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Superfine Art Fair Miami Beach (Florida) – Call For Artists

Superfine Art Fair Miami Beach (Florida) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Superfine Art Fair Miami Beach announce a call for artists. From March 10-13, 2022 at the iconic 1111 Lincoln Road building, designed by Herzog & De Meuron, in the heart of Miami Beach. Meet new collectors, sell your art, and take the next step in your career.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 9 Mar 2022

Limited artist booths available

Known for uncommonly successful art fairs in iconic locations, Superfine Art Fair is the top avenue for artists to meet eager collectors and sell their work in the US.

Ranked “Miami’s Favorite Art Fair” in 2017 by the Miami New Times, Superfine Art Fair makes a triumphant return to Miami Beach. The fair will feature:

  • 25,000 square feet of exhibition space on the 7th floor of 1111 Lincoln with 360 degree views of Miami Beach
  • Partnerships including The Bass Museum of Art, Miami’s tech entrepreneur community, and municipal organizations
  • 5,000 ready-to-buy visitors over 4 days (25% of Superfine visitors report buying art at each fair)

Hosting Superfine Miami Beach in March affords exhibitors:

  • A top notch, high-traffic venue in the middle of peak season
  • Access to an affluent, art-hungry audience with much less competition and “noise” than December/Art Basel week
  • Networking opportunities with institutions, municipalities, and decision makers
  • Be at the center of a new Superfine Art Week in Miami Beach, rather than on the periphery of a more spread-out, less focused event

Superfine Miami Beach will host the same infrastructure Superfine clients are used to:

  • 10’ tall hardwood walls and museum quality exhibition lighting in a new, environmentally-friendly setting
  • Open air space surrounded by glass walls to mitigate wind
  • Commitment to reducing carbon output
  • Portion of proceeds donated to fighting climate change
  • Only 70 artists and collectives will be accepted into Superfine Miami Beach 2021

Recent Superfine fairs include New York’s 5th Avenue show in Midtown Manhattan, San Francisco at Fort Mason (across from the Golden Gate Bridge), and Washington DC at Union Market. Artists report meeting dozens of new collectors and each fair generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in collective in-fair art sales.


“I have been incredibly busy with sales…The cachet of being in a major art fair continues to reverberate.” – Jessica Ruth Freedman | Superfine Exhibitor

“I loved every second of my Superfine Art Fair experience…I met a lot of buyers, interested gallery owners and public art representatives as well as brilliant fellow artists, and the very juicy cherry on top was that I sold 13 pieces over the 4 days! On top of that I also sold 2 more pieces after the fair had finished thanks to being on the Superfine website. It felt like I was part of a great family and I can’t wait for the next one!” – Valerie Auersperg | Superfine SF

“Unlike large corporate fairs, Superfine is an art fair run by people who love what they do. They have a passion for art and offer support and motivation to the participating artists.” – Blair Martin Cahill | Superfine LA artist

“My connections to collectors from the Superfine DC fair still echo to this day.  With my one-of-a kind creations going to collectors’ homes, sales that lead to numerous commissioned works, generating continuous interest is something I couldn’t have asked as a better art fair experience.” – Lina Alattar | Superfine DC 2019 artist

“Superfine has been a life-changing experience that accelerated my career and created so many new relationships with artists, collectors, curators, galleries and journalists that I still benefit from to this day.” – Sean Christopher Ward | Superfine SF, NY, DC

About Superfine Art Fair

Since 2015, Superfine has shown artists from around the world how to sell their art at art fairs in NYC, Washington DC, Miami Beach, LA, San Francisco, and Seattle. Marketing art is second nature to them, and they love nothing more than to share that with eager, entrepreneurial artists.

Consistently ranked among the best art fairs for artists in the world, Superfine Art Fair has helped hundreds of artists get over feelings of hopelessness and anxiety about selling their work while gaining visibility and, most importantly, finding new collectors for their work. Superfine Art Fair artists report feeling taken care of, empowered, and in control of their careers.

Curate, curate, curate. That’s the mantra for each fair. While every artist is incredible in their own way, Superfine’s team hand-picks those with individual style, a high level of professionalism, and top-quality work. You may even feel a little intimidated at first by the artists around you, but that feeling will soon switch to pride.

