Art Resilience (International Online Exhibition) - Call For Artists

Art Resilience (International Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Art Resilience (International Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou are pleased to announce a call for artists for the 6th International Art Resilience Exhibition. The online exhibition will take place from August 8 to September 8, 2020. Resilience in art tends to restore the foundations of art on the beauty and restore art to unity. In the division of the perception between objective and subjective resilience opposes a joint operation. The beauty in the work is perceived objectively. It is the first fraction of the second where the spectator is in front of the work, then intervenes the subjective judgment in relation to the experience of this one.

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Deadline: 15 Jul 2020

60 euros for two works, 40 euros for a work

Where contemporary art relies solely on the intention of the artist, resilience sets the artist’s responsibility to the community, because art is a receiver of the “image” of the community and acts in parallel on the cohesion of it. Theoretically, instead of an split approach, resilience is a systemic approach. At the level of practice, resilience removes the discourse that clutters art productions and focuses on the development of the work.

Considering that the quality of a work of art is objectively identifiable, resilience in art rules out random, purely gestural, unsightly, conceptual, or only decorative productions. A work of art consists of aesthetic regime and ethical regime. Resilience relegates the ephemeral art to the game or the show and opts for the work that projects itself in the long term. One of the reasons is its formative nature. At the formal level, resilience requires the diversity of expressions in place of contemporary art production which, for decades, has finally generated instantly recognizable images as “contemporary art” and finished in a new academicism rejecting any other form of art as obsolete.

Art Resilience prizes awarded by the jury

  • 1 ° Price 200 euros
  • 2 ° Price 150 euros
  • Jury Prize (medal)
  • Museum Award (medal)

On the artist’s pages, only training and activities of the participants are listed. All the texts on the “artist statement,” very popular today, are not included. Insisting on the artist’s declaration is part of “contemporary art” where action is valued. The work is in the foreground as a carrier of meaning and proof of development quality.

About Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou

Saint Frajou, small village of 183 inhabitants, is part of the canton of L’Isle en Dodon, Haute Garonne, France. The village takes its name from Saint Fragulphe, martyred by the Saracens in the eighth century. He fought against the invaders and was beheaded. Legend says that the head of Fragulphe rolled to a stone where three drops of blood remain indelible. To this place immediately sprang a fountain. The fountain still exists and have many visitors. St. Frajou is the smallest village in France with a museum of paintings. The museum of painting of Saint-Frajou is created in 2010. It is situated in the building of the former school in the entrance of the square of the village.

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