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Evolve Programme: How to Sell Art Online – Call For Artists

Evolve Programme: How to Sell Art Online – Call For Artists

The Visual Artists Association (VAA) announces a call for artists for the Evolve Programme, an online, three-day workshop on how to sell art online. Workshops will focus on learning how to sell art, gain online followers, and build a profitable arts business. Learn how sell art online and create multiple streams of income including social media training. Find your niche and grow your followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 5 Jul 2020

Open to Visual Artists Association members only. Join the VAA as a member and have access to the Evolve Programme, resources, and artist advice. Membership starts from £4.50 per month and include £5m public liability insurance and access to events and resources. Participation is limited and awarded on a first come basis.

Feel supported and learn insider secrets and knowledge from thriving artists and industry professionals. Maximize your time by building your arts business on solid foundations which leaves more time for creating.

About Visual Artists Association

The Visual Artists Association champions artists at all stages of their careers to succeed in the business of art. We don’t believe that the cultural myth of the impoverished artist needs to exist. Instead, you will find VAA assisting artists in building their businesses by generating sales via marketing and distribution channels (self-representation, galleries, publishers) as well as advising on personal brand creation and the practicalities of managing arts businesses.

VAA offers members tools to succeed including access to a range of training, business advice services, online resources, events, and access to a supportive and progressive community. They are open to emerging and established artists.

For more information, contact info@blackmango.co.uk.


All Botanical (International Online Competition) – Call For Artists

All Botanical (International Online Competition) – Call For Artists

Contemporary Art Gallery Online announces a call for artists for All Botanical. Entries welcome from 2D and 3D artists regardless of their experience or education in the art field. A group exhibition of all entrants will be held online from July 15th, 2020 to August 12th, 2020.

Artists should submit their best representational and non-representational art. This competition will be judged on painting and drawing, photography and digital, and mixed media and 3D art.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 12 Jul 2020

All Botanical Entry Fee: $15 for up to three images and $25 for up to five images. Funds in US Dollars.

All work must belong to the person submitting the application. The art or a print of the original and must be available for sale. The artist must be at least 18 years old.

Awards will be given for the top 5 to 8 works selected. Winners will be announced on July 27, 2020. Prizes include memberships to Contemporary Art Gallery Online, extensive marketing, Winner’s Certificates, inclusion in the annual Anthology Publication, and event collateral.

About Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Contemporary Art Gallery Online is a collector’s number one source for all original contemporary art. CAGOnline is proud to showcase tomorrow’s art giants today. CAGOnline has created CAGO Media which has two purposes. First is to share art business ideas, and second to introduce artists to the buying public. CAGO Media accomplishes both of these initiatives by programming radio and TV shows.

The Business of Art Show airs bi-monthly, 15 to 20 minute episodes. Hosted by Sharon Belle Hawkshawe, each episode discusses everything pertaining to the Business of Art. The What is Art Show is a monthly 30 minute episode with hosts Michael Harris (art collector) and Sharon Hawkshawe (acclaimed artist), who discuss current art movements and art shows. The hosts are occasionally joined by museum curators, gallery owners, art critics, and art insiders. The third show is An Artist Speaks. These lively 30 minute episodes are in-depth interviews with artists discussing their art process, philosophy, and a candid look at their work. Every month, a video is produced showcasing the monthly art participants. Other videos highlight gallery artist and art styles.

For more information, contact cago.offices@gmail.com.


Decatur Artway VI (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

Decatur Artway VI (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

The Decatur Arts Alliance announces a call for artists for sculptures to be placed in the city of Decatur, Georgia as part of Decatur Artway VI. Sculptors are encouraged to be a part of this two-year sculpture exhibition. The sculpture must be available for the duration of the two-year contract. All submissions must be professionally constructed of durable materials which will withstand the elements. No maquettes or renderings will be considered for selection. The Decatur Arts Alliance will only accept existing and ready to install works. All durable outdoor media are encouraged.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 31 Jul 2020

Selected artists will be awarded an honorarium of $2000. The installed work may be available for sale. Artwork sold as a result of the Decatur Artway VI will be subject to a 20% commission, which will be deducted from the purchase price and retained by the Decatur Arts Alliance.

