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Midtown Detroit’s Dlectricity 2017 – Call For Artists

Midtown Detroit announces a call for artists for Dlectricity 2017, a biennial nighttime outdoor festival of art and light that showcases extraordinary art by artists and creative design professionals in Detroit’s public spaces.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 28 Feb 2017

Up to 25 site-specific, outdoor projects for Midtown Detroit’s Woodward Corridor will be selected through this call. Midtown Detroit is looking for high-quality projects that will activate the outdoor, nighttime landscape of their Woodward Corridor including:

  • Light art
  • Video art
  • 3D video mapping projections
  • Multimedia installations
  • Projects that use technology or interactivity and community engagement
  • Works that utilize mobile platforms (smart phones, tablets)
  • Performance (art, dance, theatre, music)

Criteria for selection will include creativity, innovation, and suitability. The selected projects will be announced in May 2017.

This two-day festival was last held in September 2014. The open call process attracted over 360 proposals from artists representing 38 countries. 39 projects were presented. 28 artists were selected from the Open Call and 11 other artists were invited to participate by our Curatorial Committee. Over 3,400 cyclists participated in our signature Light Bike Parade and 150,000 people attended th3 second edition of Dlectricity.

Accepted projects will be funded up to 3,000 USD. Artists will receive a 1,000 USD honorarium.

The media coverage extended beyond the Detroit market for this festival. The Dlectricity social media channels have a large and growing audience. The website is frequently visited. Each artist is well represented on the website and all project info is archived.

The goals of Dlectricity 2017 include:

  • Introduce thousands of people to innovative contemporary art. Awaken them to the potential impact of art on public spaces.
  • Showcase diversity in the arts by working with more artists of color.
  • Provide a platform and a real budget for emerging and international artists to develop new work. Further support the artistic community by employing other artists and tech people to help the participating artists realize their installations.
  • Strengthen the community and economy over the festival weekend. On a broader scale, Dlectricity plays a positive role in shining a spotlight on the success of Midtown, generating unprecedented excitement for the City of Detroit, and building upon Detroit’s reputation as being a world destination for the arts.

Dlectricity is produced by Midtown Detroit, a nonprofit planning and development agency charged with the revitalization of Detroit’s Midtown District.

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Dlectricity 2017 - Call For Artists


International Video Art Exhibition – Call For Artists

Transitional States announces a call for artists for the international video art exhibition, Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Mar 2017

Hormones play an immense role in every single human being’s life. Even before we are born, hormones are at work. They affect us in our mother’s womb and, as we get older, regulate our moods, sleeping patterns, and growth. Once we hit puberty we are practically at the mercy of our hormones. They dictate our sexual development and impact our emotional and, in many ways, psychological development. As we grow older, they affect our fertility, especially for women. Yet for playing such a critical role throughout our lives, few people stop to consider the importance of hormones.

With the introduction of artificial hormones in the 1930s, medical scientists sought to identify and employ hormones in new ways. Since then, hormone treatments have affected the lives of millions of people. They are used in a variety of ways throughout contemporary society: contraceptive pills use hormones to prevent pregnancy; transgender people use hormones to express themselves more freely; thyroid disorders are now treatable; and, controversially, athletes are increasingly using hormones to enhance their performance.

About the international video art exhibition

Working with a range of stakeholders, Transitional States is developing an international video art exhibition entitled ‘Transitional States: Hormones at the Crossroads of Art and Science.’  The public engagement programme aims to raise awareness of the central role hormones play in our lives and how medical research has employed them in contradictory ways.

Transitional States is inviting artists to submit existing work or to create new videos or performances for video that explore hormones, medical technologies, sexuality, and gender and body modifications. They are particularly interested in the relations and interactions between hormones and transsexuality, non-binary genders, intersexuality, physical alterations, birth control, fertility, menopause, sexology, and performance enhancement to boost both athletic and sexual performances.

Jury members for this international video art exhibition, Lois Keidan, Laura Leuzzi, Carlos Motta. and Issey Osman, will select up to ten works for the exhibition which will be curated by the arts organisation, Arts Feminism Queer.

International video art exhibition artist benefits

Each artist will receive a fee of £100 for screening their work and will be invited to take part in the launch of the video installation in London. Where possible, we will contribute to travel costs and cover accommodation expenses for video authors.

Artists will gain international exposure by having the chance to see their work exhibited in several countries. The exhibition travels from Project Space Plus at the University of Lincoln in February 2018 (UK) to Peltz Gallery at Birkbeck University, London in May 2018 (UK). Then, it travels to Bologna (IT) and Barcelona (ESP) at the end of 2018. The exhibition will remain 15-35 days in each city, in which three public debates will supplement the exhibition. Furthermore, the artists’ work will be published in a full colour catalogue, which will include the topics discussed in the programmes.

