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Tribe16 Art Festival – Call for Artists

Chrom-Art is pleased to announce the call for artists to contemporary emerging and mid-career artists for our upcoming Second Edition of TRIBE16 Art Festival.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 20 Jul 2016

All unrepresented artists are invited to apply.

TRIBE16 is an alternative arts festival involving cross-disciplinary arts including 2D works, sculpture, street art, installations, videos, and performance.

  • Our first edition was a tremendous success, with more than 100 participating artists and over 2,500 visitors.
  • Our biggest budget item is promotion. As we are a 100% volunteer run non for profit, all moneys go to setting up the event and mostly to promotion of the event and participating artists.
  • Opportunity to join our Online Shop and Art Placement programme.
  • Dedicated interview in our blog, shared with our 35,000 social media followers.
  • Artists reported themselves as better off after the first event, giving us average scores above 7/10.

Tribe16 Art Festival

Chrom-Art is a new London based non for profit that supports talented undiscovered artists with free promotion and affordable showcasing opportunities. We raise awareness of social and community issues where creativity could be part of the solution.

For more information, contact tribe@chrom-art.org.


Associate Artist Residency – Call for Artists

The Associate Artist Residency programme allows international artists, curators, academics, and arts writers to apply to Acme Studios for short-term (one, two or three months), London-based, professional development residencies.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 1 Apr 2016

Associate Artist Residencies provide individual mentoring for international artists, matching their skills and ambitions with contemporary galleries, curators, arts professionals, cultural organisations, and leading artists in London. We create bespoke and stimulating residencies to push the boundaries of each artists’ work and tap into the core of what makes London such an exciting international cultural centre.

Residencies can be developed around a particular project or conceived of as networking and contacts-focused. The programme is open to applicants resident in any country outside of England.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, artists will need to source their own funding for AAR opportunities and are usually funded by professional development or travel grants available in their home countries. Applications received before 1 April 2016 will be considered for residencies taking place during 2017.

Since 1987, the Acme Studios International Residencies Programme (Acme IRP) has enabled international governments, cultural agencies, and foundations to offer artists major residencies in London.

For more information, contact laura@acme.org.uk.

Associate Artist Residency


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