The Decatur Arts Alliance will, in partnership with the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Downtown Development Authority, market Decatur Artway VI including, but not limited to, printed walking/cycling/driving sculpture tours, online tour with a mobile app, and docent lead tours for visitors and residents. The Decatur Artway VI opening will include an artist talk which will be videotaped and used on the mobile app and website.

About the Decatur Arts Alliance

The Decatur Arts Alliance (DAA) is a nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, and residents dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of Decatur, Georgia. The DAA sponsors annual festivals and members only special art events. It provides a collaborative environment to coordinate the interests of artists, gallery owners, theater groups, dance groups, and performance venues within Decatur and to develop the city as a strong arts community.

DAA sponsors the Decatur Arts Festival, the YEA! event for young emerging artists, Oakhurst Porchfest, and the Decatur Wine Festival.

For more information, contact admin@decaturartsalliance.org.


The Big Show (Sarasota, FL) – Call For Artists

The Big Show (Sarasota, FL) – Call For Artists

Art Center Sarasota announces a call for artists for their next exhibition, The Big Show. On view from July 16 – August 21, 2020. Art Center Sarasota invites contemporary artists to submit up to 3 works for considering in Sarasota’s open, all media, all subjects, national juried exhibition. This exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to see the diverse artistic mediums and enormous talent of today’s artists. This exhibition will fill all four galleries.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 27 Jun 2020

Every artist who submits to this juried exhibition is eligible for awards. The juror will review online submissions for entry, then select awards after viewing the work in person in early July.

Juror: Danny Olda, Manager of Curatorial Programs, Content and Engagement at Creative Pinellas. Danny is an art critic, editor, and independent curator.

The Big Show Prizes

  • First Prize – $1,500
  • Second Prize – $1,00
  • Third Prize – $500
  • 2 Merit Awards -$250 each
  • Special Award – $100

About Art Center Sarasota

Art Center Sarasota is a community art center, free, and open to the public. Their mission is to provide Sarasota with opportunities for creative expression and art appreciation through art education, exhibitions, and cultural programs.

Art Center Sarasota is a member-based organization that engages the entire artistic community by providing educational programs and exhibitions to local and regional artists and those who simply enjoy the visual arts.

The Center’s exhibitions program shows contemporary works in its three curated galleries, designed to inspire and challenge the viewer. The large atrium gallery is dedicated to showcasing the Sarasota and region’s talented artists in juried competitions.

For more information, contact danielle@artsarasota.org.


The Art Of Quarantine (Fredericksburg, VA) – Call For Artists

The Art Of Quarantine (Fredericksburg, VA) – Call For Artists

LibertyTown Arts Workshop announces a call for artists for The Art of Quarantine. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Times of quarantine and lock down can be times of despair and isolation, but they can provide the mind and body space and time to create art in ways we never could before. LibertyTown Arts Workshop decided to do this show to capture a snap shot of all of the work created by artists shut away at home. New artists welcome. All mediums including song, speech, poem, and video are welcome.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 24 Aug 2020

All artists age 16 and older working in any media may apply. Literary works must be 1 page or shorter. Visual artwork should be no larger than 24”x24” in any direction. Visual artwork accepted into the show must be for sale. Work that will be displayed on a wall must be ready to hang, with no wet media, no saw tooth hangers, and staple-free edges. LibertyTown will provide pedestals when needed. LibertyTown reserves the right to reject works due to content, space constraints, or inability to properly install the work.

Fees: $15 First piece (everyone gets the member’s price for this show), $5 for each additional piece.

Commission: LibertyTown keeps a commission of 30% on all show sales. Artists are responsible for any costs related to transporting accepted work to the gallery and transporting unsold work away at the end of the show.


  • 8/31 All work due onsite, either via mail or drop off
  • 9/4: Opening reception (online and maybe in person)
  • 9/27: Show closes, unsold work will be picked up and shipped back

Artists applying to this show grant LibertyTown Arts Workshop unlimited non-exclusive right to use images of visual work and the text of literary work in the book for this exhibit and to promote the exhibit and the gallery.

About LibertyTown Arts Workshop

LibertyTown Arts Workshop is a large art center located in Fredericksburg Virginia. The entire facility is open to the public to come in, take classes, shop, and interact with the artist as they visit. They have a full knowledgeable staff that are there to help with customers every need and question. They hold monthly shows that hang in the gallery which patrons see as they enter the facility. LibertyTown holds an opening reception event for shows every month on the first Friday as well as lists the show and its items on their website.