Transitional States’ focus is on exploring the crossovers between art and science. They explore current issues at the forefront of different fields of research.

For more information, contact

International Video Art Exhibition - Call For Artists


Short Film Makers – Call for Artists

For the launch of the uBe Art monthly movie night—spotlighting short films—uBe Art is accepting short animated films that run anywhere from three to eight minutes.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 7 Feb 2016

Submission: $10

Selected films will be announced Monday, February 15th.

The top five to seven short films selected will be screened at the launch event Friday, March 11th, 2016.

There’s a need for more venues to screen and promote short film. uBe Art is a great opportunity to reach a new audience in an artistically rich area and in a venue only blocks from Pixar.

In a culture where an exclusivity in art remains palpable, and traditional galleries continue to intimidate art newbies, uBe Art has dissolved that gap, bringing art and people of all walks and ages together in a space that encourages all to engage with, get cozy with, create, and appreciate art.

For more information, contact

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R&D – Call for Artists

Taking a cue from current world events and our impending relocation, SPACES is exploring the concept of Migration during its 2017 R&D season.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 14 Dec 2015

This open call requests that artists and cultural producers respond to the theme’s multiple dimensions through any medium and discipline.

SPACES encourages proposals that seek to leverage the assets of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, including display and engagement opportunities within the public realm. SPACES offers PR sent nationally, modest budget for the project and staff support with connections to the community.

SPACES is a presenting contemporary art venue dedicated to artists who explore and experiment. Located on the west side of downtown Cleveland, SPACES currently operates three programs to feature newly created work by our curated artists: R&D (Research & Development), SWAP (SPACES World Artists Program), and The Vault. Read more about our programs and their impact in the 2014 SPACES Annual Report.

For more information, contact

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Creative Climate Awards 2015 – Call for Artists

The Human Impacts Institute’s Fifth Annual Creative Climate call for artists brings together the visual arts, performance art, and film to install climate-inspired public works throughout New York City.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 15 Jun 2015

Our Creative Climate Awards use the creative process as a tool to inspire audiences to explore the consequences of their actions, think critically about pressing issues, and to make the environment personal. These events are an opportunity to creatively engage tens-of-thousands of people in positive action around the challenges posed by climate change, while having your work seen by our judges—some of the top artists, curators, and international leaders in the world.

For 2015, we welcome artists and artists’ collectives working in the following disciplines: 2D work, performance, and short film (up to 15 minutes).

Cash Prizes: First place: $2,000 and more TBA! sponsored by TECO in NYC.

Events Dates:

  • Opening Party: Monday, September 21st
  • Exhibit and Performances: Sept 21st-Oct 22nd
  • Closing Awards Party: Monday, October 22nd

There is a $2000 prize for first place and the opening reception is a unique opportunity to have the work viewed by a diverse audience of policy makers, artists, collectors, scientists and climate educators.

The exhibition of 2-D and video works will be displayed at the Taiwanese Embassy (TECO) on 42nd St and 5th Avenue from September 21-October 21 2015. This is the month surrounding Climate Week therefore a multitude of people from all over the world will visit.

The mission of The Human Impacts Institute is to inspire you to transform environmental challenges into social action for a just and livable world.

Our Creative Climate Awards are an annual series of events that showcase artists creating climate-inspired, public works and actions. In an effort to inspire us to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, the Creative Climate Awards program uses the arts and creativity to share knowledge, broaden the climate conversation, educate, and incite action.

Our Human Impacts Salons are unparalleled events that bring together unlikely allies to communicate tough topics in creative and engaging ways. Working with local partners, our Salons bring together creative visionaries with community leaders, environmental experts, and activists to highlight pressing environmental and social issues. They invite you to investigate a local view on global issues, while participating in conversation, live performance, action, and multi-media entertainment.

For more information, contact

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53rd International Exhibition – Call for Artists

San Diego Art Institute – This exhibition is open to all artists without residency restriction. Any person in the world may submit images for consideration.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: 15 Mar 2015.

Art must be original, have been completed within the last 2 years and never been exhibited in any SDAI exhibition.

Since 1955, the San Diego Art Institute has produced an International Exhibition, drawing interest from artists all over the world. A different internationally known juror (this year it is David A. Ross, currently the Chair of the MFA in Art Practice at the School of Visual Art in New York City) is invited for each exhibition jurying the work electronically. Awards will be presented at SDAI’s International Gala Celebration on April 18, 2015

For more information, contact

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Open Call for Deep Trash Italia #4 Carnivalism

CUNTemporary is now accepting proposals for the fourth episode of the unique exhibition and performance club night “Deep Trash Italia”, recently nominated Live Art Associate UK by the Live Art Development Agency.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: 24 Dec 2014.

