mentoring package, and stand space at Chester Art Fair 2020. £250.00 will be awarded for each winning category. The majority of applications will be published across social media platforms helping to promote artists further.

About Black Mango

Black Mango are experts in events management and experience concepts. Delivering a unique event for each guest is their raison d’être. From one goose-bump inducing surprise to the next, they create memorable experiences. Experiences designed to engage, strengthen ties, and build loyalty to you. Their goal is to make your organisation better, by developing dynamic solutions to your event challenges. Challenges as complex as concept development, communication, logistics, production, and travel organisation.

For more information, contact info@visualartopen.com.

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