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Side Arts is, first and most importantly, a community of artists that supports each other and encourages professional development.

Choose Side Arts to boost your artwork and find exhibition and income opportunities. The Side Arts community is all organic – real art enthusiasts. No bots or purchased lists.

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Non-profits, galleries, businesses, local governments, and promoters use Side Arts to find qualified artists and crafters in their area and worldwide.



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Our Story


Side Arts’ artist wanted listings serves visual arts communities worldwide and is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Starting in 2006, Side Arts Founder, Todd Hestand, started a neighborhood club of visual artists with regular meetings, BBQ’s, and Friday night karaoke. A common challenge was the need to find trusted opportunities to exhibit and sell creative works. Each person spent much time online, often duplicating the research of friends and colleagues.

Side Arts was developed as a way for the group to repost quality opportunities. Other non-local visual artists discovered the service and requested to join. As the number of members grew, businesses, non-profits, and promoters began to express interest in posting opportunities directly to the site to extend their reach.

Side Arts relaunched in 2011 to focus on delivering trusted content — including calls for artists, vendor events, grants, requests for proposals and more — from businesses and organizations around the world. Today, over 200 new artist members join monthly and listings represent opportunities from over 50 countries.

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Todd Hestand
Creative in Chief
Todd is an independent artist and business adviser. For over seven years he has served as the Manager of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy where he works with thousands of artists, crafters, and performers. His role includes individual consulting, teaching courses, and developing programs for entrepreneurially-minded artists.
He received a Bachelors of Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh and believes that having an educated and informed creative community leads to increased quality of life goals and innovation.

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New York to London, L.A., Alberta, Berlin, Rome, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and beyond. Attract artists and crafters in your area and worldwide.

Why waste time and money on unqualified artists? Side Arts call for artists listing service delivers trusted exhibitions, vendor events, competitions, requests for proposals, residencies, and grants to artists and crafters who meet your criteria. Businesses, non-profits, galleries, local governments, and promoters use Side Arts extend the reach of their calls for artists to real, qualified artists – we do not use bots or lists.

About listings:

  • Professional copywriting review of each listing ensuring best results
  • Promoted on SideArts, Facebook, and Twitter
  • New listings emailed to artist members
  • Active until deadline or, if ongoing, until one year from the publish date
  • Long-term marketing and SEO benefits

Side Arts ensures that your listing not only meets our rigorous standards but, most importantly, the standards of the creative arts and digital marketing industries. Our goal is to provide clients the highest quality content management and promotion. We promise to never sacrifice quality at the cost of speed or price.