Superfine are big believers that a proper presentation makes all the differences. Whether open-air or indoor, art fairs exemplify a higher level of production than most art fairs for individual artists.

Buyers buy more art when they feel comfortable interacting with the artists. Superfine creates a relaxed atmosphere that encourages art sales.

For more information, contact exhibit@superfine.world.


Extraordinary Works Exhibition (Mission Viejo, CA) – Call For Artists

Extraordinary Works Exhibition (Mission Viejo, CA) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Mona Niko Gallery announces a call for artists for Extraordinary Works, an open theme exhibition. This call for art is open to all local, national, and international artists, professional and amateur.

Open to any type of media including acrylic, airbrush, charcoal, color pencil, computer art, digital art, digital photography, drawings, ceramics encaustic, fiber arts, graphite, illustration, mixed media, oil, pastel, pen and ink, photo assemblage, printmaking, small sculpture, traditional photography, video and watercolor.


Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 2 Jan 2022

Entry Fee: $35 for up to 3 images


  • Artist Notification: January 8, 2022
  • Art Delivery: January 19 to January 26, 2022
  • Opening Reception: Saturday February 3, 2022 3PM to 6PM
  • Exhibition Runs: February 3 to February 26, 2022

Extraordinary Works Awards

  • First place: $250
  • Second place: $150
  • Third place: $100

Artist/Gallery Commission: 60% Artist, 40% Gallery

About Mona Niko Gallery

Mona Niko Gallery is an exceptional contemporary and fine art gallery located in Mission Viejo, California. They showcase many regional and artists from around the globe. Recognized as a premier contemporary and fine art gallery in Orange County, California; Mona Niko Gallery aspires to the pursuit of professional excellence and freedom of expression in visual arts culture.

The gallery’s goal is to feature and promote emerging and mid-level artists working in a wide variety of mediums. Works in the gallery include paintings, photography, sculpture, and jewelry. They promote their works to an extensive client list around the globe and are always seeking new and different shows for their art audience. Mona Niko Gallery affords emerging and guest artists a opportunity to develop and explore ideas in an atmosphere that supports risk taking and experimentation without the presence of censorship.

The gallery offers one of a kind exhibitions that are often themed. In addition to monthly art exhibitions, they have held fundraisers, musical events, poetry readings, auctions, and fashion shows. The gallery has been featured in several dozen publications and recognized by the Mayor of Mission Viejo, California.

Mona Niko is prolific in creating and showcasing her art. She has organized 6 solo art exhibitions and has participated in 20 group exhibitions in the Middle East and the United States. She has hosted exhibits in the Art Museum of Santa Ana, Art Expo of New York, and Art Fair of Laguna Beach.

For more information, contact monanikogallery@gmail.com.


Portfolio Photography Contest (Philadelphia, PA) – Call For Artists

Portfolio Photography Contest (Philadelphia, PA) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Altera Vita Photography announces a call for artists for “Portfolio.” The prize is a month-long gallery exhibition for up to 9 photographers. Submit 6 of your best limited-edition photographs that represent your work. There is not a theme but should represent a cohesive body of work.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 28 Nov 2021

Entry fee is for all 6 photographs

One-month exhibition in a photography gallery for up to 9 artists. All 6 prints from the artists will be represented at the Portfolio show. Photographers will have the opportunity to sell work through the venue. Framing through the gallery. You only have to ship prints. Host gallery does not receive funds from the contest but will benefit from the great work that will be for sale. Juror, Stephen Perloff, will select the winning photographs. Gallery show will start in January 2022.

About Altera Vita Photography

Altera Vita Photography was created to provide a vehicle for unrepresented and under-represented photographers to show their work in a photography gallery. No money goes to the gallery to get your work shown. The only way for the gallery to make money is to sell your work.

For more information, contact alteravitaphoto@gmail.com.


