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Paul Ahl


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Paul Ahl

TITLE     Erosion 3
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Coincidence (time) and decisions

Paul Ahl…
… works with soil and clay. He imitates natural processes during which whole landscapes are being shaped and changed slowly and continuously by soil erosion, by the successive washing away of sand and soil.
He created his first works by leaving them in the rain for months. Erosion and colour changes emerged over time and were conserved by the firing process.
Currently he works in a more precise manner, he accelerates the process by removing material from the prepared surfaces with a high-pressure cleaner.
During this process, the arranged objects leave their sublime contours. The exhibition shows earlier art works as well as current results side by side.
The chronology of an idea for which the subjects appear to be less and less important.
The sequence reflects different stages of his work during which Paul Ahl has experimented with different firing techniques using wood. During these rather simple firing techniques the temperatures never stay constant – this can be seen in the different colours of the shards of the same material.
Often, the work piece bursts to shards during the firing process. Not a catastrophe but rather a calculated mistake. At this stage the working process continues, it is the beginning of the actual challenge of artistic decision-making: the re-assembling of chosen fragments.
Coincidence (time) and decisions – the artistic concept is based to a significant extent on those aspects. Therefore, Paul Ahl is concerned with the fundamental aspects of creative work, especially with the artistic strategies and prevailing questions of modernism.
Dr. Christoh Schneider

04/2016 - Coming home with art - Complex23 - Heilbronn, Germany

07/2015 - Art in the Villa Urbana - Villa Urbana - Heitersheim, Germany

06/2015 - Regional art fair/exhibition 7 - Danauhallen - Donaueschingen, Germany

11/2014 - triple room - Altes Rathaus - March-Hugstetten, Germany