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GZ-Basel 2019 – Call For Artists

GZ-Basel 2019 – Call For Artists

GaleriaZero announces a call for artists for GZ-BASEL 2019, an international collective event of contemporary art for artists. This is the 5th edition, to be held 13 – 16 June 2019. Location: An der Messe, Schönaustrasse 10 , 4058 Basel , Switzerland. Curated and organized by GaleriaZero from The Netherlands.

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Deadline: 22 Mar 2019

GaleriaZero is selecting an outstanding selection of painting, photography, installation-art, sculpture, and video. Performance and lecture may form part of the program. With this exhibition, GalleriaZero intends to reach a wide public audience in Basel, offer the opportunity to meet the artists in person, and assist during performances and lectures. This offering of contemporary art is an opportunity for visitors to find affordable art of the highest level. The exhibtion will be open daily from 12 until 22 h.

Theme: no hurry no delay – This theme will not be clear for everyone, but may invite artists to start thinking about what if could mean. The idea to approach reality without hurry, but without allowing any delay, is characteristic of not only the base of the creative process, but also the right attitude for resolving any important matters without losing the sense of life. Our lifestyle is often stressful because of hurry. Other matters do not work because of delay. The harmony of both elements can make things work. “Slow is quick” is a meditative value that translates benefits to the quality of experience and awareness.

For GZ-BASEL 2019, GalleriaZero will select the most innovative contemporary art, ready to transmit their meaning to our senses and convince us again about the beauty and quality of life.

GZ-Basel 2019 Artist Benefits

The selected artists will have the possibility to form part of the art panorama in Basel during the art fairs. The city will be occupied by art lovers, art professionals, and collectors. Selected artists for GZ-BASEL 2019 will have the possibility to participate in other art shows in GaleriaZero programs. Participation means being included in press releases and promotion in social media, cultural agendas, and other virtual media. GZ-BASEL 2019 offers a very favourable sales assistence with a sales commission of only 25 %.

About GaleriaZero

GaleriaZero offers exhibitions in Europe, USA, and Asia. It has held collective exhibitions recently in Paris, Berlin, Basel, NewYork, Venezia, and London. GaleriaZero manages individual exhibitions of selected artists in different cities in Europe.
Not less important is the virtual promotion with a special site for free portfolios and promotion by means of social media and cultural agendas. Ocassionally, GaleriaZero publishes art magazines and participates in art fairs. During the last years, GaleriaZero was present in Tokyo Art Fair, Shanghai Art Fair, LineArt in Ghent, and DeArte in Madrid.

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GZ-BASEL 2016 – Call for Artists

GZ-BASEL is selecting artists for its art fair in Basel CH 15 – 19 June 2016.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Mar 2016

Artists will have the opportunity to form part of the art panorama in Basel during the period that the world’s most recognized art fairs (ArtBasel, ScopeBasel, Liste) are opening their doors in the same area.

GZ-Basel 2016

GaleriaZero (organizer of GZ-BASEL) has had exhibitions during the last 20 years in USA, Europe, Japan, and China.

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