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Site Updates – February 2014


SideArts community,

There a few updates on the site for February:

  • Artist member dashboards redesigned.
  • Homepage featured artist algorithm updated.
  • Blogging permissions updated – only admins may post to the blog.
  • Error message (404) updated.

What’s coming soon?

  • Improved listing search features.
  • Improved email alerts.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

-Todd and the SideArts team


How to Choose Good Keywords

Choosing good keywords for your artist wanted listing helps artists find your listing and determine if it is appropriate for them to apply.  Put yourself in the artist’s shoes, what would they type into a search engine in order to find your listing.

Keywords are publicly visible and help SideArts members and other internet users find your listing.

Keywords for artists wanted listings typically fall into five categories:

  • Location: Miami, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Boston
  • Description of the event/listing: exhibition, juried, national, craft fair, internship, contest
  • Type of artwork: painting, photography, sculpture, multimedia, installation
  • Description of artwork: 2D, abstract, surreal, modern
  • Theme: blue, halloween, bones, surf, future

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Limit each listing to the five most important keywords and use all five
  • Multiple words are okay, but limit it to two, unless it is a specific place name.
  • Don’t use your organization’s/company’s name (the listing is about the opportunity, not about your company)
  • Don’t use the same words that appear in your listing’s title.
  • Don’t use variations of the same word.  For example: art, artwork, artist, fine art (search engines can filter variations of words)
  • Don’t use empty adjectives: great, fun, affordable, value (what is affordable to you may not be affordable to others)

Note that artists wanted listings are categorized on SideArts.  You do not need to repeat these categories in your keywords:

  • awards
  • call for artists (general)
  • competitions
  • fellowships
  • grants
  • prizes
  • requests for proposals (requests for qualifications, rfp, rfq)
  • residencies
  • vendor events


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