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Convocatoria RADAR – Call For Artists

Convocatoria RADAR is an open call for artists that want to establish collaborations in Spain. The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 20 Jan 2017

RADAR leaves the greatest freedom of management between the artist and the gallery. RADAR puts in contact artists and gallery owners without interfering or claiming anything into their professional relationships. All the exhibitions will be managed directly between the gallery and the artist in every respect (period, duration, works selection, and so forth). All the events will be held in the 2017-2018 exhibition season.

A jury composed of eight professional galleries interested in discovering new projects to be exhibited will review all the applications. Each of the eight galleries, located in the most important Spanish areas for contemporary art, will choose one artist to realize a solo event that can be a prelude to a long-lasting collaboration. The galleries choose freely and autonomously their own winners and are required to select artists with whom they have never had previous work relationships. The jury is chaired by curator Frederic Montornés who coordinates eleven jurors composed of three curators and eight galleries.

Convocatoria RADAR will oversee the following simple rules, galleries: 1) must choose their winning artists with the utmost freedom; 2) can not choose artists with whom they had previous collaborations; and 3) can not ask artists for economic contributions or fees. The communication of the exhibition will be organised by each gallery according to its own general policy. All commercial transactions regarding sales are handled directly between the gallery and the winning artist.

Convocatoria RADAR - Call For Artists

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