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Juan Ramiro Torres

Contemporary figurative and abstract

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Juan Ramiro Torres

    Drawing and Painting
    Contemporary figurative and abstract
TITLE     Fauna / 2015 / Acrylic on canvas
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According to the Greek painter Omiros (1927-2010) “All paintings are essentially a self-portrait” and the artwork of Juan Ramiro Torres agrees with the master, because through his work the artist recreates scenes or characters linked with his past or present that have made him the man he is.

“Knower of a glorious past, he throws the influence that the past plays in his creative spirit and manifests it in a present day form with a personal identity. Proof of that is in his series titled ‘Lord of Sipan’ and ‘Inca Icons’ or ‘Iconoclasm’, they show a marked influence of the Incas.” (Maximo Anchea Castro, editor of Punto Hispano newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia).

Juan Ramiro Torres was born in Lima Peru and has lived in the United States since 1984. He graduated from Parsons School of Design (NY) in 1991.
He currently works as fine artist, art teacher, graphic designer and journalist.
His artwork has been exhibited in major events and galleries in the United States and other countries (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, New Zealand, Italy, France and China). He has been recognized with numerous honors and awards, and his works are part of important private and public collections.

10/2019 - Salon International d'Art Contemporain - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, FRANCE

07/2019 - Beijing International Art Biennale - National Art Museum of China - Baijing, CHINA

05/2019 - Recycle - BWAC - Brooklyn NY, USA

04/2019 - Artes Reales - MEEBA - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA