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Sovereign Kitchen and Bar – Call for Artists

Sovereign Kitchen and Bar is seeking artists to display and/or sell their artwork. The space allows for anywhere between 9 – 12 pieces of 2D artwork.

Call for artists application

Deadline: 13 Sept 2015

Artists will have their work on display for 2-month increments.

Artist who display in the space will be featured on the restaurant’s website and promoted through social media. Any sale of artwork will be through the artist. We will NOT be taking any of the profit of the sale.

Throughout history, all great things have taken even greater journeys to become sovereign. Our kitchen and bar is no different. Sovereign Kitchen and Bar blends together the very best of the culinary, cocktail, and hospitality communities. We do this because, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and innovation over a welcoming atmosphere. We choose to be SOVEREIGN to bring the very best to our friends and our guests.

For more information, contact jessie@sovereign.kitchen.

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