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Tropic Island Residency – Call for Artists

La Wayaka Current is a new artist-run tropic island residency calling for all creatives, artists, musicians, designers, photographers, and writers to experiment freely in the wild.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 Feb 2017

No fee to apply.

Tropic 2016 starts in February and will be the first location run on a desert island off the coast of Central America between Panama and Colombia. The island lies in the Carribbean Sea in the indigenous province of Guna Yala, home to the indigenous group known as the Gunas. The location is isolated from the modern world. There is virtually no tourist infrastructure, phone signal, or internet in these areas and life is perceived and lived completely differently. The Guna Yala people are protective of their culture and environment. La Wayaka Current has been working with a local community over the past year to set up residencies which begin in March 2016.

Chosen artists will be subsidized to come, stay, and work here.


  • Simple yet comfortable accommodation in a large canvas bell tent for two with separate beds on the beach of the island with all the essentials needed.
  • Three tropical meals a day are cooked with local and sustainable food in traditional ways on the island with Kuna locals and clean drinking water transported to island and filtered there.
  • The island will have necessities such as solar power electricity, kitchen and utensils, water, and a place for bathing as well as toilets.

Studio/ workspace

The workspace will be 7000sq meters of open space on the island. Artists will be working in the open warm tropical air with ocean breeze, vast open views, white sand beaches, clear turquoise water filled with marine life and corals, palm trees, and access to big open spaces. Lots of time and space for reflection and transformation will be available.

Fees and support

The fees to be paid by the artist will be $250 – $300 USD a week (incl. accommodation, food, necessities as mentioned above, maritime transport to and from the island from the nearest airport Mulatupo (40 minutes each way), taxes to the local Kuna Yala community, maintenance costs to lessen the impact and to maintain the local environment with respect to the local community and environment.

This residency could be for those interested in the arts, travelling, learning from indigenous cultures, ancient traditions, sustainable living, climate change, activism, tropical plant life, marine life, alternative spaces for showing, and ways of developing work for artists and curators.

For more information, contact

Tropic Island Residency