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Professional Development Programming for Artists

Programs focus on building transferable and actionable skill sets. Interactive and motivational, participants gain skills and tactics that they can use right away. In-person and at your location. Programs emphasize diversity, inclusion, equity, affirmation, mental health wellness, safety, and consent.

Intro to Entrepreneurship: Beginner
A 15-hour course for artists starting to think about applied professional development and growing sustainable practices.  The course provides a chance to learn what it takes to be an artist entrepreneur – understanding motivation, ideation, value proposition, market assessment, goal setting, cash flow, taxes, and incorporation.
Intro to Entrepreneurship: Intermediate
A 15-hour course for artists with established small practices looking to grow to the next level. Participates take a deep dive into the business strategy, marketing, and sales.
Marketing for Artists
A 90-minute lecture on marketing basics.
Social Media for Artists
A 90-minute lecture on current best practices.
Best Practices for Calls for Artists
A 90-minute lecture on best practices for finding and applying to calls for artists.
Start Your Own Business
A 60-minute workshop focused on understanding unique personal qualities and how they relate to developing business ideas.
Creative Entrepreneurship 101: Step by Step
A 2.5-hour program. Set goals as a creative entrepreneur and outline concrete, data-driven steps to achieve these goals.
Idea Clinic
A 1.5-hour program. Have a new idea for a business, creative practice, or freelance venture? Discuss your idea in a small group setting. Leave with actionable insight.
Time Management
A 1.5-hour program. Join in a conversation on the how time is managed, the difference between sprinkling and chunking time, precrastinating vs procrastinating, different methods for project management, and suggested utilities to use. Learn how to estimate time and manage client expectations.
Lean Methodology
A 2.5-hour program. Join a conversation about the history of the lean methodology, minimal viable products and processes, how to get from here to there, strategic planning, setting up a minimal experiment using customer personas, segmenting, and A/B testing, and agile utilities used to help project manage.
Online Harassment
A 1-hour program. Being an artist means having a public-facing image subject to public opinion. Learn about managing conversations with respect and dignity, understanding cultural diversity, active listening, engagement tactics, and customer service strategies.

Previous clients include The University of the Arts, Westphal College of Media Arts & Design at Drexel University, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha, Tri-State Artists Equity, Philadelphia Area New Media Association, and Da Vinci Art Alliance.

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Organizational Consulting

Community Managers and Arts Administrators – individual and group consulting is available. Incentivize your funders to donate more and provide a means for upward mobility in your community. A no-nonsense, data-driven approach to increasing community engagement, setting realistic goals, and achieving actionable results.

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Todd Hestand

Todd Hestand, Founder, Side Arts, is an independent artist and business adviser. For over eight years he has served as the Manager of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy where he works with thousands of artists, crafters, and performers. His role includes individual consulting, teaching courses, and developing programs for entrepreneurially-minded artists. Previous experience includes eight years as an executive management consultant and five years in retail management.


“Todd’s consultancy has been an excellent and profound influence on my business and professional profile. He has combined a meticulous assessment of my strengths, opportunities and techniques with a vast knowledge of business, social media and influencing. I have benefited greatly from his observations and resource recommendations. It’s a pleasure to work with someone whose thoughts and ideas are timely and versatile, and whose approach is both low-key and enthusiastic. I always come away from a meeting with Todd with renewed energy and exciting, targeted options.”

Carole Adrienne
CEO/Producer JAMCO Films LLC

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Todd over the past several years.  His diligence and knowledge are enviable, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to receive his help on tuning the branding and messaging of my company and products.”

Mark Brandon
Product Design

“Todd was an amazing business advisor/mentor. The business advice he gave me was invaluable. I loved how his questions and prompts would challenge me to think deeper and strengthen my business objectives. His positivity is also infectious! His supportive and encouraging management style allowed me to flourish and grow with ease.”

Cassandra Hoo
Founder, Bonded Forever Handmade Jewelry

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Standard Rates

  • Workshops: $200/hr flat rate up to 20 participants. $20 per each additional participant.
  • Organizational Consulting: $300/hr up to 8 participants. $50 per each additional participant.
  • Courses: $4000 per beginner course up to 20 participants (max) and $4000 per intermediate course up to 8 participants (max).
Discounted rates may be available depending on the mix of services requested. Rates do not include costs associated with travel and accommodation.
Organizations often charge participants for access to events.
Workshops: $5 minimum
Courses: $50 minimum
Additional recommended funding sources: LISCKnight FoundationAwesome Foundation, and NEA