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Public Sculpture Exhibition (Penticton, BC) – Call For Artists

Public Sculpture Exhibition (Penticton, BC) – Call For Artists

The City of Penticton, BC, Canada announces a call for artists for their Public Sculpture Exhibition. Created in 2016, Penticton’s Public Sculpture Exhibition (PPSE) is a year-long outdoor exhibit of original sculptures. The sculptures are owned by the artists and leased by the City of Penticton. The city is looking for up to six (6) sculptures to be located along the Okanagan Lake waterfront or downtown and one (1) larger feature sculpture for the Front Street roundabout.

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Deadline: 6 Dec 2020

The Penticton Sculpture Walk Exhibition is committed to serving the public by providing access to various mediums of public sculpture. It is well noted that public art slows down the pedestrian traffic, providing a positive impact on the enjoyment and mood of the general public, that influences how people see and connect within their communities, and provides an opportunity for dialogue between friends and strangers alike. Through an annual revolving collection of sculptures, the City of Pentiction hopes to provide a freshness to public art that engages, connects, and provides its community with a sense of image and identity, as well as including Artists as contributors to this cultural fabric.

The exhibition is open to professional sculptors of all backgrounds. Previously completed sculpture photos, or proposed designs can be submitted. For proposed designs, detailed drawings of the proposed sculpture and photo examples of previous work must be included.

Lakefront/downtown sculptures are required to remain on site for the duration of one year (May 2021 -April 2022). The roundabout sculpture may be negotiated into a two year term (May 2021- April 2023).

Artists will be responsible for transportation of their sculpture to and from site. Pedestals/ pads will be provided by the PPSE.
Artists will retain the ownership of their sculpture and be responsible for carrying comprehensive insurance to cover it in the event of theft or vandalism and public liability or will sign an indemnification in favour of the City of Penticton for any liability claims against the City as a result of the existence or location of the sculpture within the City during the exhibition. The risk of loss or damage to the sculpture will always be borne by the artist, and the artist will be responsible to repair and or replace all or part of the sculpture in the event of loss or damage thereto during the exhibition.

The City will enter into a lease agreement with the artist for the duration of the exhibition. The artist is responsible to uphold all terms and conditions of the agreement as set out by the City.

City staff and/or City contractors will perform the installation to ensure that the work is done in accordance with City standards, and to optimize the viewing of the sculpture. Sculptures will be placed in predetermined locations at the discretion of the PPSE committee and City. Artists are encouraged to be present for the installation of their sculpture(s) in May, 2021, and removal in April, 2022. In the event the artist cannot be present, they are required to provide in writing a representative to be present on their behalf.

At the end of the lease any sales/leases of sculptures will be conducted solely by the artist or their agent and will not involve the City. The City will be responsible for media relations and publicity for the sculpture exhibition. The artist will retain copyright for their sculpture and grant the City a license to take and distribute images of the sculptures. Any other likeness or models of the sculpture will not be created without the explicit permission of the artist.

Public Sculpture Exhibition Artist Benefits

Artists will be paid a set lease price of $2,000 for the waterfront/downtown sculptures and $4,000 for the roundabout sculpture. In addition to the lease amounts, prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ($500, $300, and $200 respectively) will be awarded.

With Penticton being a year-round tourist destination in British Columbia’s heart of the Okanagan, chosen artists will benefit by receiving access to the general public for a period of one full year for the waterfront or downtown sites, and a possible two year period for the Front Street roundabout site. Throughout the lease period, artists also gain access to further leasing or sales opportunities that may conclude at the end of the lease period. These further opportunities will be conducted solely by the artist and outside of the involvement of the City.

About the City of Penticton

Nestled between two lakes, Penticton enjoys long, hot summers, dry winters, and more than 2,000 hours of sunshine each year. It is located in the southern Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Easily accessed by major highways and airports.

It is known for its beaches, wine, and orchards, not to mention a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Hop on your bike to discover award-winning wineries and trails with stellar views. Shop at the bustling outdoor market, peruse art galleries or go skating at the modern Community Centre. Ski champagne powder slopes or take in a hockey game or concert at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

Penticton, from the Interior Salish word snpintktn, is commonly translated as “a place to stay forever,” or more accurately, “a place where people live year-round.” It’s the kind of place where people come to visit for the holidays – and never want to leave.

