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Decatur Retail District Sculpture (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

Decatur Retail District Sculpture (Decatur, GA) – Call For Artists

[Side Arts Certified Sponsored Listing] The Decatur Arts Alliance, with the City of Decatur, seeks sculpture artists for acquisition of existing work for Sam’s Crossing retail/residential district in Decatur, Georgia. The work will become a part of the city’s permanent collection. Sculpture artists can submit completed or in-progress work. The Decatur Arts Alliance invites submissions from artists who are eligible to work in the United States.

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Enter by: 16 October 2022

The Decatur Arts Alliance is seeking three different sculptures, each to be installed at one of three specific sites within the retail/residential district. Total compensation is based on the site specifications.

  • Site A: Up to $40,000 – South side of the retail district on East Ponce de Leon Avenue. The work can be up to 8 feet in diameter and 30 feet in height.
  • Site B: Up to $50,000 – Located adjacent to the residential apartment community on the corner of East Ponce de Leon Avenue, 5 feet in diameter and 40 feet in height.
  • Site C: $30,000 – Located between 2 freestanding retail buildings, the work should be no more than 3 feet in diameter and up to 10 feet in height.

The Decatur Arts Alliance and the City of Decatur are working with the developers of the retail space and the residential community for this public art installation. The Sam’s Crossing retail/residential district is located on a 10-acre site comprised 69,000 square feet of commercial retail space, including a Publix grocery at 2720 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue and 290 unit Notion apartments at 175 North Arcadia Avenue. Building construction of the retail development was completed in 2021. The residential apartments will be completed in 2022.

About Decatur Arts Alliance

The Decatur Arts Alliance is a nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, and residents dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of Decatur. The Decatur Arts Alliance sponsors the annual festivals and special art events for members only. It provides a collaborative environment to coordinate the interests of artists, gallery owners, theater groups, dance groups, and performance venues within Decatur as well as develop the city as a strong arts community.

Public art has long been recognized as a community asset, but because many of its benefits seem intangible, it is often treated as a low priority, especially during challenging economic times. The Decatur Arts Alliance has shown that prioritizing public art can lead to increased levels of community engagement and social cohesion.

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