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Into The Blue (Danville, CA) – Call For Artists

Into The Blue (Danville, CA) – Call For Artists

The Town of Danville Village Theatre Art Gallery (VTAG) is accepting entries for its 9th annual juried exhibition, Into the Blue. Artists living in the United States over the age of 18 are encouraged to apply. Accepted media includes painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, and video-media. All artwork must come to the gallery ready to hang. Artist will pay for transportation and/or shipping of artwork. The gallery will only accept digital images of your artwork for the juror. No jewelry.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 17 May 2019

A non-refundable entry fee of $35.00 is required for up to three images.

Juror: Leo Bersamina, Professional Artist and Professor of Art at Diablo Valley College

Invited artists: Erik Abel, Ellen Levine Dodd, Liana Steinmetz, and Clayton Thiel.

Into the Blue dates to remember

  • May 31: Artist notifications of juror’s results via email
  • June 21 and 24: Delivery of Artwork to Gallery
  • June 28: Opening Reception (5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.)
  • August 17: Exhibition Closes
  • August 19: Pick-up of artwork

The gallery serves as the lobby for an historical theatre that has shows nearly every day of the week. The theatre has plays, a monthly comedy series, a monthly jazz series, and a bi-monthly movie series. The gallery is located in lovely downtown Danville, California. It is within walking distance to restaurants and shops.

Artist Equity

When selecting artwork for exhibitions, the juror only sees the artwork and is not privy to any private artist information.  As a community gallery VTAG is consistently seeking ways to promote and feature all members of their community. They show works that represent under-represented communities in the Bay Area.

About the Town of Danville

The Village Theatre Art Gallery is an historical landmark in the lovely and picturesque Town of Danville. It is in the sunny East Bay about 30 miles east of San Francisco. The gallery is owned by the Town of Danville. It hosts to 6-7 exhibitions per year. Each summer, the gallery hosts its annual juried exhibition with a new juror each year who is a working professional in the arts field. There is no admission to the gallery and the gallery enjoys a good amount of foot traffic on a daily basis.

For more information, contact artgallery@danville.ca.gov.

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12th Annual Portal: Governors Island (New York, NY) – Call For Artists

12th Annual Portal: Governors Island (New York, NY) – Call For Artists

4heads announces a call for artists for the 12th Annual Portal: Governors Island (formerly Governors Island Art Fair), New York’s largest independent exhibition. Portal will feature scores of artists of exceptional talent. Each will be awarded an exhibition room or large outdoor space in the historic and beautifully dilapidated buildings of Colonels Row. The lines between artwork and its environment are blurred across the lawns and landmark houses of bucolic Governors Island.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 5 Jun 2019

Application fee: $45

Fair dates: Every weekend in September 2019

Once selected by 4heads jury, your 12th Annual Portal: Governors Island exhibition space is free. The entire massive event is free to the general public. Touted as New York’s largest independent exhibition, Portal: GI welcomes over 40,000 visitors annually in New York Harbor. You are free to present your work, your way, at this acclaimed independent art fair in New York City. Because 4heads works hard to keep artists’ costs to a bare minimum, gallery scouts, journalists, and collectors know that this is where to find the freshest talent. They come back every year to see what’s been discovered. Many past Portal artists have launched their art careers here.

Artist Equity

The NY Times succinctly identified 4heads’ target audience with the headline, “Art Fair for the 99%”. They aim their 12th Annual Portal: Governors Island outreach to the public and artists alike. They are an economically and culturally diverse population of all ages as well as non-arts-going audiences. Portal:GI exhibitors are over 50% female, 35% non-white, and ages 14 to 89. Arts education outreach youth participants, who also show at Portal:GI, are 70% female and 80% non-white, including 85 children from AHRC NYC with developmental disabilities. Education program youth participants raise awareness for nonprofits including Lower East Side Girls Club, Chinatown Y, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, and AHRC NYC, who serve children with developmental disabilities and K-12 youth from underserved communities.