Superfine Art Fair Los Angeles (California) – Call For Artists

Superfine Art Fair Los Angeles (California) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Superfine Art Fair Los Angeles announce a call for artists. Meet your next collector. Begin your journey with a booth at Superfine Art Fair in LA on February 3-6, 2022. Booths are 70% sold out.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by 2 Feb 2022

Are you frustrated by marketing your art or struggling to connect with buyers and art collectors?

Superfine Art Fair Los Angeles is the next step in your journey as an artist. Unlike most conventional art fairs, Superfine removes the exorbitant barriers to entry and maintains the highest quality of marketing for individual artists. Whether you are seeking guidance on curation or pricing, Superfine is actively involved in your success.

Artists receive expert advice on the curation and marketing of their art work. If you aren’t confident about your pieces, then your art immediately becomes more difficult to sell. At every Superfine Art Fair event, artists are assisted to ensure connections are made and goals are reached. In addition to the private assistance, Superfine brings in pre-qualified buyers to the fair – those with disposable incomes and desire to buy art. Free webinars and seminars are held throughout the duration of the fair and the Artist Business Plan Podcast serve as other means of educating artists.

“The fair itself was an amazing experience, the atmosphere was so welcoming and warm. I met a lot of buyers, interested gallery owners and public art representatives as well as brilliant fellow artists and the very juicy cherry on top was that I sold 13 pieces over the 4 days! On top of that I also sold 2 more pieces after the fair had finished thanks to being on the Superfine website. It felt like I was part of a great family and I can’t wait for the next one!” -Valerie Auersperg, Superfine Exhibitor

“The art-world antidote to ‘the bloated, oversized art fair model.’” -Sarah Cascone & Caroline Goldstein, Artnet

“Giving the traditional model of selling and acquiring art a run for its money.” – Sam Manzella, Logo’s NewNowNext

“Superfine isn’t a traditional art fair.” – Amanda Lauren, Forbes

About Superfine Art Fair

From East to West, Superfine is all over the map. They started with Superfine art fairs in NYC and Miami and quickly expanded to the first DC art fair in October 2018. Shortly afterward, they brought their unique approach to art fairs to LA and San Francisco. In every city, they connect top local and global artists to an art-hungry populous eager to discover new artists and their work. What’s up next? Art fairs in Seattle, Dallas, and Chicago are coming up in the future. Stay tuned as Superfine Art Fair continues to grow into one of the best art fairs in the US.

For more information, contact info@superfine.world.


Portals (Online Photography Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Portals (Online Photography Exhibition) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) announces a call for artists for Portals. Doors, windows, arches, frames, and tunnels are so much a part of our lives. There are so many ways to think about them. We can look at or through them. We can poke our hand out the window to test the weather or see a wonderful scene a little differently when framed by an arch or array of tree limbs in a park.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 5 Dec 2021

“She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” sang the Beatles
“Lookin’ Out My Backdoor” sang Creedence Clearwater Revival

For this call your images can focus on the “portal” itself like a closed door, a wonderful windowsill, or the view through the portal to the other side. Does it frame the main subject of the photograph or does it add another dimension, such as the distortions of old glass or reflections in windowpanes? Be creative and have fun in the process. All 2D photographic art is accepted.

NYC4PA gives photographers worldwide an opportunity to participate in themed calls for photographers. Each call offered has a different theme and 50 images win. The prizes total $3000. There is a grand prize, 3 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 3 third prizes, 20 juror’s selections, and 20 honorable mentions. All 50 winners are posted in a gallery on the NYC4PA website and included in an exhibition gallery. A professional photographer, gallery owner, or photography teacher is the juror.

About New York Center for Photographic Art

The mission of the New York Center for Photographic Art is to provide exhibition opportunities in the vibrant New York City gallery world to photographers around the globe. NYC4PA offers international, themed, open call competitions juried by recognized experts in the field of photography. Prizes include cash awards, online gallery, catalog, and New York City gallery exhibits.

For more information, contact nyc4pa@gmail.com.


Innovate Grant Fall 2021 Cycle ($550 Awards) – Call For Artists

Innovate Grant Fall 2021 Cycle ($550 Awards) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for the Innovate Grant Fall 2021 Cycle, awarding $550.00 grants to one visual artist and one photographer. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on the Innovate Grant website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 14 Dec 2021

Visual artists and photographers 18 years and older, from all around the world, are eligible to apply for the Innovate Grant Fall 2021 Cycle. All media and genres are accepted. All applicants retain the right to the work they submit.

