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Provide extra visibility to your call for artists, organization, event, or artwork. Display ads are offered on a monthly basis.

  • Audience: 85% US based, 70% Female, 80% ages 25-34, 100% visual artists including painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, jewelers, and more  
  • Traffic: 10000+ page views per month
  • Users: 3000+ users per month
  • Email list: 1500+ (sent daily digest upon new listings published)
  • Facebook: 2000+
  • Instagram: 900+

Ads are shown on:
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  • Blog page and all blog posts (200×200 – right sidebar)
  • Call for artists page and all calls for artists (200×200 – right sidebar)
  • Homepage (Leaderboard (728×90) and Billboard (970×250)
  • About page 


  • Bottom of all calls for artists and blog posts


  • Banner (468×60)

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