About 4heads

4heads is the New York City non-profit organization created by artists for artists that has produced Portal: Governors Island since 2008.  As an artist-created organization, 4heads cultivates a supportive community by hosting free, large-scale art fairs and studio residency programs for under-represented artists. They tailor arts education programs for underserved youth. With a strong focus on artistic excellence and inclusion, 4heads revitalize historic spaces with contemporary art. They continue to enrich and expand the creative community – a socially, economically, and culturally diverse reflection of New York City itself.

For more information, contact info@4heads.org.

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Educational Residency (Wuston-Buchholz, Germany) – Call For Artists

Educational Residency (Wuston-Buchholz, Germany) – Call For Artists

The Field Kitchen Academy is an interdisciplinary educational residency programme that gathers artists/ creative minds, a resident chef, and prominent experts from different fields together around a kitchen table through mind-opening acts and actions.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 23 Jun 2019

A total of ten residents will be accepted to join the upcoming Field Kitchen Academy in its two modules. Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı under the title of Silence with the Consent of Sound, residents will use the notion of silence in sound as a gateway to opening various sensory experiences. Residents will experiment towards transgressing the well-accustomed idea that silence, as used as a “sound” component in sound art and music, creates an aspect of empowering the work itself by making it stronger. Use of silence can accentuate the other frequencies. At the same time, sound might accentuate the silence further. Silence in sound creates a passage to other senses of the body. With silence, the journey with sound enables quick shifts and glitches from auditory senses to the enhanced senses of sight, touch, smell, and taste.

Composed of two intertwined modules, the educational residency offers ten residents through applications from artists, chefs, and other creative minds to address these issues.

The ten selected residents will have the opportunity of pursuing processes of experimentation, discussion, trial and error, the progression of knowledge, and know-how in working sessions during the first three weeks. The last half week will be the ‘simmering’ period where the residents are expected to do Nothing.

The selection process will be pursued by a jury including Mario Asef, Ursula Block, Cevdet Erek, Brandon Labelle, and Ece Pazarbaşı.

Educational Residency Modules

  • Module #1 (17 – 23 August 2019) Working Session: Nothing Breaking the Losing with Juliana Hodkinson (composer and musician) and Performance: Choreomania by Emma Howes (contemporary dancer)
  • Module #2 (24 August – 11 September 2019) Working Session: cycle.silence.rhythm with Ali M. Demirel (visual artist) and Robert Lippok (musician, composer, visual artist, and set designer); In the Silence with Diligence with Ji Woo and Sun Woo (Zen masters); sssshhhh… with Hans Peter Kuhn (sound and visual artist); The Multi-Sensory Essence of Our Existential Experience with Juhani Pallasmaa (architect) and the simmering session.
  • Chef in Residence: Betul Insel Karahan

Tuition fee

  • 690 Euros – Both Module #1 and Module #2 for the entire period (16 August – 11 September 2019)
  • 540 Euros – For Module #2 (24 August – 11 September 2019)

The participation fee covers a shared room for two people for the entire period, three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) every day cooked according to the concept of each session, and the programme fee for the entire working sessions and participation in the public programme.

Location: Gutshaus Wusten-Buchholz, Perleberg, Germany / 50 mins away from Berlin

About Field Kitchen Academy

Field Kitchen Academy is a mobile project of GROUND e.V., that brings artists and creative minds together with experts around interdisciplinary topics and food. It aims at transcending the existing borders between research and practice, beyond forms and formats with innovative tools, and experiences on holistic knowing and thinking. It aims at stimulating new areas and formats of investigations. Programs support artistic practice and creative thinking in a lab format. The three pillars of the Field Kitchen Academy:

field |fiːld|
Each edition of Field Kitchen Academy is uses the residency period as a process for a field research on a particularly selected concept. It chooses to take place in idyllic or characteristically unique urban areas to attain an encapsulated focus of its participants.

kitchen |ˈkɪtʃɪn, -tʃ(ə)n|
Field Kitchen Academy acts in two dimensions. It is an educational lab for experimentation, discussion, trial and fail, progression of knowledge and creativity where heated and open debates can take place. And it is an educational residency for app. 10 participants and one resident cook. It provides a ‘simmering’ time for its residents, where they will have the opportunity to work and reflect through the knowledge they co-created with the experts.

kitchen table |ˈkɪtʃɪn, -tʃ(ə)n| |ˈteɪb(ə)l|
At the Field Kitchen Academy, the kitchen table is a symbol for uniting and overcoming the hierarchies of conventional education. It stands out for a table of equity and experience exchange platform. Smarts with street smarts share their wisdom with the residents of the programme.