Innovate Grant supports artists and photographers through quarterly grants. They simplified the grant process, so that artists and photographers can focus on making their innovative work. The work should speak for itself and the application reflects that.

Innovate Grant Testimonials

“I am truly grateful for this grant! It’s rare as an artist to receive this kind of unrestricted funding that so directly supports your practice. This grant will contribute to material costs and the production of my next body of works.”

— Lynnea Holland Weiss, Innovate Grant Recipient Winter 2020

“Receiving this grant will allow me to carry on with my project, which I had to pause in 2020, and start 2021 with more positivity. It makes me so happy knowing that there are people out there who believe in what I do and want to support my practice. Thank you so much Innovate Grant.”

— Giulia Parlato, Innovate Grant Recipient Fall 2020

“The Innovate Grant helps to continue my research and expand my practice. I am profoundly grateful for that. I am constantly seeking out new ways of working and incorporating new materials into my practice and will make great use of this support.”

— Bianca Barandun, Innovate Grant Recipient Summer 2020

“The Innovate Grant will assist me in hiring help to create a series of molds for my next sculpture. In a time where things are particularly tight, I am grateful more than ever for this support.”

— Kylie Lockwood, Innovate Grant Recipient Spring 2020

“I have immense gratitude for the Innovate Grant and the way it will allow me to continue expanding on my current and future series of paintings. This funding will help provide for those needs and will be integral to pushing my practice forward. ”

— Taylor O. Thomas, Innovate Grant Recipient Winter 2019

About Innovate Grant

Innovate Grant supports artists and photographers through quarterly grants. They believe that new ideas come from sparks of inspiration and aim to provide just that, access to small and mighty bursts of financial support so that you can focus on making your important and innovative work.

Innovate Grant was created out of the frustration of applying to grants with time-consuming requirements. These lengthy applications took valuable time and energy away from making new work. Countless hours were sacrificed in either writing artist statements, crafting project proposals, or getting letters of recommendation. Time is one of the most valuable components to fostering creativity and innovation. Their aim is to provide the time you need to be fully immersed in your ideas and in creating your work. Keeping the grant process simple enables Innovate Grant to continue to support you on your important journey of creation, inspiration, and innovation.

For more information, contact email@innovateartistgrants.org.


All Color (Online Art Competition) – Call For Artists

All Color (Online Art Competition) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO) announces a call for artists to participate in the All Color art competition and exhibition. Entries welcome from 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. Submit your best representational and non-representational art.

The All Color competition will be judged on three categories: painting / drawing, photography / digital art, and mixed media / 3D art. An exhibition of all entrants will be held online from December 1st to December 28th, 2021.

Click here for the application / registration

Enter by: 28 Nov 2021

All Color entry fee: $15 for up to three images, $25 for up to five images and $35 for up to eight. Funds in US Dollars.

Results posted: December 13th, 2021.. The artists’ work will be seen by approximately 1/2 million people worldwide. Prizes include memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online, extensive marketing, winner’s certificates, inclusion in the annual anthology publication, and event collateral.

“Entered their Competitions and they are always super nice and professional.” – Dominik

“I entered two pieces of my artwork to their online competition… It’s not often you get considered. What counts is you were able to show your art to the world. Thank you” -Lora