As the largest art facility in Fredericksburg Virginia, LibertyTown Arts Workshop has been artist owned and operated since its beginning. The 13,000+ sq foot facility houses 60+ in studio artists, several classrooms, a full pottery studio, for classes, workspace, and resident potters. They have 12 rotating art shows a year, which vary from invitational, regional, and national. They represent artists of all media and encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and experimentation. LibertyTown has an outdoor courtyard where they foster events in house and the community such as Community Supported Agriculture and Fredericksburg All Ages. Fredericksburg had strong ties to the community though LibertyTown’s membership programs. LibertyTown serves as an anchor for finding artistic work for patrons and visitors to the community.

For more information, contact info@libertytownarts.com.


The Curious Loop Educational Residency (Perleberg, Germany) – Call For Artists

The Curious Loop Educational Residency (Perleberg, Germany) – Call For Artists

The Field Kitchen Academy announces a call for artists for The Curious Loop, their interdisciplinary, educational residency programme that gathers artists/ creative minds, a resident chef, and prominent experts from different fields together around a kitchen table through mind-opening acts and actions. On its second edition, a total of 11 interdisciplinary residents will be selected to join the upcoming Field Kitchen Academy in its three modules. Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı, this year, under the title of The Curious Loop, the Field Kitchen Academy will use the notion of loops-in-sound as a gateway to other concepts of repetition, offering a variety of individual and collective experiences.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 22 Jun 2020

Loops represent a time that is suspended, which is a compressed source of the past, present, and the future. The loop oscillates between the known and the unknown. As for the viewer and listener, it could unfold to a future of known (as it repeats the same material over and over again), but it may relate to an unknown (as surprises are always welcome). One never knows if the loop will be broken with an unknown sound or visual component – no matter how well defined and repeated the loop has developed in the past. If one cannot step into the same river twice and one opens to perception with all senses, what differences can we find in each loop?

Composed of three intertwined modules that allow for different durations in the residency, the program is open to application from all disciplines and all walks of life. The selected residents will have the opportunity of pursuing processes of experimentation, discussion, trial and error, the progression of knowledge, and know-how in working sessions during the first 3 weeks. The last half week will be the ‘simmering’ period where the residents are expected to do nothing but only listening.

The outcome of the Field Kitchen Academy’s three working sessions will be presented as part of The Curious Loop Public Program. The Public Program is partially supported by Musikfonds and Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

Location: Gutshaus Wusten-Buchholz, Perleberg, Germany. Approximately 2 hours away from Berlin. Selected participants will be announced by 6 July 2020.

Educational Residency Leaders

  • Bill Fontana (composer and video artist)
  • Hans Peter Kuhn (sound and visual artist)
  • Sebastian Mullaert A.k.a Minilogue (producer and DJ)
  • Ove Holmqvist (sound artist)
  • Hans Rosenström (sound artist)
  • Steffi Weismann (sound artist)
  • Ji Woo and Sun Woo (Zen Masters)
  • Prof. Dr. Ursula Koch (Neurophysiologist)

Chef in Residence: Emrah Tas

Selection committee: Peter Cusack, Ali M. Demirel, Juliana Hodkinson, Mario Asef, and Ece Pazarbaşı.

The Curious Loop Artist Benefits

The three intertwined modules allow for different durations in the residency. The participation fee covers shared room for two people for the entire period, 3 plant based meals (breakfast, lunch, dinners, and tea time snacks), and the program fee for the entire working sessions and participation in the public program. With an inter-disciplinary approach, the Field Kitchen Academy invites six experts of academics and field practitioners to meet 10 carefully selected artists/ creative minds and a resident cook in a concentrated environment with health regulations.

