Public Art Gateway Project - Call For Artists (Lake Oswego, OR)

Public Art Gateway Project – Call For Artists

Public Art Gateway Project – Call For Artists

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego announces a call for artists for a public art gateway project at Highway 43 and Terwilliger Boulevard. Be the first artist or artist team to create a public art gateway of a size and scale that has never before been done in the City of Lake Oswego. This project will produce a public art work to define the Northeastern gateway (entrance) into Lake Oswego. This art work will be a marker of boundary as people cross from one place into another. It shall invoke a sense of place and be associated with the identity of Lake Oswego.

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Deadline: 3 Jun 2019

Total public art gateway project budget is $275,000. Of that, about $156,750 is allotted to artist (or artist team).

The Selection Committee will work with the artist (or team) to finalize the schematic design and integration of artwork with the site. Submissions will be evaluated by Selection Committee based upon the overall quality and merit of the artists’ past works. The Selection Committee will screen the artists’ applications and may select five or more finalists. Those selected will be paid a modest design fee for an interview with the Art Selection Committee and presentation of conceptual design proposals. Contracts and final budgets will be discussed at that time.

About The Arts Council of Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego’s cultural and natural resources play an important part in shaping the character of the community today. With a population of about 40,000 (largest city in Clackamas County), Lake Oswego is a growing, vibrant city. It is located ten miles south of Portland, Oregon. Demographics of the city include a median age of 45 to 70+, high discretionary incomes, active lifestyle, a love of travel, commitment to the community, and a higher education level.

In the Pacific region, residents have a higher than average attendance of visual arts programming as compared with other areas of the U.S. In Clackamas County, cultural tourism is a key economic driver. Lake Oswego is a leader in forging partnerships with the local arts community. The Arts Council of Lake Oswego administers the public art program; works with the City and community to select, site, and maintain the nationally recognized Gallery Without Walls sculpture program; maintains the City’s permanent art collection of over 250 works; and provides accessible arts programming for the community.

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