For more information, contact info.fieldkitchen@gmail.com


Juried Art Exhibition (Valparaiso, IN) – Call For Artists

Juried Art Exhibition (Valparaiso, IN) – Call For Artists

The Art Barn School of Art is delighted to announce a call for artists for the 26th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, to be held May 18 through June 27, 2019. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote the creation and recognition of original quality 2-dimensional works of art. The exhibition attracts entries from artists from Northwest Indiana, Chicago suburbs, and Southwest Michigan.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 1 May 2019

  • Early Bird Deadline entry deadline April 20 fee ($25)
  • Regular entry deadline May 1 fee ($35)
  • Delivery of work for jury May 3 & 4

All proceeds generated from this exhibition, aside from awards, support Art Barn School of Art educational programs and exhibitions.

Juried Art Exhibition Juror

The Art Barn School of Art is pleased to announce celebrated artist and long-time faculty member of Indiana University South Bend, Alan Larkin, as the 2019 juror. He will bring an expert eye to this year’s exhibition and help Art Barn insure the highest standards and integrity in the jury process.

Alan Larkin received a BA in art from Carleton College and an MFA in printmaking from the Pennsylvania State University. He taught drawing and printmaking for almost forty years at Indiana University South Bend. His prizes have included the top prize in the Pastel Journal’s 2016 Pastel 100 Competition, Best of Show awards at the 75th and 91st Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition in Indianapolis, and best Still Life award in the 2018 NOAPS fall online competition. Alan Larkin is known for his work in oil, pastel, and etching.

Juried Art Exhibition Artist Benefits

Art Barn provides numerous purchase and merit awards totaling $4,000. Artists between the ages of 18-25 are encouraged to apply and are eligible for the Jan Sullivan Emerging Artist Award. If the artist wishes to have their work considered for a purchase or merit award pieces must be priced at following levels: $300, $400, or $500. Artists 25 years of age or under are eligible for the $200 Jan Sullivan Emerging Artist Award.

The Art Barn receives 35% of sale proceeds, with 65% to the artist. Indiana sales tax is applicable. A payment check will be issued within 30 days of the exhibition closing. All Purchase and Merit Awards go solely to the artist.

Artist Equity

The Art Barn campus welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. Part of Their audience development efforts include providing access to the arts for under-served audiences. Art Barn recognizes that they must prioritize access to the arts for those with limited financial means or those living with physical or cognitive disabilities. They have several initiatives in place or on the horizon, including free events and ADA accessible facilities. Admission and parking is free to enable all community members and extended families the ability to attend regardless of income level.

About Art Barn School of Art

The Art Barn fosters art education and cultural access for residents, businesses, and partners in the community. The mission of the Art Barn School of Art is to provide quality art education programs for all ages in a supportive, creative environment in order to enrich the quality of life in the region. Their vision is to be a recognized forum for the arts in a collaborative, community-based setting which provides an idyllic and supportive place for exploration, growth, inspiration, and development of artistic endeavors.

Art Barn School of Art is dedicated to fostering a love of art in its unique 69-acre environment in Porter County, IN.  The Art Barn offers a full range of art education classes for children and adults. It is a venue for performing arts and weddings. In the Spring, the Art Barn walls fill floor to ceiling for the annual juried art exhibition (with a 12-year history). In September, Art Barn hosts it’s annual outdoor Art Blitz which engages visitors in art-making, demonstrations, live music, and food.

For more information, contact artbarnindiana@gmail.com.