About Field Kitchen Academy

Field Kitchen Academy is a mobile project of GROUND e.V., that brings artists and creative minds together with experts around interdisciplinary topics and food. It aims at transcending the existing borders between research and practice, beyond forms and formats with innovative tools, and experiences on holistic knowing and thinking. It aims at stimulating new areas and formats of investigations. Programs support artistic practice and creative thinking in a lab format. The three pillars of the Field Kitchen Academy:

field |fiːld|
Each edition of Field Kitchen Academy is uses the residency period as a process for a field research on a particularly selected concept. It chooses to take place in idyllic or characteristically unique urban areas to attain an encapsulated focus of its participants.

kitchen |ˈkɪtʃɪn, -tʃ(ə)n|
Field Kitchen Academy acts in two dimensions. It is an educational lab for experimentation, discussion, trial and fail, progression of knowledge and creativity where heated and open debates can take place. And it is an educational residency for app. 10 participants and one resident cook. It provides a ‘simmering’ time for its residents, where they will have the opportunity to work and reflect through the knowledge they co-created with the experts.

kitchen table |ˈkɪtʃɪn, -tʃ(ə)n| |ˈteɪb(ə)l|
At the Field Kitchen Academy, the kitchen table is a symbol for uniting and overcoming the hierarchies of conventional education. It stands out for a table of equity and experience exchange platform. Smarts with street smarts share their wisdom with the residents of the programme.

For more information, contact info.fieldkitchen@gmail.com


International Open Juried Exhibition (Toronto, ON) – Call For Artists

International Open Juried Exhibition (Toronto, ON) – Call For Artists

The Society of Canadian Artists announces a call for entry for their annual 52nd International Open Juried Exhibition. This exhibition will be held at the Papermill Art Gallery, Todmorden Mills, in Toronto, ON from August 10 to September 8, 2020.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 3 Jul 2020

We continue to live in uncertain times. Currently, there is no guarantee that the Papermill Gallery will be open on these dates. The Society of Canadian Artists remains confident, but may have to modify this show to a virtual exhibition on their website. Prizes will be awarded as committed. The show will be on the website for 3 months. However and in this situation, works would only be available for sale through the artist.

International Open Juried Exhibition Awards

  • Mary Pratt Crystal Award: $1,000 and Crystal Bowl
  • Duggan Canadian Landscape Award: $1000
  • First Award of Excellence: $1,000
  • Second Award of Excellence: $500
  • 2 Awards of Merit: $250 each

About the Society of Canadian Artists

The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) is a national, non-profit artists’ organization dedicated to expanding the visibility and stature of the visual arts. SCA has representation in all of the visual arts media. They respect their historical roots, are aware of the current world, and are future-minded.

Officially founded in 1972 (although germinating since 1957), the Society of Canadian Artists was born to foster and celebrate the visual arts in Canada. They are a collection of some of the country’s most committed traditional and new media artists.

For more information, contact exhibition-open@societyofcanadianartists.com.


Luminosity: The Impact Of Light (New York City, NY) – Call For Artists

Luminosity: The Impact Of Light (New York City, NY) – Call For Artists

The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) announces a call for artists for Luminosity: The Impact of Light. Light and its quality is the basic element of photography. There is an iconic photograph of Grand Central Station with streams of sunlight filling the airspace as it reflects off dust particles in the air. In photography, the same subject, nothing more than a snapshot at one time of day, becomes an impactful image of another. Sunsets are beautiful and midday sun is harsh. A strategically placed light can create amazing portraits. Late afternoon is a world of shadow and light warms everything it touches.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 23 Jun 2020

For this call NYC4PA is looking for images where the presence, absence, and/or the location of light made the difference. Glare, flare, shadow, and fill light all work as do lampshades aglow from an inside bulb, night lights in a city, and streaming rays of sunlight on a floor or as seen passing through a dusty atmosphere.

The total prizes for Luminosity is $4000. There is a grand prize, three first prizes, three second prizes, three third prizes, 20 juror’s selections, and 20 honorable mentions.  Each of the first 25 winners have an opportunity to exhibit in a New York City gallery, the Jadite Gallery in Hell’s Kitchen. The exhibit runs for two weeks. In addition, all 50 winners are posted in a gallery on the New York Center for Photographic Art website and are included in an exhibition catalog. A professional photographer is the juror.

About The New York Center For Photographic Art

The New York Center for Photographic Art was conceived and developed by Patricia Gilman and Maddi Ring. It offers photographers from around the world opportunities to exhibit their work in New York.  Maddi and Patricia are experienced photographers and exhibition producers who understand the value of showcasing artists work in galleries. They have marketed their own work, both together and individually, in a variety of venues.  These exhibitions have been in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Each has her own images in various venues, including private collections.

For more information, contact nyc4pa@gmail.com.


