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Napoleon Alajo

Mosaix (New Age Artisan)

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Napoleon Alajo

    Mosaix (New Age Artisan)
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My name is Napoleon, as a 'New Age Artisan' I believe art is a colorful expression of life that makes a unique and enduring impression in space and is timeless and a valuable artifact....linking the human be preserved thru-out generations.

Mosaix 'glasstiles' artwork of unique decor/design represents Masters, Magnificent or Modern artworks of Michelangelo, DaVinci, Bernini,Vermeer,Picasso,Monet and Renoit, and many more classic artworks
Mosaix is Glasstiles artwork 'pixel' renderings for Mosaics, Murals and Motifs of master, magnificent or custom artworks: Select custom material and size, scale or layout to Clients’ Satisfaction.*Commissions available for Residential and Commercial Mosaix int/ext design. Public Art is our goal of 'Life Colors' creations

*Client Order Request_Contracts are available.
Call: 856.875.9826

**Select from over 200 Mosaix custom patterns @
**Finish Mosaix artwork is full price as listed
**Special Commission items payment plan available
**Shipping cost will be include in Total price....1-2 month delivery

*Clients’ or Customers’ Satisfaction for 'High-End' Artworks_Artisan workmanship!