Can I make changes to my listing?

Can I make changes to my listing?

Listings may be edited only for incidental changes; i.e. given the wrong link, change of date/location, or point of contact.

Our ability to keep the price manageable is reliant on the work load on our staff copyrighters and programmers. Our policy is to have our copywriters format the listings in the best possible way in terms of grammar, online searchability, and current content marketing best practices.

Your social promotion for your content is scheduled when the listing is posted. Changing your content may also mean proofing and editing social content.

Online content marketing standards change frequently and we will keep you informed of important changes. To that end, we provide clients with industry standard best practice guides and updates regularly on our blog and FAQ pages.

You may request minor changes for our staff to review if there is something critical you feel is necessary.

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