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Reclaim Award 2020 (Cologne, Germany) – Call For Artists

Reclaim Award 2020 (Cologne, Germany) – Call For Artists

The Reclaim Kollektiv announces a call for artists for the Reclaim Award 2020. Ads out, art in! Reclaim your place in public space. Billboards become cultural conceptual surfaces, artistic canvases, or photographic landscapes. The city a public museum. Reclaim replaces advertising on large surfaces with your art. With the award, make a contribution towards culturally enhancing the public space. Make Cologne’s urban profile more attractive. Display billboards that stimulate, illustrate diversity and difference, and open up conceptual spaces. Easily perceivable, public, and for everyone!

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Deadline: 26 Apr 2020

Entry fee: 1 entry: 25€ / 2 entries: 40€ / 3 entries: 50€.

Where usually cruises, cars, or detergents find large places to shine, there will now be art. 40 billboards become exhibition surfaces.

This year, the Reclaim Kollektiv holds the second Reclaim Award in Cologne. For the debut in 2019, 551 artists from 29 countries applied to redesign 25 billboards in urban areas of Cologne. Since this went beyond any intended scope, there will be already 40 large-scale billboards to show art in 2020.

Reclaim grows. A plus of 15 surfaces means even more radiance for the artpieces, even more visibility for the artists. The stage is ready, Cologne as public museum. Perception in public space is the highest: large-scale billboards on bustling streets, busy train stations, and in urban, alternative neighbourhoods of Cologne.

The winners will exhibit their works in the form of 18/1 posters on billboards rented in a central location, for the duration of 10 days. Artists from all fields and all countries are welcome to participate in the competition.

About Reclaim Kollektiv

The Reclaim Kollektiv consists of three business partners and friends. Odo Hans is a freelance artist and initiator of the Reclaim Award. Together with Tobias Handorf and Caspar Wündrich, managers of the design studio neoactio in Cologne, they founded the Kollektiv in 2019.

Last years’ debut was a great success for the trio. 551 applicants liked the idea and shared the vision. This years’ Reclaim Award grew by 15 surfaces.

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Koelner Liste 2017 – Call For Artists

Koelner Liste 2017, a fair for contemporary art in Cologne/Germany, announces a call for artists. The 4th edition of Koelner Liste will be held from April 28th to 30th, 2017, parallel to one of the most important art market events in Europe, the Art Cologne.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Jan 2017

Galleries, project groups, and artists are cordially invited to apply. The application is free of charge.

As the sole satellite art fair to Art Cologne, the discovery fair presents a broad range of international contemporary art at affordable prices. This time, Koelner Liste will be held at the historical XPOST, a former post office building in downtown Cologne. A shuttle service between the two fairs will be available throughout the duration of the fair.

The fair’s curatorial position and relaxed atmosphere is focused at facilitating a direct dialogue between young collectors and art lovers and a diverse range of international artists, while bringing contemporary art closer to not only the more traditional audience of Art Cologne but also to new target groups.

  • Unlike most of the major art fairs which are open mainly to art galleries, Koelner Liste 2017 offers individual artists and photographers access to one of the largest and long-established art markets in Europe.
  • As an exhibitor, artists will get the opportunity to perform side by side with galleries and project spaces, present art to an international audience of specialists as well as to the general public, and offer works for sale.
  • Newcomers at the European art market benefit from our expertise and experience and receive, according to their needs and wishes, professional consultation by our curators and the organizing team.

About Koelner Liste

Koelner Liste is offering an international forum for fresh, contemporary art. The spotlight is on emerging, promising artists whose works are still in a reasonable price range.

The attractive booth rate policy aims at maintaining access to the international contemporary art market especially for young project groups, galleries, and emerging artists.

Having captured the continuing and growing interest of the public over the last years, we will be expecting over 100 national and international exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors.

The new location, XPOST Cologne features an impressive fusion of industrial charm, historical structures and modern, minimalist elements, thus providing the ideal setting for showcasing a whole variety of modern artworks on 4,000 square meters.

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Koelner Liste 2017