The Second Half (Laguna Beach, CA) – Call For Artists

The Second Half (Laguna Beach, CA) – Call For Artists

Las Laguna Gallery is now accepting original submissions of artwork by those fifty years of age and older for a group exhibition, The Second Half. There are no restrictions on content, style, medium or context, and work may be traditional or digital. This is an open theme call for entry.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 7 May 2019

The Second Half entry fee is $35. Artist notification on May 11th, 2019. Show date on June 6th, 2019 to June 28, 2019. Artist / Gallery split – 65% Artist / 35% Gallery.

Artist Equity

Themed shows sometimes serve as a vehicle for radical social change. They are an effective strategy to address the pressing issues of our time. This particular exhibition opportunity addresses age discrimination.

About Las Laguna Gallery

Las Laguna Gallery is a contemporary and fine art gallery that features art from a diverse group of artists, representing a variety of mediums. Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture through unique collaborations between artists, students, and the community. They curate artwork that is interesting and engaging to the art collector, art lover, and novice.

Las Laguna Gallery is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Village. Laguna Village is an artist alcove that offers artist galleries, jewelry shops, and unique specialty stores. Situated on a cliff, Laguna Village is one of the only three locations in Laguna Beach that offers unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. This gallery located in Central Laguna features valet parking, a restaurant and bar, and live music in the fire-side theatre nightly. Las Laguna Gallery is a member of ArtWalk Laguna Beach. This location is part of the free trolley system that runs through Laguna Beach.

For more information, contact laslagunagallery@gmail.com.

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Paperworks 2019 (Huntington, NY) – Call For Artists

Paperworks 2019 (Huntington, NY) – Call For Artists

b.j. spoke gallery announces a call for artists for Paperworks 2019. Artists living in the United States who use paper as their primary medium, as a substrate, or as the subject of a video.

 Works made of, on, or about paper include cut paper, folded paper, woven paper, glued paper, drawings, paintings, pastels, printmaking, photographs, paper sculpture, 3D, bound books, collage, mixed media, video, and installation.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 10 May 2019

Fee: 35.00 for up to 6 images. Please note you will be judged on your body of work.

Paperworks 2019 Juror: 
Hillary Reder is a curatorial assistant in the Department of Drawings and Prints at the Museum of Modern Art, where she has worked on several exhibitions, including Bodys Isek Kingelez: City Dreams; Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar War Abstraction; A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde; Jackson Pollock: A Collection Survey, 1934-1954; and Andy Warhol: Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953-1967. Before joining MoMA, she held curatorial positions at the Williams College Museum of Art and the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College.

Paperworks 2019 Artists Benefits

Selected artists receive a one month exhibition in at b.j. spoke gallery, Huntington, NY of up to 6 selected works in August 2019. Artists opening reception is Saturday, August 3rd from 6:00-9:00 pm. Promotion of selected artists on the b.j.spoke gallery website, social media, and in gallery press release.

About b.j. spoke gallery

b. j. spoke gallery, incorporated and not-for-profit 501(c)3, is an artist-run gallery of professional artists with a broad diversification of styles and media.  b.j. spoke has been bringing art to the community and community to artists for 43 years. b.j. spoke’s artists have won numerous awards, been featured in press and media, taken roles as teachers, mentors, and jurors, and are represented in public and private collections. They have had the opportunity to work with jurors from the best New York museums.

b.j. spoke gallery was founded with the belief that a partnership between artist and public is an essential relationship. The gallery provides the opportunity for artists to experience responses to their work, a product of the inner process, and for the public to increase its aesthetic awareness in deciphering  the artist’s intent through contemplation and dialogue.  b.j. spoke offers solo exhibits of members’ work, yearly invitational shows, two national juried art competitions,  artist talks, the Artist’s Circle (open to all artists, gallery membership not required), workshops, live theater, and poetry readings.

In an effort to bring the under-served artist to the attention of the Long Island community, the gallery maintains an outreach program to individuals such as young emerging artists. Use of gallery space is extended for benefits, lectures, readings, and exhibits by not-for-profit groups whose mission reflects the objectives of the gallery.