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Nelson International Mural Festival (Nelson, BC) – Call For Artists

Nelson International Mural Festival (Nelson, BC) – Call For Artists

Nelson and District Arts Council (NDAC) announce a call for artists for the Nelson International Mural Festival. Travel to the stunning mountains and lakes of the Kootenays. Up to 10 artists are chosen annually to paint large scale murals throughout the alleyways of historic downtown Nelson, BC, Canada.

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Deadline: 31 Jan 2020

Cultural vibrancy in Nelson continues to flourish under the festival’s engagement of street artists, muralists, creators, and art enthusiasts joining the festival from the local, national, and international art scene. Through large scale public artworks, educational opportunities, and by animating the public sphere with reflections of local cultures, histories, and stories, the NDAC furthers and fortifies collaboration among artists, businesses, and community members. The festival is inclusive of all cultures, genders, ages, and abilities.

Walls are selected with the following considerations: accessibility for artists, size, composition, exposure, and funding availability (however funding is not necessarily a barrier). Both private and public walls are included in the festival. In the case of privately-owned walls, the building owners are given the opportunity during the application process to indicate the artistic styles they are enthusiastic about. Matches are made between artists and walls based off those suggestions. Building owners will have one opportunity to consult with the artist for a draft alteration. If a collaboration cannot be reached, the artist will still be paid their design fee. No gratuitous violence, racism, or hateful content is permitted and the mural shall not include any business signage or logos, advertising, political or religious messages.

Nelson International Mural Festival Selection Process

Artists will be selected by a 5 member arm’s length jury who represent a cross section of interests in the community (business, arts, and tourism). Their primary considerations are artistic merit of portfolio, large scale work experience, and design skills/composition. Selections will be based off of previous work and portfolios. Successful applicants will be contacted before June 15th, 2020. Due to capacity limitations, we are only able to contact successful applicants.

Selected artists will be sent a contract for perusal. Once signed, the artists will be given two weeks to provide a rough sketch, a proposed colour scheme, a bio, and a headshot. Upon receiving these items, a 10% design fee will be paid. Artists will then coordinate their painting schedule and paint/supply order with the festival coordinator. It is imperative that artists stick to the painting schedules that are agreed upon. The festival is located in a small community with limited resources that need to be booked well in advance.

Artists must be available to attend the festival opening on Friday, August 14th, 2020, and the artist panel on Sunday, August 16th, 2020. There will also be opportunities to host all ages workshops for additional fees. The painting will take place between June 15th-August 14th. Selected artists will be scheduled to paint based off of their availability and proximity to Nelson.

Nelson International Mural Festival Artist Benefits

All artists are paid fairly for their participation in the festival. All supplies and equipment are provided by the festival. Once a muralist is selected for the festival, the artist will be paid to complete a detailed drawing/design. Each artist will be compensated based on the size and scope of their mural. $2500-$3500 CAD budget per mural for artist fees, this will vary project to project. Payment will be received upon the successful and timely completion of the mural.

The Nelson International Mural Festival is unable to provide assistance with travel for the majority of our artists; however, we make every effort to assist with billeting arrangements for visiting artists.

Social Equity

The NDAC strives to create a barrier-free festival. They host all events at accessible public spaces and offering all events and activities free of charge.  The mural festival provides a platform for all voices to be heard through public art. The festival is committed to diverse programming. They work to ensure that varied cultures are represented annually, so as to provide inspiration to all who attend, not just one group. Bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets provides everyone the chance to experience the pieces, not just those that can afford an admission ticket.

About Nelson and District Arts Council

The Nelson and District Arts Council (NDAC) is a registered non-profit organization that was formed in 1969 as the Kootenay-Columbia Arts Council.

All the Board Members are volunteers who are committed to promoting and encouraging cultural and artistic activities in the community through successfully accessing funds for projects.

NDAC has individual and group members who all participate in art and culture related activities. Members represent such disciplines as theatre, music, dance, visual arts, crafts, heritage, and writing.

NDAC presents a number of projects each year intended to foster the arts in Nelson and District. They include the Nelson ArtWalk, Hidden Creek Artist Residency, Appetite for Art, the Dance Educator’s Showcase, the Rural Artist Support Weekend, the Nelson International Mural Festival, and Bigby Place Arts Initiative.

Fostering communication, networking, and providing support to members is one of NDAC’s main objectives. In addition, members and member groups are eligible through us for small funding awards from the B.C. Arts Council.

Advocacy, representation, and education are all important in fostering greater appreciation and support of arts and culture in the Nelson area. NDAC has a seat on the Cultural Development Committee for the City of Nelson. They work toward a more coordinated arts, culture, and heritage community.

