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Bits And Pieces Exhibition – Call For Artists

Bits And Pieces Exhibition – Call For Artists

The InterUrban ArtHouse announces a call for artists for the Bits and Pieces exhibition, a group showing of assembled and mixed media art this October and November. Our existence is complicated, made up of so many components, moving parts, puzzle pieces, and random scraps of experience. We then cobble together all of these gathered bits and pieces to form and build our everyday lives.

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Deadline: 31 Jul 2018

All mediums are welcome, but must be made up of different bits and pieces. Think collage, assemblage, found object sculpture, reconstituted images, textiles, mosaic, shapes, scraps of color, and collaborations. Workshops, lectures, and spoken word performances that interpret this theme are welcome.

About InterUrban ArtHouse

InterUrban ArtHouse mission is to enrich the cultural and economic vibrancy of the community by creating a place where artists and creative industries can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable, and inclusive environment.

  • Offer a place where artists and creative industries can make and support art in a stable and affordable environment.
  • Fully integrate arts activities within the community by creating an open atmosphere through engagement, inclusivity, and diversity.
  • Promote and facilitate the successful entrepreneurism of the creative industries by sharing resources, building connections, and supporting collaborations.
  • Support growth and sustainability of the arts through education and professional and artistic development.

The InterUrban ArtHouse protects an oasis of affordable, accessible space for grass-roots community culture. It has done so by buying and renovating an underutilized industrial building at the heart of Historic Downtown Overland Park. Five core programs include: ArtWorks, ArtSmart, ArtMatters, ArtHeals, and ArtsConnect. These programs engage the community in celebrating diverse, authentic local culture that brings vitality, activity, and connection between businesses, residents, schools, government, organizations, and neighborhoods. They collaborate with several entities working to address challenges of changing ethnic and economic demographics. With a spectrum of local artists, they provide diverse small business opportunities and economic variety.

InterUrban ArtHouse Location

The ArtHouse has two locations located directly across the street from one another. The ArtHouse provides inclusive, stable, affordable, and code-compliant space for twenty-nine art studios providing space for over forty artists, a classroom, exhibition space, and community café.

The historic Downtown Overland Park area is under monumental redevelopment with 600+ housing units being build and 60,000+ sq ft of new retail store fronts coming soon. The ArtHouse’s presence is vital as a community anchor, highlighting the authentic, grass-roots culture, economy, quality of life, livability, and walkability. By doing so, the ArtHouse helps give the area a competitive edge in attracting and maintaining talent and residents. The ArtHouse practices creative placemaking: contributing to neighborhood revitalization, community engagement, and creative entrepreneurial incubation.

Since forming in 2012, the ArtHouse has directly served more than 16,094 through 633 events. Public art exhibits and performances give large audience exposure to local artists in venues including Overland Park Fall Fest (35,000+ attendees) and Johnson County Library Exhibits (504,230 visitors).

ArtHouse was founded and is staffed 100% by artists. The ArtHouse employs three full-time staff members and contracts directly with local artists to teach classes. They regularly engage volunteers in community events and administrative support.

“We envision InterUrban ArtHouse as a vibrant cultural incubator; a creative crucible for creative entrepreneurs.”
– Carl Gerlach, Mayor of Overland Park

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Interconnections – Call for Artists

Off the Hook Arts announces a call for artists for Interconnections, a unity and diversity juried art show.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 4 Apr 2016

Interconnections is a collaborative arts event of classical chamber music performance, morning hands, and a juried professional art show. Local artists are welcomed to submit smaller pieces that reflect their impressions of how visual art and music interconnect in a relevant and meaningful way in our culture and time.

In an attempt to encourage purchasing of art work, we will place inserts in programs and in prominent locations in the gallery and advise patrons that purchased works can be donated back to our Off the Hook Arts Lending Library. In return, we will help find permanent public and private locations for art work to be hung which will be viewed by children and their families on a daily basis. The goal is to promote the value and beauty of visual art in every day spaces. Organizations involved in these gifts will be Poudre School District schools, local hospitals and rehabilitation centers, Habitat for Humanity, and Project Self Sufficiency.

Artists benefit from sale of works with a 70/30 split with Off the Hook Arts Academy education programs. Two tickets to the Grand Opening with music provided by the Miami String Quartet on June 23rd with food and wine reception included.
We are encouraging patrons to purchase works and donate them back to our Lending Library so that children can gain a deeper understanding about the value and beauty of real visual art work in the spaces in which they live.

Off the Hook Arts’ goal is to promote a deeper understanding of the value and pure joy of learning more about music, live performance, and the connectedness that all types of music have to each other. We seek to educate people about the importance of interdisciplinary interaction of science and music. We give youth the opportunity to have these experiences to spur on their own development whether it be from taking one of our SummerFest STEAM classes or by being coached in a chamber music group at their school. When youth are exposed to high levels of artistry across all disciplines, they will be inspired to think creatively about their own futures as scientists, artist, musicians, entrepreneurs, or whatever career they pursue.

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