Art Resilience (International Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Art Resilience (International Online Exhibition) – Call For Artists

Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou are pleased to announce a call for artists for the 6th International Art Resilience Exhibition. The online exhibition will take place from August 8 to September 8, 2020. Resilience in art tends to restore the foundations of art on the beauty and restore art to unity. In the division of the perception between objective and subjective resilience opposes a joint operation. The beauty in the work is perceived objectively. It is the first fraction of the second where the spectator is in front of the work, then intervenes the subjective judgment in relation to the experience of this one.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 15 Jul 2020

60 euros for two works, 40 euros for a work

Where contemporary art relies solely on the intention of the artist, resilience sets the artist’s responsibility to the community, because art is a receiver of the “image” of the community and acts in parallel on the cohesion of it. Theoretically, instead of an split approach, resilience is a systemic approach. At the level of practice, resilience removes the discourse that clutters art productions and focuses on the development of the work.

Considering that the quality of a work of art is objectively identifiable, resilience in art rules out random, purely gestural, unsightly, conceptual, or only decorative productions. A work of art consists of aesthetic regime and ethical regime. Resilience relegates the ephemeral art to the game or the show and opts for the work that projects itself in the long term. One of the reasons is its formative nature. At the formal level, resilience requires the diversity of expressions in place of contemporary art production which, for decades, has finally generated instantly recognizable images as “contemporary art” and finished in a new academicism rejecting any other form of art as obsolete.

Art Resilience prizes awarded by the jury

  • 1 ° Price 200 euros
  • 2 ° Price 150 euros
  • Jury Prize (medal)
  • Museum Award (medal)

On the artist’s pages, only training and activities of the participants are listed. All the texts on the “artist statement,” very popular today, are not included. Insisting on the artist’s declaration is part of “contemporary art” where action is valued. The work is in the foreground as a carrier of meaning and proof of development quality.

About Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou

Saint Frajou, small village of 183 inhabitants, is part of the canton of L’Isle en Dodon, Haute Garonne, France. The village takes its name from Saint Fragulphe, martyred by the Saracens in the eighth century. He fought against the invaders and was beheaded. Legend says that the head of Fragulphe rolled to a stone where three drops of blood remain indelible. To this place immediately sprang a fountain. The fountain still exists and have many visitors. St. Frajou is the smallest village in France with a museum of paintings. The museum of painting of Saint-Frajou is created in 2010. It is situated in the building of the former school in the entrance of the square of the village.

For more information, contact museepeinturesf@yahoo.fr.


Create In Place: Artwork Created During COVID-19 (Batavia, IL) – Call For Artists

Create In Place: Artwork Created During COVID-19 (Batavia, IL) – Call For Artists

Water Street Studios announces a call for artists for Create In Place: Artwork Created During COVID-19. This juried exhibition will be displayed in coordination with Water Street Studios’ 11th Anniversary Show scheduled for September 2020. Welcoming 2D and 3D work.

Click here for the application / registration

Deadline: 1 Jul 2020

$25 submission fee or become a member to enter for free.

Create In Place cash prizes for People’s Choice and Best of Show awards.

About Water Street Studios

Water Street Studios is a nonprofit art center located in Batavia, IL. The gallery at Water Street Studios is curated by Steve Sherrell and a committee of volunteers. Awarded “Best Gallery” in 2019 by West Suburban Living Magazine and Kane County Chronicle. The gallery features over 100 artists every year by offering monthly exhibitions in award-winning galleries. It welcomes over 10,000 people every year through art programming opportunities including monthly gallery exhibition (24 per year), art classes and workshops, subsidized artist studios, and public and private events in our historic venue.

The current site of Water Street Studios was built in 1886 as a midwest expansion of the US Wind Engine and Pump Company. The factory manufactured the famous first Self-Governing Windmill invented by Daniel Halladay. Renovations of this historic building began in 2007 and opened as Water Street Studios in 2009.

Water Street Studios invites you to get closer to your own humanity each time you walk through the doors. The gallery manufactures art experiences for you to connect to something bigger than yourself. The organization makes it possible for artists to continue to create; students to embrace new ways of learning; visitors to be transported; instructors to make a living; and the community to thrive. Every dollar invested in Water Street Studios is a dollar invested in building a more diverse, vibrant, and connected community.

Special thank you to The Dempsey Family and Chicago Capital LLC for their support for gallery programs.

For more information, contact createinplace@waterstreetstudios.org.


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