“Always very professional.” -Tammy

“It’s always an honor to exhibit with CAGO! Thanks.” -Don

About Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online was created in 2001 to be the ultimate meeting place for the sharing of art. Their purpose is to create a platform whereby artists can display and ultimately sell their work. They encourage the exploration and discussion of art, as well as support those who create it.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is a collector’s number 1 source for all original contemporary art. CAGOnline is proud to showcase Tomorrow’s Art Giants, Today. CAGOnline created CAGO Media to showcase talented artists. CAGO Media has two purposes. First is to share art business ideas, and second to introduce artists to the buying public. CAGO Media accomplishes both of these initiatives by producing radio and TV show programming. The Business of Art Show airs bi-monthly in 15-to-20-minute episodes. Hosted by Sharon Belle Hawkshawe, each episode discusses everything pertaining to the Business of Art. The What is Art Show is a monthly 30-minute episode with hosts Michael Harris (art collector) and Sharon Hawkshawe (acclaimed artist), who discuss current art movements and art shows. The hosts are joined occasionally by museum curators, gallery owners, art critics, and art insiders.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online specializes in the contemporary art form. Contemporary art is defined as artistic work from the present era that uses the current practices and styles of its discipline. Although the words Modern Art and Contemporary Art are used interchangeably, they do represent two distinctive moments on the art timeline. Modern Art encompasses the art from the Impressionists (around 1880) up until the 1970’s. Contemporary Art encompasses the art from the 1970’s to present.

For more information, contact cago.offices@gmail.com.


PleinAir Salon $33,000 November Art Competition (Online) – Call For Artists

PleinAir Salon $33,000 November Art Competition (Online) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Streamline Publishing with PleinAir Magazine announce a call for artists for The PleinAir Salon $33,000 November Art Competition, a monthly online competition consisting of 18 categories.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 30 Nov 2021

The PleinAir Salon $33,000 November Art Competition is a completely online competition. There is no mailing your artwork for an exhibition. You are able to submit paintings whether they have won another competition or not.

PleinAir awards $33,000 each year for this competition.

  • The Annual Grand Prize winner receives $15,000 and is featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine, which is the #1 representational art magazine at Barnes & Noble.
  • PleinAir awards an additional $6,500 to the annual winners as well as $1,100 monthly to the top three winners and a People’s Choice Award for each competition.
  • Winners in each monthly competition may receive recognition and exposure through PleinAir magazine’s print magazine, e-newsletter, and social media.
  • Each of the 22 monthly winners will be automatically entered into the Annual Competition. The annual awards are presented live at the PleinAir Convention and Expo.

About PleinAir Salon

The PleinAir Salon Art Competition has been awarding cash prizes and promoting artists for 11 years. In the spirit of the French Salon created by the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, this annual competition, with 11 monthly cycles, leading to the annual Salon Grand Prize winners, is designed to stimulate artistic growth through competition. It is PleinAir’s belief that cash prizes provide further inspiration and an avenue for artists to thrive and create new work by helping alleviate financial pressure.

For more information, contact pleinairsalon@streamlinepublishing.com.


$3,500 Artist Grants (The Hopper Prize) – Call For Artists

$3,500 Artist Grants (The Hopper Prize) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] The Hopper Prize announces a call for artists for their Fall 2021 artist grants, offering 2 grants in the amount of $3,500 and 4 grants in the amount of $1,000. Grants will be awarded through an open call art competition juried by leading contemporary curators.

The Hopper Prize was established in order to increase the recognition of artwork created by artists and photographers. The aim is to advance artists’ careers by providing them with unrestricted financial support that is coupled with a platform for increased visibility.


Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 16 Nov 2021

The Hopper Prize is open to all artists aged 18 and older working in any media. There are no restrictions on genre, subject matter, or media. Entries in all media are welcome. The Hopper Prize is committed to supporting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds at all stages of their professional careers. All artists are encouraged to apply.

Total Awards: $11,000.00 USD for Visual Artists

  • $3,500.00 – 2 artists will each receive a $3,500 (USD) grant
  • $1,000.00 – 4 artists will each receive a $1,000 (USD) grant
  • 30 artists will have their work archived on The Hopper Prize’ website
  • A selection from the submissions will be featured on The Hopper Prize’ Instagram
  • Additional exposure will be available to winners through Journal: Insights into Contemporary Art

Jurors for the current awards are Tyler Blackwell, Associate Curator of the Blaffer Art Museum and Caitlin Julia Rubin, Associate Curator and Director of Programs of the Rose Art Museum. Jurors will select 6 artists from the open call who will each receive an unrestricted cash grant. 2 artists will win $3,500 and 4 artists will win $1,000. Grant awards are unrestricted and may be used any way the recipients choose. The jurors will also select a shortlist of 30 artists who will have their work archived on the Hopper Prize’ website.

