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Geniuses Who Use Blogging To Promote Their Art

Geniuses Who Use Blogging To Promote Their Art

You know that using a blog can help elevate your art practice, but how do you do it? Check out this list from Smart Blogger of 48 creative geniuses who use blogging to promote their art.

It’s more than just status updates, images, and works in progress. Readers what to know about YOU. This doesn’t require an advanced degree in English and literature. Just be you. How natural! The more you practice, the better and easier it will get. Start small.

Here’s some advice from Leanne Regalla at Smart Blogger and their list of geniuses who use blogging to promote their art.

The one thing artists need to be successful today

The Internet has turned selling creative work on its head. No longer can you simply get good at your craft and then find someone to champion you, manage you, or sponsor you. Want a publishing deal? You better have built a solid fan base for your work first.

Want a chance at a record deal or even just make a decent side income from your work? You’ll need an engaged audience and good-sized list. For today’s artist, building a tribe is non-negotiable. But how?

It’s not about schlepping your art or begging for attention

Like a first date, you need something more to talk about other than just your work. People connect with people. Your blog is the place where you give fans not only the emotional experience that attracted them to you in the first place, but also ways to get to know you as a person and artist.

Your audience expects to see a different side of you on your blog. Your job is to find these hooks – the things that your people are most curious about. Perhaps what lens you used in a photo or what inspired you to write that song. Or hilarious personal stories from your travels. Or exclusive material not available to the general public.

And since artists learn from each other, you could help others by teaching what you know. But the secret is to get fans, clients, and customers interacting with you on many levels. Let them get to know you and what matters to you. Let them into your world as an artist.

What works for artists in the real world?

The theory’s nice. But how does this work in real life? How do artists succeed online? The problem with theory – creative people are so diverse in their talents and interests that seeing how this advice applies to your own situation is difficult. What works for a musician might not work for a painter. What delights the fans of a writer might be a complete turn-off for the fans of a filmmaker.

Even creative people in the same field might need to relate to their audiences in different ways. But let’s say you do have some concrete ideas for your own creative blog; how do you know if they will work in practice? What you need is some help from artists who’ve already blazed a trail and discovered what actually works. Because some of those ideas might work for you too.

So check out the following list of excellent role models for tons of ideas. And don’t just stick to your own field – cross-pollinate and explore ideas from other disciplines. After all, great artists draw their influences from many places and you never know where your next killer idea will come from.

48 Creative Geniuses Who Use Blogging to Promote Their Art

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