For more information, contact manager@bjspokegallery.com.

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Art Of The Heartland (Mena, AR) – Call For Artists

Art Of The Heartland (Mena, AR) – Call For Artists

Mena Art Gallery announces a call for artists for the Art of the Heartland national competition. Entries are open for artists of representational, two dimensional art. Maximum size, 36 inches.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 15 Aug 2019

Entry fee: $45 for the first painting and $25 for each following. Mediums accepted are oil, water soluble oils, watercolor, casein, gouche, egg tempera, acrylic, watercolor pencil, graphite, ink or colored pencil, and pastel. Judge is renowned Plein Air painter, Trey McCarley. Paintings may be shipped or hand delivered to arrive no later than September 20.

Art Of The Heartland Artist Benefits

Winning artists will compete for over $7,000 in cash awards with a Best in Show award of $4,000. Each of 4 categories receive cash awards in 1st and 2nd place. Categories are Landscape, Still Life, Animal, and Figure. There is a $1,000 for the best painting by an Arkansas artist.

There is a Signature Artist status available for those being accepted in 2 or more national shows. Artist’s work appears on the Mena Art Gallery website. It may be included in various other forms of advertising. The gallery is located in the arts district of a popular tourist spot, particularly in the month of October when the gallery is full of art lovers. A 30% commission applies to all sales.

Artist Equity

The aesthetic framework for the art featured in the gallery is to have every viewer and artist be a student, learning through awareness, cultivate imagination, critical thinking, and harnessing individual and social skills. It serves as a catalyst to engage the community, both aesthetically and socially.  One is led to translate the message in the art as it comes from the heart of the artist.  The gallery takes a look at art itself as art and social relevancy, thus envisioning the future, showing the artist and viewer what we can be.

About Mena Art Gallery

The Mena Art Gallery is owned and operated by SouthWest Artists, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It is located in the heart of the picturesque Ouachita Mountains National Forest and nearby state park, a popular tourist spot. It is home to the International Christian Motorcycle Association, where visitors come from across the globe to their massive rallies, the largest being held in October, during the Art of the Heartland National Competition. The gallery is the hub of the Mena Arts district, where two art festivals are held each year.

The gallery actively promotes the arts in the region with ongoing shows and exhibitions. There are workshops where skilled teachers are commissioned to teach all forms of arts and crafts to all ages. A special children’s program is ongoing, culminating with a large show for budding artists under the age of 18. Each show begins with a reception. The two national shows have become a popular event with visitors and artists from around the state. The Mena Art Gallery is a popular location, not only in the county but also the state.

For more information, contact email@menaartgallery.org.


Trees 2019 (New York, NY) – Call For Artists

Trees 2019 (New York, NY) – Call For Artists

The New York Center for Photographic Art announces a call for artists for Trees 2019. A tree grows in Brooklyn. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Tangerine trees and marmalade skies. There are references to trees all around us – in music, literature, and proverbs, but they are also an iconic visual.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 5 May 2019

Trees make up forests and jungles. They stand alone on hillsides creating lovely shadows. They can be tall and straight like or bend in the wind. Limbs and branches create wonderful patterns against the sky. A tree will shade a child on a hot day, provide a sturdy post to tie up the pet dog, hold a hammock off the ground, or support a backyard laundry line. Send images of trees as you experience them – forests, single trees, branches, and roots.

The total prizes for Trees 2019 is $3000. There is a grand prize, three first prizes, three second prizes, three third prizes, 15 juror’s selections, and 20 honorable mentions.  Each of the first 25 winners have an opportunity to exhibit in a New York City gallery, the Jadite Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen. The exhibit runs for two weeks. In addition, all 45 winners are posted in a gallery on the New York Center for Photographic Art website and are included in an exhibition catalog. A professional photographer is the juror.

