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Art Award – Call For Artists

Art Award – Call For Artists

FRESCO and Elastos have joined forces to create the FRESCO Art Award, the world’s first blockchain art award. Create a work of art on the theme of blockchain. Artists have absolute freedom in choosing their medium.

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Deadline: 22 Aug 2018

The winning artists will be selected from overall public support (likes, comments, retweets) from social media platforms including Medium, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram along with the final community voting. The top 100 finalists will be selected based upon the final points from the public support and be recognized as The FRESCO 100. After the top 100 finalists are announced, FRESCO will showcase their artworks on the official social media platforms and on FRESCO website with each artist’s description, social profile, and artwork details. The audience can vote directly for their favorite of 100 finalists. Each person has only one vote.

Top five most voted artists from the FRESCO 100 will win the FRESCO Art Award and be recognized as the FRESCO Five:

  • First Place Winner will receive 500 ELA and 500,000 FRES
  • Second Place Winner will receive 300,000 FRES
  • Third Place Winner will receive 120,000 FRES
  • Fourth Place Winner will receive 60,000 FRES
  • Fifth Place Winner will receive 20,000 FRES


FRESCO is the world’s first blockchain art digital asset network. Through blockchain technology and Elastos’ operating system, FRESCO enables liquidation, promotion, and provenance of artworks at a global scale. FRESCO consists of FRES artwork trust value (FRES Trust) and FRES artwork blockchain digital copyright (FRES Edition). FRES Trust is a blockchain-based art value measurement system. FRES Edition is the limited digital assets copyright issued by artwork holders on FRESCO platform. FRESCO is launching the world’s first ICD (Initial Coin Distribution), distributing 300 million FRESCO tokens to the global community free of charge. Through this process, FRESCO will enable nearly 150,000 people to learn and understand the art world. Through FRES Trust and FRES Edition, FRESCO expands the art investment population.

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