The region is famous for it’s “Kootenay Culture,” that runs through the arts, heritage, and people of the region. They are proud to support arts and culture in the Kootenays.

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Oak Bay Sea Lore Sculpture Competition – Call For Artists

Oak Bay Sea Lore Sculpture Competition – Call For Artists

Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture announces a call for artists of the Oak Bay Sea Lore Sculpture Competition. A generous donor has offered to commission an iconic seaside sculpture for the enjoyment and enrichment of all Oak Bay citizens and visitors. The theme for the sculpture, which is hoped to become a permanent and treasured landmark, is “Sea Lore” inspired by the maritime character of Oak Bay.

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Deadline: 7 Sept 2018

Oak Bay enjoys a uniquely beautiful seaside location. The sea draws our attention, nurtures our well-being, and inspires all who live here. The coast is rich in sea life, birds, and plants. There is a long history of indigenous activity and settlement along its shores. For over a hundred years, there has been a boat house or marina on the bay. The municipality is home to the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. There is a tradition of nautical sports and activities like paddling, sailing, fishing, and beach walking. The Sea Lore sculpture is meant to celebrate Oak Bay and its maritime character — past, present, and future.

Oak Bay Sea Lore Sculpture Competition Artist Benefits

The opportunity to have a permanent sculpture as part of the lively public art collection in Oak Bay, Victoria BC. For the past five years Oak Bay has become a new destination for arts and culture as a result of its ArtsAlive public art program and unique painted pianos, spearheaded by Oak Bay’s Arts Laureate Barbara Adams. These engaging public art projects have sparked a new discourse in the community. They have attracted spectacular works from renowned North American artists and sculptors.

About Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture

Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture’s mission is to “To enhance life in our community through the provision of quality services.” Located in one of the most beautiful communities on Vancouver Island, Recreation Oak Bay is a department of the Corporation of the District of Oak Bay. The department is overseen by a Parks and Recreation Commission who has served one of Canada’s most active communities for more than 35 years. Oak Bay has a rich heritage of supporting arts in our community. Many art-related community events are held throughout the year. Many community organizations contribute to the arts through education, performance, display, creation, or sponsorship.

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Previous call for artists from Oak Bay.


2018 Branscombe House Artist Residency – Call For Artists

2018 Branscombe House Artist Residency – Call For Artists

The City of Richmond Department of Arts, Culture, and Heritage invites professional, community-engaged artists to submit proposals for an 11-month live-in 2018 Branscombe House Artist Residency located on Canada’s west coast, in Richmond, B.C.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 29 May 2017

The third annual Branscombe House residency will begin in January 2018 and run until mid-December, 2018.

Branscombe House is a recently restored Edwardian style house located in the residential area of historic Steveston in Richmond. The self-contained two-bedroom artists’ suite upstairs is offered as an artist residence/studio. Rent is 100% subsidized in exchange for ~22 hours/month (240 hours total) of hands-on community engagement. The City will provide up to $1500 in hard cost reimbursement as well as in-kind marketing and facility/production support. This will include access to free use of cultural and performance spaces, basic workshop materials, print production, and tech support.

The City of Richmond seeks proposals for interesting new projects and programs that promote meaningful community engagement through artistic opportunities. Artists passionate about working with diverse communities are especially encouraged to apply.

The 2018 Branscombe House Artist Residency is an opportunity for artists with a community-engaged practice to create new work in exchange for live-in creation space. During the residency, the artist will establish a presence in the community. This will include spending time developing a body of work and engaging the public with their programming which may include workshops, exhibitions, demos, and legacy projects. To be conducted on the Branscombe site, community centres, schools, and events/festivals.

About the City of Richmond, BC

With an estimated population of 218,000, Richmond is the fourth-most populous city in British Columbia. It has an immigrant population of 60%, the highest in Canada, and more than half of its population is of Asian descent. Many of whom immigrated in the late 1980s from Hong Kong, Taiwan and, more recently, Mainland China. Two of the largest Buddhist temples in North America reside in Richmond, the International Buddhist Temple and the Ling Yen Mountain Temple.

Part of the Metro Vancouver area, Richmond is comprised of 17 islands in the mouth of the Fraser River. The city supports 100,000 jobs in various areas including high technology, services, retail, tourism, light manufacturing, airport services, aviation, agriculture, fishing, and government. Richmond is also the location of Vancouver International Airport. It was the site of speed skating events during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games at the Richmond Olympic Oval.