About The New York Center For Photographic Art

The New York Center for Photographic Art was conceived and developed by Patricia Gilman and Maddi Ring. It offers photographers from around the world opportunities to exhibit their work in New York.  Maddi and Patricia are experienced photographers and exhibition producers who understand the value of showcasing artists work in galleries. They have marketed their own work, both together and individually, in a variety of venues.  These exhibitions have been in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Each has her own images in various venues, including private collections.

For more information, contact nyc4pa@gmail.com.

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Uncommon Thread: Essomenia (Baton Rouge, LA) – Call For Artists

Uncommon Thread: Essomenia (Baton Rouge, LA) – Call For Artists

The Baton Rouge Gallery announces a call for artists showcasing exceptional design and artistry through wearable art. Uncommon Thread is a national juried art event and competition. It is dedicated to being a unique platform for artists and designers to present their work and giving audiences a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Accepting submissions from all U.S. based artists. Uncommon Thread: Essomenia takes place Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 1 Aug 2019

Contemporary art, in many ways, often has its eye on the future, even when exploring the present. With this in mind, Baton Rouge Gallery is proud to announce the theme for 2019’s Uncommon Thread is “Essomenia,” an 18th century term meaning “to show things as they will be in the future.”

Baton Rouge Gallery invites designers and artists to make the unimaginable tangible (and wearable) while setting their sights on the world that lies ahead. Whether inspired to look 20 years down the road or 200 years into the future, Uncommon Thread wants to know what you foresee. How might technology, the environment, the political climate, interpersonal relations, or other realities change or impact other changes? What might be commonplace for our great-grandchildren that most can’t even fathom today? Can your “essomenic” design simultaneously tell us something about our collective today and our tomorrow?


The Special Guest Juror for Uncommon Thread: Essomenia will be Grace DuVal. Based in Chicago, IL, Grace DuVal is a wearable artist, maker, and photographer. Her wearable art designs have been featured in exhibits both across the U.S. and internationally, most recently at World of WearableArt in Wellington, NZ (where her Mind the Synaptic Gap won the 2018 Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award; and a year earlier, DuVal’s work was named Supreme Award Runner-Up and received the Sustainability Award).

Uncommon Thread Artist Benefits

Artists/designers chosen as finalists will have their selected work(s) featured on the runway during the Uncommon Thread event (09/21/2019), when one standout piece will be named Best in Show and awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

Artists whose work is selected will be consulted on all aspects of presentation specific to their work. This includes model, hair, and makeup, ensuring their artistic vision is honored and respected as best possible.

Artists will also receive two free tickets to the event which will include complimentary drinks. They will have the opportunity to converse with guests about their work and studio practice.

Artist’s Equity

Baton Rouge Gallery is open to the public, in a public park, free of charge six days a week. Most other similar organizations in the area charge admission fees. Being open to all, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds or other demographics, allows them to serve the whole community. They feature the work of artists across ethnic and LGBTQ spectrums. This is true of the visual art displayed and of artistic programming which may or may not include visual art presentations.

Uncommon Thread will employ a blind jurying process in selecting the works to be showcased. The juror will not be aware of any demographic information for individual artists. This ensures that works selected are chosen solely on their artistic merits. This prevents any bias against any artists based on their race, ethnicity, gender, and disability.

About Baton Rouge Gallery

Baton Rouge Gallery – center for contemporary art – is one of the nation’s longest-standing artist cooperative organizations. Artist-centric and a part of contemporary art in Louisiana for more than 50 years, it welcomes more than 18,000 visitors annually and has exhibited the work of thousands of artists.

Located in BREC’s City Park since 1984, the gallery is surrounded by a beautiful park that includes a golf course and multiple lakes, making it a special backdrop for this program.

For more information, contact jandreasen@batonrougegallery.org.


