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Morocco Art Residency

Open call for applications for Art Residency at Green Olive Arts, in Tetouan, Morocco.

Green Olive Arts provides high quality production spaces and professional services for artists, writers, film-makers and creative researchers for extended seasons of production, inspiration and collaboration. These spaces will be available to both Moroccan and visiting creatives for art residency, based on a competitive application process.

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Applications for residency periods are accepted on an ongoing basis.

In Morocco the artist has the opportunity to immerse himself in a context and culture that is totally other and thereby offers fresh perspective, inspiration, and an abundance personal learning/discovery opportunities.

At Green Olive Arts the artist has access to the resources and services necessary to benefit from the otherness & beauty of Morocco, while having the stability of a place to create and people to help navigate in the local culture and context. There is a high possibility that there will be other Artists in Residence offering a community atmosphere and potentials for collaboration. Green Olive Arts also has a network of connections with local artists and craftsmen available to the Artist in Residence.

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