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ArtsAlive Oak Bay 2017 Public Art Program – Call For Artists

ArtsAlive is Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture’s annual public sculpture program where pieces are selected to be shown outdoors in our municipality of Oak Bay, BC (Canada) for approximately one year.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 20 Jan 2017

In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday, and many communities across the country will make plans to mark the occasion. The Oak Bay Public Art Committee is looking for sculptural works of art to be placed in our community, based on the theme Transitions. We invite artists to submit proposals for sculptural works that engage notions of community transitions, especially as they apply to the unique experience of life in Oak Bay – a community with a strong sense of cultural identity rooted in the past, lived dynamically in the present, and greatly engaged in its future.

Some ideas could include still and kinetic representations of or allusions to historical figures or events, references to eras of the natural environment, depictions of everyday people and familiar items (past, present, and future), and displays of local iconic names and symbols. Any of which can be imagined through the unique, ironic, comic, or thoughtful lens of the creative artist.

All fine artists are invited to submit proposals for the ArtsAlive Oak Bay 2017 Public Art Program.

  • Proposals will be reviewed by a jury of art professionals and citizen enthusiasts.
  • Work will be displayed for approximately 1 year.
  • Up to 13 pieces to be selected and installed in secure, highly visible outdoor locations.
  • The public will be invited to vote on a People’s Choice Award.
  • Through this annual program, Oak Bay intends to develop a public art collection for permanent display.

Artist benefits

The ArtsAlive Oak Bay 2017 Public Art Program is an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase their work, imagination, and talent. The municipality, local media, Tourism Victoria, and Tourism Oak Bay will promote this show throughout the year. Related art events like art walks, paint-ins, and celebrations will be organized to encourage excitement and community participation.

It is our hope to provide successful bids with an honorarium of $1,000 and a travel/delivery budget of up to $500. This is dependent on the number of community sponsors who sign on to support the ArtsAlive Oak Bay program and as such is not guaranteed. We hope to be able to confirm this in January 2017.

Works selected by the committee will also be eligible to be chosen for the Peoples’ Choice Award. This winning piece will be considered for eventual purchase and inclusion in Oak Bay’s permanent public art collection pending municipal budget approvals. Therefore, artists must also agree to make their piece available for the municipality to purchase for fair market value (to a maximum of $18,000). Should such funding approvals be successful the purchase would take place in 2017.

Artists may sell or lease their works at the end of the show (with the exception of the People’s Choice winner).

About the Oak Bay Recreation, Parks, and Culture

The municipality of Oak Bay, part of Greater Victoria, is located on the south eastern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Surrounded by beaches and parkland, its scenery includes splendid views across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Salish Sea. Oak Bay is legendary for its fine domestic architecture, picturesque gardens, and for old world atmosphere. This geologically fascinating area is also home to the unique and rare Garry Oak Meadow ecosystem. Our 18,000 residents have a deep attachment to our natural and built environment. We have a majority of the region’s art galleries and many resident artists and arts enthusiasts. Now in its third year of development, the ArtsAlive Oak Bay 2017 Public Art Program, with its Arts Laureate position, is an expression of our municipality’s support for a flourishing arts environment for the economic, social, and personal benefit of our entire community.

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ArtsAlive Oak Bay 2017 Public Art Program


Art! Vancouver 2017 – Call For Artists

Art! Vancouver 2017, an international art fair held at the prestigious Vancouver Convention Centre May 25 to 28th 2017, is open for registration.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Dec 2016

Many art collectors come to purchase art and galleries come to scout new artists to represent in their galleries.

For more information, contact

Art! Vancouver 2017


Vancouver Alternative Arts and Fashion Week – Call for Artists

Call for artists to show off your alternative side at Vancouver Alternative Arts and Fashion Week (VALT) during November 17-20, 2016.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 30 Apr 2016

The Vancouver Alternative Arts and Fashion Week 2016 theme is Year V.

  • Year V Gala ~ Thursday, November 17, 2016: Launch Party celebrating VALT Year V!
  • Vision – Friday, November 18, 2016: To see, to be blinded, or to have a glimpse into or an idea of the future.
  • Volume – Saturday, November 19, 2016: To hear, to be deafened, or to play with enormity or slightness.
  • Voice – Sunday, November 20, 2016: To speak, to be silenced, or to have one’s own ideas heard.

