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Reshape 2019 – Call For Artists

Reshape 2019 – Call For Artists

Reshape 2019 is looking for artists and cultural workers who have tried and managed to devise alternative models of working together or have engaged audiences in innovative ways. Apply to join one of five teams in developing transnational and experimental tools for supporting contemporary art practices, take part in the Forum where artists and cultural workers will discuss experimental practices around Europe and Euromed region, or send info about your work to become a part of the directory of experimental practices.

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2019

Reshape proposes an open and inclusive experimental process with professionals from the Europe and the Mediterranean to enhance their innovative practices and help transforming the entire arts ecosystem.

Political, economic, technological, and ecological changes in society deeply influence the way in which arts are created, presented, and experienced. Not all artists have the same opportunities to present or collaborate internationally. Public policies, industry practices, and the market cannot ensure that diverse artistic voices and practices reach potential audiences across Europe. At the same time, artists work more and more across aesthetics, disciplines, national boundaries, and sectors. The institutional not-for-profit arts sector – both on the national and European levels – hasn’t been flexible enough to integrate these changes.

How can the arts sector continue to be supported within this context? Reshape partners are convinced that artists and cultural workers are innovation experts. They are the ones who should invent future models for the arts sector. There are many innovative models and projects created by arts professionals around Europe and South Mediterranean who, eager to stay true to their values, experiment with different ways of engaging audiences, and connecting with other social sectors. These often fragile and unconnected projects are ‘weak signals’ of potential future models.

Reshape 2019 is looking for such artistic initiatives, providing it with time and space to be further developed in a transnational and transregional context. (Re)imagine new models of organizing the arts sector. Reshape will support existing initiatives and projects experimenting with innovative models, creating an opportunity for artists and cultural workers to meet and exchange ideas. Concretely, it will devise five sustainable and innovative prototypes to five research themes posed below.

Reshape 2019 Themes

  • Art and citizenship – How can art better support practicing citizenship together?
  • Fair governance models – How to make open, inclusive and flexible governance models?
  • Value of art in social fabric – How to encourage understanding of and promote the value of art in social fabric?
  • Solidarity funding – How can solidarity funding encourage the vitality of contemporary arts in these uncertain times?
  • Transnational / postnational artistic practices – What framework and tools do artists working transnationally need and how to provide them?

Explore these five topics in the following way:

  • Directory – mapping existing experimental practices in Europe and the South Mediterranean.
  • Forum – the meeting of artists and cultural workers encouraging discussion and reflection on alternative practices.
  • Trajectory Groups – each group gathered around one of the five above mentioned topics. In total fifty artists and cultural workers propose new models, strategies, and tools via workshops and remote work.
  • Intensives – all participating artists and other professionals gather in two inspirational meetings to discuss and compare emerging ideas.
  • Conference – participants share the process and result with broader arts and culture community.
  • Publications – a collection of publications that raise important questions and share the results of the Reshape project.

Reshape 2019 Artist Benefits

Simple and Basic: Become a part of the Reshape Directory. Map individuals, organizations, and initiatives dealing with alternative models and practices of organizing and collaborating, drawing threads among similar organizations in Euromed region.

One Step Further: Participate in the Reshape Lublin Forum. Receive plane/bus/train tickets from Europe or the South Mediterranean region to Lublin, accommodation and catering covered.

The Full Monty: Work with other individuals on a selected topic during the course of two years. Receive a compensation of 4.750,00 EUR including VAT and other taxes (for taking part in the whole process) and the coverage of travel and subsistence expenses related to project activities.

About Reshape

The aim of Reshape is to imagine an alternative to the European arts ecosystem. It will do so by rethinking its instruments and collaborative models, placing them in line with artistic and social innovation and the principles of fairness, solidarity, geographic balance and sustainability. Reshape will develop and test an experimental bottom-up method. It will construct new narratives and new instruments that are appropriate to the evolutions of the arts sector and the society. By increasing the knowledge, competences, and reactivity of intermediary organisations in relation to today’s artistic experimentations, Reshape aims to influence public policies and integrate future policy instruments.

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