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Polina Stoyanova

imaginary, surreal

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Polina Stoyanova

    Drawing and Painting
    imaginary, surreal
TITLE     Cactus Man
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I love the way my work as a artist is leading me trouhg a constant rediscovery of the variety of the beauty thet surround us.

Polina Stoyanova is a visual artist, living and working in Sofia,
Bulgaria, also known under the artistic name Jo Iyaa.
She is a graduate in Animation Directing and has also finished the one
year educational program in contemporary dance Dance Port Derida.
For the past ten years her work ranges from graphic design,
illustration, animations in collaboration with artists from different
fields, to multimedia and visual environment for contemporary
performances, paintings and murals.
For several years now she has been actively working and participating
in international projects, based on Non-Formal education, developing
artistic approach to topics like environmental issues, Human Rights
and sustainable developement.
So far she has acomplished personal projects in artistic residencies
in Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

02/2018 - La Escardiele - Spain - Castilblanco de los Aroyas

02/2017 - Historias do Rio - Brasil - Juaseiro

11/2016 - Beasts - Bulgaria - Sofia

03/2016 - Lisbon STories - Portugal - Lisbon