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GZ-Basel (Ongoing Virtual Art Fair) – Call For Artists

GZ-Basel (Ongoing Virtual Art Fair) – Call For Artists

GaleriaZero announces a call for artists for GZ-Basel 2020/21, an ongoing, virtual art fair.

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Deadline: 30 Oct 2020

If your art is approved, then at least 2 artworks will be included in the virtual art fair. Artwork will be included in a printable catalog that can be ordered online. Works will be added during the year and promoted in social media and virtual art magazines.

The work of the included artists will be online and for sale until end 2021. Sales commission is 25%. The artist agrees that the real work will be delivered to the buyer in case of sale. GaleriaZero will be helpful to make this process as successful and fluid as possible.

Being selected for the GZ-Basel virtual art fair means that your work will be approved for eventual inclusion in the physical art event that will take place in Basel in May / June 2021.

About GaleriaZero

GaleriaZero has organized and curated international art events since 1997. They have had successful art exhibitions in Barcelona, New York, Paris, Berlin, Basel, London, China, and Japan. GaleriaZero has participated in leading art fairs such as TokyoArtFair, Shanghai Artfair, Loop Barcelona, and Artshopping Paris. They encourage artists with the realization of physical individual exhibitions and the creation of professional full color catalogs of high quality. All events receive extensive promotion in social media and professional publicity resources.

For more information, contact submission@galeriazero.info.


Studio Scholarships 2021 (Peccia, Switzerland) – Call For Artists

Studio Scholarships 2021 (Peccia, Switzerland) – Call For Artists

The Fondazione Internazionale per la Scultura announces a call for artists for Studio Scholarships 2021 for artists who are dedicated to three-dimensional work. Length of stay: beginning of May to the end of October. Five artists will be selected by the jury to live and work at the Centro Internazionale di Scultura (CIS). Each scholarship holder will have an apartment in the artists’ house which is located in the village centre of Peccia, Switzerland. There are six residential units in this house. Each unit has its own shower/toilet and a small kitchenette. The house has a large kitchen and dining area for communal use. The scholarship holders are expected to cater for themselves. Internet connection is available: WLAN.

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Deadline: 31 Mar 2020

There are five studios available. These are usually awarded only once. The studios are designed as autonomous working units. The scholarship holders must be willing and capable of working independently with sculpting materials. In line with the purpose of the Foundation, the marble of Peccia is the main work material, but all other stones and other materials such as wood, metal, plaster, clay, and paper can also be used. There are no assistants or other workers available to help with the projects.

After their stay, the scholarship holders may become members of the Artistic Committee. They are eligible in the awarding of the studios, together with the Artistic Committee members and the jury. As a rule, one former scholarship holder is elected to become a member of the jury.

Professional 3-D artists may apply for a studio scholarship after completion of their studies at a recognized university/academy. Recommended are 1-2 years professional experience and exhibitions of their work. Three-dimensional artists with no formal education may apply if they have been working as artists for at least five years and have exhibited their works publicly (in galleries, art spaces, museums) or have been able to exhibit three of their works in a public space.

Studio Scholarships 2021 Artist Benefits

The scholarship is CHF 1500 per month. The artists will have at their disposal a personal studio, a shared work area with a 20-ton crane and three workshops equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for work with stone (marble), wood, and metal. They will live in individual apartments in the artists’ house which is located in the village centre of Peccia.

The works created in Peccia are subject to a commission of 30%. If an artist is able to sell one of his/her works created in Peccia, 30% of the proceeds will go to the Centro (Artists’ Solidarity Contribution).

About the International Centre for Sculpture

Since the dawn of human history, men and women have shaped everyday objects into special forms. In so doing, they have left behind traces of their own lives and the world of their imagination. All cultures known to us, on any of our continents, have thus created sculptures in which past, present, and future are intertwined in forms of everlasting beauty. They will continue to generate significant expressions of mankind’s own perceptions in the future.

As part of our wholehearted commitment to this tradition, CIS strongly believes in the potential for development that is offered by three-dimensional art. With the aim of promoting the artists working in the field, CIS is committed to the creation of the Centre as a place where this tradition is developed and will be celebrated further in the years to come.

For more information, contact info@fondazionescultura.ch.

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