Calling for performances, performative lectures, dance, videos and interactive artworks to be shown on Saturday 31 January 2015. “Deep Trash Italia #4 Carnivalism” will take place at the East London venue Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in support of Archivio Queer Italia – the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism.

We accept proposals by artists of any artistic background and nationality. We are also keen to hear from writers responding to the call either in a written form (theory, auto/biography, poetry or fiction) or through a performative lecture. A collection of texts from this and all other Deep Trash Italia exhibition/club nights will be published in 2015.

Coinciding with the start of the Carnival in Venice, this event’s themes may include, respond to, be affected by, but not restricted to:

  • Feminist reflections on “womanliness as masquerade”
  • How masquerade generates non-binary ideas of gender and sexuality
  • Carnivalism and the disruption of power structures
  • Sonic anarchies: mash-ups and appropriations as critique of neo-liberal culture
  • Subversive drag and anti-drag queens
  • Dissident travesties: strategies for subverting normative discourses
  • Neopaganism and creative synthesis in artistic practices
  • Reconsidering the sacred and the profane in contemporary artwork
  • Carnivalistic misalliances: working through contradictions and paradoxes
  • Non-sense and chaos as carnivalesque strategy

We will aim to respond to all applications as soon as possible. Selected artists will be notified by Sunday, 28 December 2014.

The Archivio Queer Italia (AQI) project was founded by Giulia Casalini (co-director of CUNTemporary) with the support of CUNTemporary in London. AQI is the first Italian platform for queer art, theory and activism. The two strands of this project consist of:

  1. The incorporation of a database to create a virtual archive of artistic, theoretical and activist expressions related to Italy.
  2. Creating spaces and mobile events for the display of such activities (e.g. art fairs, museums, institutions, street interventions).
  3. Parallel to these activities AQI regularly publishes news on queer and feminist issues and lists events and activities taking place in Italy. AQI also organises “Teoremi”, a bi-annual itinerant performance festival against sexual and gender discriminations in Italy.

For more information, contact

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Open Call for Artists-in-residence

Atelier Hotel Pro Forma a looking for two artists September-December 2015. The period of the residency is 6-12 weeks.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: 1 Feb 2015

Artists who wish to apply for the residency must be professional and have documented experience in developing interdisciplinary work. Preference will be given to applications that fit into the theme of ART+SCI (art+science), as this will form the basis of the works presented at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma in 2015.

Applicants must submit a concrete project proposal to develop during their residency. Based on their projects, the chosen applicants will participate in producing work(s) for Hotel Pro Forma Lounge, our monthly exhibition at the Atelier. The work that are presented may be either work-in-progress or already completed.

Only Nordic and Baltic artists can apply. Danish residents may only apply if they are living in another Nordic or Baltic country.

Travel and accommodation will be fully or partially covered depending on the funding.

Atelier Hotel Pro Forma is an international art lab for young, recognized and international artists to develop and show works created across art forms such as the visual arts, video, sound, architecture, light, text and performing arts. The Atelier is a platform and physical space for new and upcoming artists and students to create exhibitions, installations, performances and concepts for future projects.

For more information, contact

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HEREart Call for Submissions

HEREart is invested in supporting artworks of all media and various content (painting, sculpture, photography,drawing, collage, media), but we concentrate on new work that in some way addresses the special conditions of our space. HEREart presents 6 exhibitions annually, curated by guest curators.

Call for artists application.

Deadline: 11/3/14 at 12:00 noon.

Exhibitions will take place between May 2015 – February 2016 and include curator-driven collaborations between artists, as well as large-scale initiatives by solo artists. HEREArt will provide one art installer for one day and a $400 budget (which must include shipping and transportation costs). We will also cover the costs to promote the show via our website, dedicated e-blasts, press release, and postcards (all of which HERE will design). Lastly, we will host an opening reception with wine.  Artist selections will be announced by December 10, 2014.

HEREart provides emerging and early career visual artists and curators access to space at an active, well-located multi-arts center. We are interested in exhibitions that creatively work with our unique spaces and engage audiences with artwork that is specially curated to function within a busy environment. This focus on interactive space naturally leads HEREart to function as the center of a community of artists.

HERE is a very appropriate place for today’s active and interactive visual art: art that often moves, makes noise, and physically engages the viewer. HEREart seeks to snag these passers-by and engage them in a dialogue with the space in which we move.

For more information, contact