When submitting your work, you will have the option to opt-in to be considered for possible featured posts on the Hooper Prize’ Instagram, where they currently reach an audience of over 60k. Editors will be featuring select submissions on a rolling basis prior to the application deadline.

In addition to grant awards, the shortlist, and Instagram reach, The Hopper Prize will provide a platform for exposure via the online Journal: Insights Into Contemporary Art. This digital publication gives artists a new channel to amplify their voice while providing an in-depth look at their work, practice, and background. Grant recipients and shortlisted artists will receive the opportunity to publish an interview to include any work of their choosing as a means of providing continued support beyond the open call.

Recent Winners

  • Abi Salami, Dallas
  • Abigail Lucien, Baltimore
  • Hasani Sahlehe, Atlanta
  • Laura Berger, Chicago
  • Jennifer Sirey, Brooklyn
  • Cielo Felix-Hernandez, Richmond
  • Akihiro Boujoh, Utrecht
  • Joey Solomon, Brooklyn
  • Lynnea Holland-Weiss, Cleveland
  • Susan Chen, Hartford
  • Yannick Lowery, Philadelphia
  • Andrea Ferrero, Mexico City
  • Christopher Desanges, Boston
  • Dominic Hawgood, London
  • Kira Dominguez Hultgren, San Francisco
  • Vikesh Kapoor, Sunset Pines
  • Adrian Coleman, London, United Kingdom
  • Trish Tillman, New York, New York
  • Nicholas Moenich, Brooklyn, New York
  • Elena Bajo, Los Angeles, California
  • Vanessa da Silva, London, United Kingdom
  • Mark Baugh-Sasaki, San Francisco, California
  • Genevieve Cohn, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Sydney Cook, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Jinyong Park, London, United Kingdom
  • Isabel Yellin, Los Angeles, California
  • Alex Callender, Northampton, Massachusetts
  • Alicia Eggert, Denton, Texas
  • Daniel McCarthy Clifford, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Juan Giraldo, New York, New York
  • Maja Ruznic, Los Angeles, California
  • Letitia Huckaby, Benbrook, Texas
  • Tracy Kerdman, Saugerties, New York
  • Lebohang Kganye, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Christopher Meerdo, Chicago, Illinois
  • Erik Parra, San Francisco, California

About The Hopper Prize

The Hopper prize made their $3,500 Artist Grants application simple to reduce the stress of submitting your work and save you time. The application is short and can be completed in under 20 minutes.
To apply for a grant, you only need to submit this information:

  • Name and Email
  • Instagram Username (optional)
  • Up to 10 Image or Video attachments
  • Artwork captions
  • Artist Statement and Biography (optional)

The Hopper Prize collaborates with contemporary curators holding prominent positions at major institutions in order to select grant winners. The open call provides you with a direct path to get your work in front of these forward thinking exhibition makers.

For more information, contact info@hopperprize.org.


Artist’s Eye On Galway Exhibition (Ireland) – Call For Artists

Artist’s Eye On Galway Exhibition (Ireland) – Call For Artists

[Sponsored Listing] Artist’s Eye Books announce a call for artists and illustrators for Artist’s Eye On Galway, a beautifully finished publication prominently displaying the works of art that celebrate the wonderful locations and landmarks of Galway City and County, Ireland. It will be a visual tour of these places as viewed through the artists’ eyes.


Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 31 Jan 2022

Artists will feature prominently in a published book, along with their details and links to their website/social media accounts. These will be promoted nationally, online, and to a private list of art collectors and patrons.

From the works accepted to our publication, a number of these will be featured in a physical launching exhibition which will be held in Galway City, Ireland, in a prominent city-centre hotel during July 2022 when tourists flock to this thriving city of the arts.

About Artist’s Eye Books

Artist’s Eye Books is founded and run by a group of local artists. Being artists, they understand how difficult it can be to get exposure and exhibition time. They are dedicated to giving this access to other artists. Artist’s Eye has teamed up with a local independent publisher who is delighted to be able to organize the publishing and printing aspects of the project. The publisher has a track record of creating good-quality printed books.

For more information, contact artistseyegalway@gmail.com.


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