Diversity By Orna Hatzor - Side Arts Call For Artists


Orna Hatzor is an artist based out of Israel. This artwork is titled Diversity.

Diversity, Orna Hatzor, 2014


“This print depicts two basic images: a home and a leaf representing our natural environment, which symbolize our basic needs as human beings. although they are very different, they both are essential for our well being. likewise, no matter how different we are , we are essential to one another. My art seeks a common ground that we can all relate to and consequently come together.”

Orna Hatzor

Side Arts Call For Artists

Join other artists and art professionals promoting their art. Side Arts announces a call for artists on the theme of diversity. Side Arts fosters a conversation through the visual arts on social equity including diversity, inclusion, affirmation, justice, access, mental health wellness, safety, and consent. This call focuses our attention on how art addresses diversity through social equity. The next call for artists will be announced September 1, 2019.

Learn more at sidearts.com/subscription

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