VALT is run by the Style, Entertainment, Art & Media Society – SEAMS. This not-for-profit organization focuses on developing local arts programming that assists emerging and fringe artists of every medium and media in the province of British Columbia, while fostering a community of culture appreciation.

VALT provides a professional, well appointed venue, sound system, projection setup, and months of marketing and public awareness. As a participant in VALT, all you need to bring is yourself and your work. We take all the guesswork out of showing at a festival. Our attendees are extraordinarily varied – a very different crowd than one usually finds at a fashion event. You can promote yourself and your work without having to organize or advertise anything (though we do encourage you to invite guests and publicize as time permits).

VALT provides Vancouver’s wildly explosive underground arts scene with a unique departure from typical arts affairs. This three-day event boasts over fifty jury-selected artists, musicians, performers, and designers in a celebration and promotion of unbridled creativity. VALT encompasses wearable art, music (from solo musicians to full contemporary bands to electronic artists), drawing, painting, mixed-media works, sculpture, film (documentary, art film, and narrative), performance art (from short theatrical works to interpretive dance and beyond), photography, and interactive installations.

For more information, contact

Vancouver Alternative Arts and Fashion Week


10th Annual Integrate Arts Festival – Call for Artists

The Integrate Art Society is currently considering submissions from artists working in all media for the 10th Annual Integrate Arts Festival, which will take place from August 26th to 28th 2016, in Victoria BC.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 May 2016

Through the 10th Annual Integrate Arts Festival, the Integrate Art Society will develop a unified creative collective comprised of local artists, museums, artist-run centres, and public and commercial art galleries and bring together theatre companies, dance troupes, musical ensembles, and visual artists. This year’s festival will include an opening reception, a mass art crawl, independent artist exhibitions, indoor and outdoor performances, and daytime arts activities spanning three days.

Preference will be given to artists with unique and exciting work but without major gallery representation. The Integrate Art Society is not able to provide compensation for time, travel, or other expenses; however, artists are able to sell work on site. Participating artists will also receive an honorarium once the festival has concluded. Artists are responsible for the transportation, drop-off, and pick-up of their work.

The Integrate Arts Festival has a diverse history and numerous people have made this one of the largest art crawls in Victoria, B.C.  The festival was founded by artist Marlene Jess, whom was influenced by First Thursday, an art crawl in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.  At the time there was no similar art crawl happening in Victoria.

Off the Grid was re-branded in 2012 as The Integrate Arts Festival. The name emphasizes the plurality of spaces on the art crawl.  It became a two day event which featured off-site projects such as Animal Productions audio and visual event at Vic Theatre and a party at David Hunwick’s Sculpture Studio.  In 2014, Integrate introduced a daytime bike tour which expanded the festival’s reach beyond the downtown core including spaces in Fernwood and Oak Bay.

For more information, contact

10th Annual Integrate Arts Festival


New Westminster Cultural Crawl 2016 – Call for Artists

New Westminster Arts Council announces a call for artists for the New Westminster Cultural Crawl 2016.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 31 Mar 2016

This two-day event on August 13th and 14th will include open studios where New Westminster artists feature their work and creative process. The New Westminster Cultural Crawl 2016 will organize live paint-ins at popular arts, culture, and heritage destinations around the city of New Westminster, BC, Canada.

With the support of local artists, artist groups, businesses, and cultural enthusiasts, the New West Cultural Crawl has become an annual tradition.​

For more information, contact

New Westminster Cultural Crawl 2016


Every Day in Every Way – Call for Artists

Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture is seeking BC visual artists who live with a disability for possible inclusion in the new program year, called Every Day in Every Way which runs from April 2016 – March 2017.

Call for artists application / registration

Deadline: 1 Jun 2016

Our theme is open to multiple interpretations and can be viewed as having layers of political and social meaning, particularly for people with disabilities. Our hope is to bring awareness to the contributions made by artists with disabilities to our cultural community, every day in every way.

The three curated group exhibitions will be at:

  • The Gallery at The Cultch, August 2016
  • Unitarian Church of Vancouver, September 2016
  • Vancouver Island (location TBA), February 2017

It is free to apply. Artists will be notified about the selection results by July 1, 2016.

Exhibiting artists will be paid CARFAC fees for exhibiting and Kickstart takes 0% commission on sales.

Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture is a registered charitable non-profit organization that promotes and supports artists who live with a disability.

For more information, contact

Every Day in Every Way


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