Odds And Ends (Ann Arbor, MI) – Call For Artists

Odds And Ends (Ann Arbor, MI) – Call For Artists

Ann Arbor Art Center announces a call for artists for Odds and Ends, an exhibition of collage works. Referencing both classic and contemporary techniques, the exhibition surveys how traditions have evolved and celebrates the ways artists find to continually re-imagine materials. This exhibition welcomes artists that employ a range of collage techniques in any medium (2-D and 3-D). In addition to traditional paper collages, artists working in performance, sculpture, installation, ceramics, sound, and digital media are encouraged to submit work for consideration.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 19 Apr 2019

The Odds and Ends call for entry is open to any artist over the age of 18 who currently resides in the US. Artists are invited to submit up to three images per $35 entry in any combination of individual artwork or detail images. Artworks must have been created within the past three years and not previously shown in any other Ann Arbor Art Center exhibitions. There are no restrictions on artwork dimensions however artists are encouraged to review the gallery space diagram to help guide their submission.

The Odds and Ends jurying process is anonymous; however, artists must submit a bio and CV as separate .doc or .pdf documents. Label the files using the following format: Lastname_Firstname_Bio and Lastname_Firstname_CV. This is a juried exhibition and all entries must be submitted digitally for consideration. Submission does not guarantee artwork acceptance and submission fees are non-refundable. Submissions will not be accepted past the deadline.

Accepted artwork must arrive “ready to hang” – the Art Center reserves the right to decline artworks that do not meet gallery standards or do not represent artist submission. Artists are expected to provide components necessary for special/nontraditional installations. For shipped artwork, artists are responsible for all shipping costs and insurance, if applicable. It is preferable that artworks are for sale. The Art Center retains a 50% commission on all sold artwork.

Odds And Ends Juror: John Gutoskey

John Gutoskey is an artist, designer, printmaker, and collector. Early in his career, John worked as a costume designer and as a specialist in costume crafts, where he worked on productions in New York City and across the US in theater, opera, dance, film, and television. He taught classes in millinery, mask making, and fabric dyeing at the University of Michigan in the Department of Theater.

In the 1990‘s, John returned to his studio with a newfound interest in making art on his own terms. It resulted in an outpouring of new work. Exploring the media of assemblage (through found objects), collage, printmaking, and installation, he was inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell, Betye Saar, Lucas Samaras, outsider art, Art Brut, and religious art to evolve his own unmistakable style: a perfect mirror for his gregarious, highly animated personality. The obsessive collector in Gutoskey met the trained visual artist half-way.

John earned his BFA in theater design with a minor in sculpture from Webster University in St. Louis. He earned his MFA from the University of Michigan’s School of Art & Design where he studied printmaking & installation art, and also completed a certificate in LGBTQ Studies. John is the owner of JG Studio and the A2 Print Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Important dates for artists

  • Submission deadline: Friday, April 19 at 11:59PM (MST)
  • All artists notified of juror selections: Monday, April 22 via email
  • Accepted artwork delivery deadline: Monday, May 6
  • Opening party / Juror awards presentation: Friday, May 10 (6-9pm)
  • Exhibition closes: Saturday, June 1
  • Pick-up of work: Sunday, June 2 – Thursday, June 6

Odds And Ends Artist Benefits

Artists will be in the running for a number of monetary awards. Additionally, they will be featured throughout various social media accounts for the duration of the show. Best in Show awards the winner $500. Second place awards $200, and the third is a $100 prize.

The Ann Arbor Art Center is located right in the midst of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, a hot spot of shopping and restaurants, which give ample foot traffic to our exhibitions in the 117 Gallery. Opening parties average around a few hundred people. Online stats are as follows:

  • Facebook Page: 22K likes
  • Instagram Page: 3650 likes
  • Twitter Page: 4K likes

About the Ann Arbor Art Center

For 109 years, the Ann Arbor Art Center has been a contemporary forum for the visual arts. Through exhibitions, public art, and art experiences, the Art Center engages over 50,000 people annually in collaboration and exploration of art. The Art Center is located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, MI.

Since 1909, the Ann Arbor Art Center has been sparking creativity in people of all ages and artistic abilities. The mission: “to be a contemporary forum for the visual arts through education, exploration, collaboration and exhibition, and to engage minds, expand perspectives and inspire growth in students of all ages, teachers, artists and the community.”

For more information, contact mwolf@annarborartcenter.org.

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